Muskaan 11th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Hukum accepts Muskaan’s conditions

Muskaan 11th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan coming with Amma. She says I heard Inder and Hukum are fighting for me. Collector says I know your husband is no more. Muskaan says he is with me. Ronak signs no. Muskaan says Ronak is in my heart, his love is my strength. Collector says I understand your feelings, you know the things happening here, you have come here as a hope, if you agree for marriage, it will be big thing for the women.

Muskaan asks why do you think that a woman can do anything good if she is with a man, why. Collector asks her to decide if she wants to stay in the society and change it. Muskaan says yes, I want to bring the change, I m ready to do the marriage. Ronak worries and thinks what is she doing. Muskaan says I will marry, but whom shall I marry, Inder or Hukum, I have seven conditions, one who agrees shall marry me. Hukum asks what conditions. Muskaan says I want assurance that the marriage will be good for all the women, listen carefully, I can go anywhere in the village, no one will accompany or spy on me, no man has a right to touch me, especially my husband. Amma asks Maalik to stop Muskaan.

Maalik says don’t say anything. Muskaan says I won’t get compelled to wear ghunghat, I will wear clothes by my wish. Amma says you are crossing limits. Collector asks Muskaan to say. Muskaan says I will do a job or study if I want, I want equal rights like a man, I will observe my husband and village’s behavior for one year, when I m sure that everything is fine, then my husband can claim his rights on me, my last condition is, all the conditions will apply to all women in this village, tell me, do you agree. She thinks I knew no one will marry me now. Ronak smiles and thinks wow Muskaan, you have acted smart and kept such conditions that they will never agree. Inder says I don’t accept your conditions, stay in limits. The men say Inder is right. Kuldeep says Inder failed Muskaan.

Muskaan asks Hukum does he accept the conditions. The man asks Hukum not to agree, the girl will provoke every woman in the village. Muskaan asks Collector to see them, they can never change, they live with their fake pride, they don’t know respecting women. She says so, Hukum will also not marry me. Hukum says let me take my decision. She says then you tell it. He says I don’t have any objection, I accept all your conditions. Everyone gets shocked.

The man asks Hukum not to do this mistake, she will ruin the village. Hukum says I m doing this for village good, think of this marriage as a chance to change old customs of village, I have decided, its my command, shut up all of you. He says I accept all your conditions. He asks Maalik to get Muskaan to his wife with respect for Roka rasam. Muskaan worries. Hukum leaves with the people.

Muskaan goes to her room and throws things. She says I won’t marry Hukum. Inder says we will manage her. Maalik says no need, I will see her now. Ronak stops him. Maalik says Muskaan didn’t listen to me, I warned her, she thought I m weak, she ruined my respect by keeping conditions, she will get punished by Muskaan, but first I will punish her. Ronak asks him to calm down. Muskaan shouts I won’t marry anyone, I will die but not go with Hukum. Chamki goes. Ronak says don’t worry, I will handle this. Muskaan says I won’t go with Hukum, I won’t marry him. She shouts Ronak ji…. Everyone gets shocked and sees Ronak. Ronak signs Muskaan. Muskaan asks where are you Ronak ji…. Inder says he is dead, we will see this matter. Ronak asks Muskaan to calm down. She says I can’t calm down. He says please, for Ronak’s sake, calm down. She goes. Ronak signs Maalik. Maalik leaves. Ronak goes to Muskaan. She hugs him.

She says we are getting more trapped, I can’t marry Hukum, my name is just linked to you, if this happens then I will give my life. Ronak stops her and hugs. He says I m Ronak Singh, don’t worry. She asks how will you manage now. Amma comes with Chamki. She says take the jewellery. She asks Ronak to take jewellery or clothes, whatever he wants. Ronak asks what will I do of it. She asks then why are you standing here, go. The village men argue with Hukum. Hukum asks them not to be emotional and understand him. He says whatever I have done is a drama to show Collector, you think I will dance on that girl’s fingers, once I marry her, I won’t let Collector enter this village, and about Muskaan, she will face the same thing. The man praises Hukum for defeating Maalik. Hukum says I promise, I will marry Muskaan, but I will do her Cheerharan. Muskaan is sad.

Maalik, Ronak, Muskaan and everyone come to Hukum’s house. Hukum asks Muskaan to give her hand. Ronak gets angry seeing the Roka.

Update Credit to: Amena

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