Muskaan 11th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Ronak and Muskaan return home


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Muskaan 11th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with lady praising Ronak and Muskaan. She says we can now educate our daughters and make them progress, we can’t repay your favor, we can just bless your jodi, we want you to always stay together. Inder and Kuldeep hug Amma. Amma apologizes to Ronak and Muskaan. She says give us a chance to serve you. Ronak says no, I promised my mum that I will bring Muskaan home, I have to fulfill the promise. Amma says fulfill the promise, but we will decorate the car for your departure. Ronak says fine. Everyone claps.

Bunty says I just think, when will Ronak and Muskaan get away from our lives. Lovely says if they come back, don’t know what will happen of you. Gayatri comes and says they are coming. Lovely asks who. Gayatri says Ronak and Muskaan are coming back, they promised me and

didn’t break the promise, Lovely take me to temple. Dolly comes. Lovely says we have to take mum to temple.

Ronak and Muskaan are on the way. Muskaan says Gayatri would have kept fast, will she be fine. Ronak says she will be fine seeing us. She says I m excited to meet mum, we will feed her prasad and break her fast. She says I will take prasad for her. Gayatri also comes there. She asks Dolly to get some flowers for chadava. She says I can’t wait to meet my children now. A man snatches Muskaan’s chain and sweets box. Muskaan shouts Ronak ji. She says the thief has taken my chain and sweets box, we have to take more sweets. Ronak says don’t worry, we will take the same sweets. The thief snatches Gayatri’s chain as well. Lovely and Dolly run to her. Gayatri says someone snatched my chain. Dolly says I will inform Ronak. Lovely takes Gayatri to the car. Dolly messages him that mum isn’t fine, they are going home.

Ronak runs after the thieves. Muskaan and Ronak get in a taxi and follow the thieves. Taxi driver shouts. Muskaan says leave it, we shall go home. Ronak says no, we will first deal with these thieves. He takes the sweets box from the thieves. They throw colour at Ronak and flee.

Muskaan says we will go back, please…. Ronak sees some hospital. He says your locket… Gayatri says we will go to mum, she would be waiting. Ronak drives away.

Gayatri asks where are they…. Ronak and Muskaan come home. Gayatri happily cries. They run and hug Gayatri. She blesses them. Muskaan says Ronak promised you that we will come home soon. Ronak asks Dolly did she take care of mum in their absence. She says yes, but we missed you. He says I have come back, stop crying now. Gayatri does their aarti and asks them to start a new life. Ronak says I know you didn’t have anything since long, you will break the fast with this prasad. He feeds her the prasad. Muskaan also feeds her. Muskaan says we were going to feed this at the temple, but we couldn’t reach on time, when we got Dolly’s message, we came here, you look so weak, you just worried for us.

She says I will feed you desi ghee laddoos and make you fine. Gayatri unites them and says promise me, you will never leave me. Ronak says we have come back. Muskaan says none can separate us now. Gayatri hugs them. They see Bua and Bunty. Gayatri asks Ronak to decide about them, they lied to went to Vidhangarh to trouble them. Ronak says I think they should get punished, I think we will send them to the other flat, we will have peace in the house. Bua says don’t do this. Ronak says you were threatening me there, you thought I won’t come back here, I m Ronak Singh, I can burn any Lanka and come. Bua apologizes. He asks Muskaan to tell what to do with them.

Muskaan says our entire family is together after long time, they should stay here with us. Ronak asks Bua to be ashamed of themselves. Gayatri says you can stay here. Bua thanks her. Ronak asks where is Lovely. Lovely says I m here, I got a gift to welcome Muskaan. She brings a red dress, Gajra, ghungroos and make up items for Muskaan. Muskaan, Ronak and everyone get shocked.

Gayatri says I want Ronak and Muskaan to marry again. Pandit gives the mahurat. A man is seen in the hospital. The thieves give the stolen chains. The man says oh, so she has come back from there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. SerialLover

    So a new villain, huh?
    These serials can’t just run happily, they somehow bring one villain after another, as if the lead roles are just god and goddesses, and their duty is to kill all those villains. They can never lead happy life.

  2. SerialLover

    First of all, sirji should not have died soo easily, he deserved the worst death possible. This could have actually been the rakshas dahan. I believe he was the greatest villain in this story, as he was buying power with money.

  3. SerialLover

    Also, Gayatri should not be wearing white saree, as her husband was a rakshas, and she should not mourn his death

  4. I think it is Sir ji because he was the one to send Muskaan with Maalik

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