Muskaan 10th July 2019 Written *Maha* Episode Update: Ronak helps Muskaan succeed

Muskaan 10th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak asking Bunty and Dipendra to change for the better. He warns them. He comes to request Sir ji. Sir ji says you are my son, the owner of this house. Ronak asks him not to trouble Muskaan. Sir ji asks am I troubling her. Ronak says no, she is troubling you, you also forget this matter here. Sir ji says that girl wants to break the family, I m sensitive about the family, she doesn’t want us to stay happy, if you handle her, don’t worry from my side. Ronak comes to Muskaan. He asks her why is she self talking. She signs him. He tries to pacify her and says I was just joking, you take rest. He makes her rest. She holds his hand and sleeps. Music plays…

Its morning, Muskaan checks her result and prays. She gets happy that she cleared the exam. Ronak comes. Muskaan runs and hugs him. He asks what happened. She shows the result and says I passed Ronak ji, while signing him. He smiles. Ronak and Muskaan beat a place and make sound to call everyone in the hall. Ronak says Muskaan has passed the test, she has passed physical and written test, the final interview will happen today. Muskaan takes Gayatri’s blessings. Muskaan signs to warn Sir ji. Everyone goes. Bua asks Sir ji what will he do now. He says this can’t happen that she reaches for the interview. He calls up and says Muskaan shouldn’t reach there. Muskaan is in the market area. Some goons kidnap a lady. Muskaan recalls the goons who kidnapped Aarti and her. The girl asks Muskaan to save her mum. Ronak and Hanumant come. Ronak asks what’s the matter. Muskaan signs him about the lady’s kidnapping. Ronak asks her to go for interview, he will handle. Ronak asks Hanumant to get the police.

Commissioner says new candidates will be taken into police force today, you have to come as chief guest in the oath taking ceremony of the candidates. Sir ji says fine, I will come, thanks for the invite and respect. He thinks its good chance to see Muskaan’s dream breaking. Ronak, Muskaan and the little girl come to save the lady. Ronak and Muskaan fight the goons. Muskaan beats Ronak by mistake. He asks why did you beat me. She signs sorry. The girl hugs her mum. Ronak pulls Muskaan to save her from getting hurt. He lifts her and hits the goons. Police comes and arrests the goons. The lady thanks them for saving her life. Ronak says a person has to help another one, its fine. Lady says tell me if I can help. Muskaan signs Ronak that they have to go. Ronak says we have to rush for police constable interview, we will talk later. The lady asks them to listen.

Ronak, Muskaan and Hanumant come for the interview. The man says interview time is over. Ronak says we got stuck because of some goons, try to understand, Muskaan cleared all exams. The man says sorry, we can’t help you. Muskaan cries and goes. The man calls Sir ji and says Muskaan couldn’t give the interview, she won’t get the job now. Sir ji smiles. He tells Gayatri about the oath taking ceremony invite, they all have to go. He asks her to inform Muskaan and Ronak as well. Muskaan cries. Ronak says if one door closes, ten more doors will open, don’t lose courage. She signs to explain that her dream broke. He says everything happens for its own good. He sees the police officer and introduces Muskaan. He says we got late to give interview, we were saving someone’s life, you should support her, give her one last chance, please. Officer says we can understand but rules are rules, she can’t get a job without interview round, sorry we can’t help you, you can try next year. Ronak says please give us a chance. A police vehicle comes. They turn to see.

Mr. Das welcomes everyone in the function. Sir ji recalls Muskaan’s words. He smiles. Das asks the selected candidates to come for oath ceremony. Mr Suresh says we needed fearless and good hearted people for this job, we got this quality in the candidate, one woman has got first position in all the tests, we want to call her first for the oath taking. Bua says Muskaan would be hiding somewhere, she didn’t get the job. The man asks them to welcome Mrs. Muskaan Singh. Sir ji gets shocked. Everyone claps. Gayatri smiles. Muskaan recalls Aarti and Tabassum’s words. She sees Sir ji and smiles. FB shows Officer Suresh’s wife and daughter coming. Lady says it was imp for me to come, we were caught up by the goons, some goons kidnapped me, but Ronak and Muskaan saved my life. Suresh discusses with his staff and says we will take Muskaan’s interview, she deserves it. Ronak and Muskaan smile. Ronak thanks him. Ronak says I want to tell something about her. He tells about the blast. Suresh says don’t worry, I will manage everything. Ronak and Muskaan go for the interview. Muskaan signs to Ronak, while Ronak gives the interview on her behalf. Ronak says my name is Muskaan, my mumma was a brothel dancer, I got raised in a brothel, I was helpless to live there, I want to work hard and earn a life of respect, I want to fulfill my mum’s dream, I will work hard. He cries while expressing her emotions. Muskaan cries and folds hands. FB ends.

Gayatri says I m proud of you Muskaan. Ronak asks Muskaan to go. Muskaan holds his hand and takes him. Muskaan gets the certificate. The officer praises Muskaan. He says Muskaan can join the duty after she gets fine, we want Sir ji to do the honors. Ronak speaks on Muskaan’s behalf and helps her take the oath. Sir ji repeats the oath for them. Sir ji controls his anger. Everyone claps for Muskaan. Sir ji meets Dwivedi and other goon. He gets angry on them. Sir ji says so Ronak has become her shield.

Muskaan sees Aarti’s pic and thinks I have become a police constable, I will get justice for you, you have to see. She sees Ronak and turns to wipe tears. He asks her to come, she doesn’t need to talk right now, she has to take rest. She speaks up and says I can hear you and talk now. He says relax. She asks are you happy with my achievement. Ronak salutes to her. She salutes him. They smile. They come home. Gayatri stops them at the door. Bua asks why did you ask for aarti plate. Gayatri goes to do Muskaan’s aarti. She says this victory is incomplete without Lord’s blessings. Bua and Lovely ask Gayatri not to pamper or support Muskaan. Gayatri says Muskaan has won after many troubles, I m proud of you. Muskaan deducts the loan amount on the board and shows Sir ji. Sir ji says I got invite from my friend for a wedding, ask Muskaan and Ronak to come along, you all meet me there directly. Gayatri says we will go together. Muskaan stops Sir ji and says one who tries never loses, maybe you forgot this, we forget what we learn in childhood, I have come to remind you the same, you tried to create hurdles for me, I m chosen for a police constable job, I will get you punished soon. She goes. He starts laughing and says I m so scared of you Muskaan, you are an ant for me, you want to have dinner at elephant’s house, you will forget counting after what happens with you now.

Ronak and Muskaan are in baraat. Muskaan says I will also wear such uniform and join my duty. A sniper aims and shoots…. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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