Music of the heart {Chapter 7}

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Abhi keeps on searching for Praniti,whereas she hides from him. After sometime she realises that he is not searching for her and she starts to search Purab.Just then person”Helllo!”Teddy is shocked.Teddy”uh uh..Hi!” Abhi” Why do you want to run away from me?” and he was about to fall but Teddy held him.”Teddy”Oh shit! He is drunk!”

Abhi”Thank you!!!”Teddy smiled.She made him to sit in the chair and was about to leave,just then he grabbed her hand forcefully and as a result Teddy fell in his lap.Abhi was looking intently at her eyes and even she seemed to be lost in his eyes. Teddy’s phone rings and they both come back to senses.

Abhi in a soft office”Who is calling you?” Teddy”My bf!” and she becomes happy she and goes taking away her phone leaving a jealous and angry Abhi behind her

Abhi in a soft office”Who is calling you?” Teddy”My bf!” and she becomes happy she and goes taking away her phone leaving a jealous and angry Abhi behind her.Abhi”What the hell! bf! That stupid Abhinav!”Abhi with a lot of difficulty gets up and searches for her.He observes her speaking very gleefully to someone in the call.

Abhi is hell angry.Abhi murmers”Why the hell she is speaking very cheerfully to him?”Just then his mind changes.

Abhi”Mere kya? She can speak speak to anyone. Who is she for me and I don’t care and walks away in anger.

Abhi comes to the stage and announces”Guys!! The birthday party is on full swing and our bday girl is also very pretty today!!! To add a crisp to the bday party can we have a romantic couple dance here??”

Everybody claps their hand and shouts”Yes!! Yess!!” Everybody gets ready at the dance floor. The song Sanam re plays… Abhi comes to Teddy and says”You should dance with me”.Before Teddy could say anything,she was in the dance floor with Abhi.

He was dancing very romantically with her and on the other side Rabul was dancing without breaking the eye contact. At the end of the song, Abhi removed her mask.Teddy was hell shocked and Abhi stood freezed at the place. Teddy moved back.

Abhi”Prag..Pragya” and he rubbed his eyes. When he opened his eyes he found another girl infront of him.

Abhi suddenly left her.Abhi” How did you come here? Where is fuggi?”Girl” Fuggi?”Who is that?” Abhi”Pragya.Pragya was here right?”

Girl”Pragya? No i was the one who danced with you.” Abhi”Liar!!”Girl”Hey hello!You was the one who called me to dance,but you are calling me as liar??”

Abhi”Then tell me what is your pet name? By which name Purab calls you?”The girl”Teddy!” what is in this?”

Abhi could’nt believe himself.BUlbul comes there.Bulbul” what happened bro?” Abhi” I was dancing with fuggy. But when i rubbed my eyes,she was here.”

Bulbul”Bhai. I think you are dreaming. She is Teddy. Sorry i forget to introduce. Meet my friend. Praniti Dutta soon to be Praniti Abhinav Gupta.Praniti”Hello!” whereas Abhi just smiles.

Praniti”Hello!” whereas Abhi just smiles

Raghini khanna as Praniti Dutta.

Abhi is not convinced. Purab”Abhi! I think you are imaging things.” Abhi”Imagination my foot!! It was Pragya.I know it was her!! Bublbul” Bhai! you are drunk. Let us speak about this tomorrow. Come lets go bhai.”

Purab” Tweety, thum Prainiti ko kayal rakna. I will drop Abhi.” saying this Purab bids bye to Bulbul and takes Abhi with him.

In car,

Abhi”Purab!! I know very well man. It was her.”Purab does not speak anything. After going to home,Purab makes him to settle in the bed and sits beside him.

Abhi”P uarab! I know yaar. It was her!! The same eyes i get lost. The eyes which shows me the whole world.The eyes which made me to fall for her.Purab”Abhi. Enough. You sleep.We can speak about the rest tomorrow.”

