Muskaan 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan gets misled

Muskaan 13th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tabassum scolding Suzaine. Lumi looks on worriedly and keeps the door open, so that Muskaan sleeps. Suzaine cries. Tabassum beats her. Rakhi stops Jaya from stopping Tabassum. Jaya says leave me, see how Tabassum is beating Suzaine. Ghosh asks Tabassum to leave Suzaine, its her first mistake. Suzaine faints. Tabassum says its a sin, not a mistake. Jaya takes Suzaine to room to do the aid. Suzaine doesn’t want the aid. Muskaan comes. Suzaine and Jaya lie about the wound. Muskaan blows on Suzaine’s wounds. She says mumma used to do this to my wound, come on hug me now. Suzaine cries and hugs her.

Its morning, Tabassum asks Muskaan to do the tulsi puja and pray for her Devta. Sujoy looks on. Tabassum lies to Muskaan and asks her to go for work with her new friends. Muskaan drops the water pot. Tabassum asks where is your focus. The man holds the pot and smiles. Muskaan touches his feet. She does the puja. Tabassum says see your Devta has come. The man gets gifts and chocolates for Muskaan. Tabassum says take it, its prasad. Muskaan takes the gifts. Tabassum thanks the man. The man leaves.

Sir ji comes and says you are making mistake Tabassum, none is scared of you. He scolds Suzaine and asks her to remember her limits. He insults Suzaine, Lumi and Jaya. He threatens them. He asks what magic did Muskaan do on you, you all forgot everything, I felt too bad, you have to follow Tabassum, you all know what I can do. Rakhi smiles. She goes to call Muskaan. Muskaan hears music and does work. Rakhi drags her to Sir ji. Muskaan meets him and calls him friend. He asks why is she upset, she doesn’t need to be afraid of anyone.

Muskaan says I miss mumma, she is sent away from me, no one lets me study here. He says you will get your mumma and studies, I swear, you would have learnt some english, talk to me in English. Muskaan says fine. She teaches him how to greet in English. He says I will give you a gift. Muskaan asks what. He says a big doll. She gets glad and claps. He says Tabassum would have told you about that man, who has become your Devta. She says yes, he is genie. He says you have to keep him happy, your 21st birthday will be celebrated in grand way.

Muskaan says its too far. Tabassum gets her doll. He gives it to her. She gets happy. He says I gave this gift as we got happiness because of you, keep doing good work and get gifts, we both will be happy. Muskaan asks shall I ask for one wish. He says yes. She says Tabassum is rude, tell her that I can study, get me permission to study, please. He looks at Tabassum and smiles. Rakhi laughs. Muskaan says now Aarti will come back. Sapna does makeup to herself. Rakhi stops her. Sapna says I want to look beautiful like Muskaan. Rakhi says you are very beautiful. Sapna says no, else uncle would have given me gift and chocolates. Jaya looks on.

Rakhi explains Sapna and asks her to just to listen to her, don’t talk to Muskaan, go and have milk to get fair. Jaya stops Sapna and asks Sapna to ask Rakhi, when will she make uncle give her chocolates. Rakhi worries.

Shweta asks Aarti to pick the gun and kill them to save Muskaan. Aarti shoots.

Update Credit to: Amena

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