Muskaan 10th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Muskaan plans a surprise for Gayatri

Muskaan 10th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayatri asking about the marriage anniversary party arrangements. Muskaan says I will be managing everything, you can just sit back and order. Gayatri says I have a surprise for you, but tomorrow. Ronak thinks to surprise Muskaan. Sir ji thinks I will give a surprise to Gayatri tomorrow, but I m scared that it will change her world. Muskaan and Ronak go for dinner. Muskaan says I wish to dance, but you won’t like it.

Ronak says no, dance, its a happy day for me tomorrow, we can sing and dance to express joy. She dances and says I wish to express my happiness freely. Muskaan and Ronak reminisce their memories and smile. She says I have cherished all the memories in my heart. He says your words went from my mind to heart, when I saw you for the first time, I thought you are crazy, you wanted to study, I feel you are smart. She smiles and says I have just studied well to fulfill mum’s dream, I feel you gave me a better life, like I have lived a life in few days, thanks for giving this beautiful life to me. He looks at her. She says we shall go in now. He calls her out. She stops.

Ronak smiles and comes to her. He says we shall sit for some more time and talk. She says I m very happy today, so I will agree. He says I will make hot coffee and bring it. Sir ji says you scared me Gayatri, I m glad to know that you can live without me, but not without Ronak. She says no, you are my world. He says this house is nothing without you, these relations and family is by you, I m nothing without you, I feel lucky to get a chance to spend 27 years with you, these memories will never let me die. Gayatri apologizes to him. He thinks to apologize to her. Ronak gets coffee for Muskaan. She promises that she will not anger or trouble him, if she likes the coffee, she will get him. He recalls his words and smiles. She asks what happened, what are you seeing. He says I m seeing you happy. He says you have always understood me and stood by me, but I have done all the mistakes which I shouldn’t have done. She compliments her for coffee. He says I have broken the glass when you got coffee for me, I scolded you, I was worried, when I found you home, I felt good, I got habitual to you.

She says we both have lived this life well, even if its a lie, I wish it was not like this, if I was not a dancer, if this wasn’t a deal, would we be friends or something else. He looks at her. He says its late, come, we shall go. He forwards his hand to her. She holds his hand. They go to their room. Gayatri comes to them and says I feel restless, sorry to disturb you. Ronak asks her to come. He asks her to sleep and get peace, she is with her son and bahu now. Ronak and Muskaan take care of her. Gayatri wakes up and says I had a good sleep. She gets Muskaan’s audio message. Muskaan messages Gayatri and asks her to get ready, she has kept her clothes ready. She sends similar audio message to Ronak and asks him to come soon, its special day for him. He thinks the day will be too special for Muskaan.

Muskaan welcomes everyone in the celebrations. She says be ready for the shocking surprise. She comes there as a dancer. Ronak gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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