Music of the heart {Chapter 6}

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Abhi bought Bulbul inside the house.Purab excused himself by faking a phone call and was siting in the garden there.Then suddenly his phone rang. He saw the caller Id and smiled and attended the call.Purab” How was the picture.?”Person” He was soo happy Chico. I an feel it.”Purab”Yes he was very happy today Teddy.” Teddy”Where are you now? Is he near you.?”
Purab”No.Tell me did you cry?”Teddy”No. I did not cry.”Purab”you cried I can feel that by hearing your voice.”Teddy”Even you cried right?”Purab”No.”Teddy”Don’t lie. You were crying like a baby sitting in the garden.”Purab shocked”How did you know that?”Teddy” you did not off the video chat idiot.”Purab”Ok. I will come back to home.”Teddy” you did not go inside?”Purab” I did not want to disturb the family time Teddy.”Teddy”ok then bye.Take care.”Purab”Hmm. Bye.”
Other side,Bulbul was spell bound seeing the house.Bublbul”Bro!! The house is beautiful!!!” Abhi smiles. Abhi takes her to the room. he gives her the key. Open it Princess.Bublbul opens the door.

Bulbul stands still for sometime. Abhi gets worried. Abhi”Dont you like it Kitty?”Bulbul”Don’t like it???Bro it is just Awesomeeeeeeeee!!!!” and hugs Abhi. The place was decorated wishing”happy birthday Kitty!Abhi told her to close the eyes.Bulbul”Why Bro?”Abhi”Just close the eyes na.
BUlbul closes her eyes. just then,”Happy birthday Bulbul!!!” and everybody jump infront of her.Bulbul”Mama,Papa,Dadi,Bhai,Bhabi,Bunty bubly,Chachu,chaci,Sira,Geeta,Raghav,Sanjeev everyone are here!!! I am very happy!!
Bbulbul hugs everyone.After a emotional family session,Bulbul settled in the bed. Bulbul” Ye Purab kaha chala?”She calls Purab.Purab”Hello Babe!! How r u??”Bulbul”I m very hapy Purab..It is all because of you.Thank you very much Purab..Purab”What is this Tweety? I just gave what you have lost.”Bulbul smiles.Bulbul”Acha sun.Today evening there is my birthday party. You must come and Teddy ko be..”Purab”No.Tweety.She will not accept.”Bulbul” I will speak with her.”Purab smiles.
Purab”She wants to wish you.” and Purab gives the mobile to Teddy.Teddy” Happy birthday Tweety.May god bless you.”Purab on the other side,”Teddy,How god will bless when you wish her?’Bulbul”Thank you Teddy bhabi.Purab thum chup kar.”Teddy” Teddy bhabi?? what is this kind of name Tweety?”Bulbul”haan,your pet name is Teddy and you are my bhabi,so you are Tedyy bhabi right?”Teddy” But it is funny Tweety.”

BUlbul”Then sometimes Teddy and sometimes Bhabi ok?”Teddy” ok done.”Bulbul”By the way Bhabi,Please come to the party na.”Teddy”No.Bulbul. What if he see me?”Bulbul”No babi. It is a masquerade party So no one will be able to see you.”Teddy”But..” Abhi appears from nowhere and grabs the phone from Bulbul.Abhi”Teddy,Please come to the party.It is a invite from my side. Bulbul will be very happy if you come to the party.Here Bulbul is shocked and the other side Teddy is double shocked.Abhi” hello..Hello” Teddy comes back to her senses and changes her voice and speaks”Haan. I will come.”Abhi”Thank you.That is so sweet of you dear.”Teddy”o.o.ok..” and cuts the call
Abhi” hello??” and cuts the call. Abhi”Strange girl! Bubul”who is she?”Bulbul is lost somewhere.Abhi”Bulbul!!”Bulbul”Haan! What is the matter Bro!?”Abhi” I asked who is she?”
Bulbul”wo.She is my friend.”Abhi”Friend ah?Then why were you calling her bhabi?”Bubul” Wo she i Purab’s friend gf bro,that’s why i called Bhabi.”Abhi” if he is Purab’s friend gf, then why you have to call her bhabi?”Bulbul” Bhai i actually i consoder him as bhai. so that’s why. i call her as bhabi.”Abhi” Oh!! Then what is his name?”
Bulbul”Abhi!!”Abhi”What??’ Bulbul bites her lower lip and gives a oops reaction.Bulbul”Yes bhai his name is Abhinav”Abhi”Oh!! and then what is her name?”Bulbul” What bhai you don’t know even this name.It is none other than.Pra…”Abhi”Pra..”Bulbul”Praniti”Abhi”oh!”