Abhi” No yaar! I t was..” Abhi drifts to sleep because of the hangover. Purab comes out of the home and looks at bulbul who looked very dejected.

Bulbul”Enough of this hide and seek Purab!! I cannot see my bhai in this state.” Purab” Bulbul!1 It hurts me very much when i see Abhi like this.There a voice comes” It hurts me too!! It hurts me the most!! It is better for me to die to see him like this!!!” Purab and Bulbul look at the direction from the voice come from.

They look at her who was sobbing on her hands while kneeling o the ground. Now she had totally covered her face. Praniti was standing near her sadly. She too kneeled down to console her. Her voice clearly said that she was broken into pieces. Purab consoles her.

Bulbul”Bhabi today you came in the idea with revealing yourself to bhai na.” Teddy” Yes!1′ But..but..” and she starts to sob. Praniti” HOw do you know this?”Bulbul” Purab ne bataya” Praniti” Yes..But just then she got a call!!” and that left her horrified.

Bulbul”What happened?” Praniti tells the flashback.


Pragya was speaking with Praniti asking her to come to the party. After the conv with Praniti,she gets a call form private number.

The person”Hello!! how r u my darling?? looks like you came out of coma!!” Tedy screeched “Who are you??” The person” Pch.pch. How can you for get me darling.Your one side lover!!”

Teddy” Why do you want to call me? Please let me live in peace.”Person”If i let u live in peace with that stupid Abhi, then how would i live in peace?”Teddy” It doesn’t matter to me if you live in peace or not!!”

Person”you should not speak to me like this darling!!! i think darling has the idea of joining with Abhi today!! ”

Teddy was shocked” How do you know?”Person” i am watching your each and every move darling!! Listen,if you go and stand infront of Abhi,the next second your friend friend Tanu will be dead!!” and send her a video in which Tanu was tied to the chair.

Teddy was shocked “No!! Don’t do anything like that!! Please! Please!!”The person laughed. Person” I will not do anything if you come to me.”Teddy” chee!! You cheap!!” Person” So what darling!! I need you and you should come to me.”

Teddy thinks something”Ok. But I have a condition.” Person” Omg!!! You accepted!! That is a great news darling!!I will accept to whatever condition you put This is a promise”

Teddy”The condition is I will see Abhi and work with him for three months. You should leanve Tanu by now itself.” Person with anger” Promise dhe gaya tho iska matlab nahi i will accept whatever you ask. Three months na..No problem. Until then,Tanu will be in my custody.”

Teddy” No need.. I am withdrawing my condition.”PersoN” no way..condition is condition.Promise is Promise.Even if you fall in my legs to withdraw your condition, I will not change. You may work for Abhi,but at any point time you should ever and never tell that you are Pragya. You should never go very close to him. Don’t think i don’t know anything you are doing. I can watch your each and every move.. keep in your mind and Don’t worry I will never even touch our friend.She will be in a house arrest with full female force to watch her.

Pragya cries”You are a monster!!” Person” Yes your sweet monster!!” Pragya feels disgusted with his words.Person” So darling accepts my condition.” Pragya with shaky voice” Ye..Yess” and cries. Peson” Thats like a good girl” and laughs evily.

The screen freezes here.

Guys guys guys..I am very sorry for spoiling all your expectations.I no you are dissapointed with this episode..So bot negative and positive comments are welcomed.. So sorry.Don’t worry..Abhigya will unite soon.. To how their love,I will give their love stories too. I am sorry once again to dissapoint you all..Until then.Bye guys.Take care. And i thank all of you for commenting and voting..Thank you soo much guys..Couldn’t reply..Bu really i am overwhelmed by your replies..And thank you silent readers…

With love,

Cutiepie Achu{Asmithaa}

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  4. No I haven’t expected this thing from you so sorry for this comment but this is my view and that too update fastly to know what happens next and nice only little bit OK and so sad for pragya and that man is very bad who is he in between Abhigya always separating them and bad for that sorry asmitha di but I can’t give good comments to you for this update.

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