Muskaan 10th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Muskaan and Ronak end Maalik’s evil

Muskaan 10th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayatri worrying for Ronak. Lovely consoles her. Bua says if Ronak dies, we won’t get anything. Bunty says its impossible for Ronak to get saved and come back. Bua asks Gayatri not to worry, Ronak will come back safely. Muskaan thinks I can’t live without Ronak. Maalik sees her. She thinks of Ronak. She thinks why did you get away from me, I had to share many things with you, I couldn’t show you my love sign, you come back. Ronak is on the way. Inder says bike got punctured, Ronak you go with Hanumant, save Muskaan and Durga. Ronak hugs him and leaves.

Muskaan and Durga are tied to the Ravan effigy. Amma thinks where did Maalik hide. Chamki and Deepa say they don’t know about Muskaan and Inder also. Maalik gives his speech. He says we will start Raavan daahan. He takes the bow and shoots the fire arrow at Raavan effigy. It catches the fire. Muskaan and Durga cry. Ronak and Hanumant come there. Maalik gets shocked seeing Ronak alive.

Men point guns at Ronak. Hanumant takes Maalik at gun point. He asks the men to put the guns down else he will shoot Maalik. Ronak punches Maalik and asks where did you hide my Muskaan. Maalik smiles. He says you find her, I will never tell you. Ronak beats him more. He says tell me else I will end you with Raavan daahan. Maalik says you won’t kill me, just I know about Muskaan, you will never get him. Ronak hits on his head. Gayatri and Lovely sit praying. Ronak asks where is my Muskaan, tell me. Muskaan tries to throw her ring. Ronak gets her ring. He sees the burning effigy. He shouts Muskaan. He runs to check. He sees Muskaan and Durga inside the effigy. He frees them. Durga comes running and hugs Amma. Muskaan comes. Durga says I m fine, Ronak saved me and Muskaan. Ronak comes coughing. Ronak says you tried to burn Muskaan alive. He beats Maalik.

Muskaan asks the villagers to end Maalik’s evil now, he did many crimes, he killed their daughters, and tortured many people, when Amma wanted to save Durga, he tried to kill Amma also, he is getting more courage as you all didn’t raise the voice. Ronak says you have to raise your voice, else you will die this way, if you want to bring a change, then take a step, lift the ghunghat and show women power. Maalik says this is my village Vidhangarh, nothing happens without my permission, no one will raise voice against me. The women lift the ghunghat and scold Maalik. Maalik gets shocked.

The women hold hands. Maalik asks the men to control their wives. The men say no, we will not stop them, they are right, we are with them. Maalik threatens them. The women say we won’t leave you alive today. Maalik falls back. The burning effigy fire falls over Maalik. Maalik also gets burnt. Amma cries. Ronak hugs Muskaan. He makes her wear the ring. He sees R tattoo on her finger. He looks at her. She says you have seen my love sign today. They smile and hug. Mahiya….plays…..

The lady says you have become Ram and made us free from Raavan, we will bless you to be together always. Ronak and Muskaan thank them. Everyone claps.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. SerialLover

    Does that sign a happy ending?

  2. I don’t think so because back in Kolkata Bua hi and Bunty still want the property papers.

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