Bulbul” Bro let me sleep for sometime. I ahve to get ready for party right?”Abhi”Ok kitty.take rest.Bulbul sleeps.Abhi to himself”I feel something fishy. Don’t mind’ and Abhi goes.
Teddy and Purab went to Bulbul. Bulbul was looking really like an princess.Teddy” Hi tweety!” Bulbl”How did you find me?”Purab”Even if you are indidguise, I can find you dear.” Bulbul blushes.Teddy”aisa nahi hai.We asked where is the bday girl and they said it.”Bulbul glares a Purab.Purab”nahi Tweety.Really i can found you even without asking.”Bulbul smiles.Teddy” For my sweetTweety and gives her a cover.”Bulbul”what is it Teddy?”Pragya”Just open it.” BUlbul opens and screams”Yay!!! Passes to the Paris fashion week.So sweet of you Teddy” and hugged her. Abhi who saw this was keeping on smiling. Abhi was coming towards them.Teddy noticed this and excused herself from there.
Abhi comes there searching for her.Abhi”Kahan challi gayi vo.”Bulbul”kon?” asked she witha naugthy smilwe in her lips.Abhi”Haan vo..vo ladki.” Purab “Praniti?” and he winked at Bulbul.
Abhi”Haan.Hann.Praniti.”Bulbul sees teddy who was speaking with a guy and says to Abhi”Wo..she is with her boyfriend.”Abhi had an unknown jealousy inside him. Abhi looks at the boy and says”He looks like a fool.Purab your friend have bad taste.”Purab smiles.

Other side Teddy was getting irritated with that guy.Guy”You really look beautiful in this you know.”Teddy smiled.Guy”I am working in Mehra companies as post executive manager and i have a great salary.Really you deserve a person like me. Our company is in the top position just because of me. I am smart,intelligent, hard working..Abhi comes there and that’s why you are getting suspended now for the third time for your absence in the working hours in the office.” Guy”Sir”Abhi”what sir?Go now.Don’t show me your face for two weeks.” The guy goes.Abhi again searches for her.
Abhi feels that he has a strange connection with the girl. There is a conflict between Abhi’s heart and mind
Heart”You like her man.That’s why you are searching for her.Mind”No.You just wanna thank her for the happiness she has given to kitty.That’s why you are in search of her.Heart”No man .Then why did you get jealous when she was speaking with a guy.”Mind”He was flirting with her .So you just saved her from him.”Heart”NO man.Don’t hear this mind.It is love man love..Mind”no”Heart”yes”Mind”no”Heart”yes”Mind” is not love”Heart”yes.”
Abhi shouted”Stop it”.Thank god he was not that loud to grab everybody’s attention.He again started to search her while she was hiding from him.

To be continued…

Shaba.. Done with this chapter. I was really struggling to type this one. So sorry for the late update guys..Meet you soon Until thatn bye, take care guys.. And don’t forget to comment. na..
With love,
Cutiepie Achu{Asmithaa}

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  3. Wow really happy and awesome update asmitha di and really really loved it and plzz update regularly and anyhow now teddy came to ABHI and really he will find that the girl is his fuggy I am having confidence on abhi but asmitha di please make that to happen aa please I really love you and your updates and really really happy don’t even end this update then I will miss you.

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