Music of the heart {Chapter 5}

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Abhi”What are you trying to say Purab?”Purab”This is your sister right?” and shows him the picture

Abhi” Yes. Kitty.. this is my kittty. And cries looking at her picture. Abhi”She still looks innocent.Purab”I know”Abhi”But what is she doing with you”Purab”She is my gf”bhi”What??” and holds his collars.Purab”Abhi.Cool man.”Abhi”What are you thinking about my sister.She cannot bear heartbreaks like me.. Where is she? And why the hell you are having her picture?”Abhi gets angry.Purab”Abhi..Whatever you do, I will never leave her. She is my life,my soul and everything”Purab shouts on him.Abhi”Even a drop of water comes out of her eye,remember that i will kill you.”Purab”Do you think i will let my Tweety cry??No.Never. If Anybody tries to harm her,then he will be at hell.” Purab who lost his cool sits in the couch.Abhi recollects his words. Abhi feels that he would not find a better person for Bulbul than Purab.

Abhi goes near him.Abhi”I am sorry Purab.”Purab”Its ok. I can understand your feelings.”Abhi”I want to see her Purab. Purab”Not now Abhi. Tomorrow is the day.My Tweety is going to have the biggest surprise of her life.”Abhi”I can’t wait Purab.I have to see her atleast once.Hear her voice. Speak with her.”Purab thinks.Purab”I wil speak to her.Now you can hear her voice Abhi.Abhi”Wait a second Purab. You called her Tweety?”Purab”Yes.I love to give pet names to my loved ones.”Abhi”Oh!! She is very lucky to have you Purab.”Purab”No. I am lucky to have her.”Abhi smiles. Purab calls Bulbul. Bulbul attends the call.Purab”Hello.”Bulbul”Dont ask me Whether i am safe. I have reached my flat safely.”Purab”Are you sure?”Bulbul”offo Purab.This is the fifth time you are asking me. You texted me two times and even called me two times.”
Abhi felt very happy while listening to the conversation as he felt that Purab cared much for Bulbul. He was very happy to listen his Kitty’s voice.It was the same sweet voice.He had tears in his eyes.Continuation of phone convo.Purab”Its ok Bulbul. I just want to make sure that you are fine.”Bulbul”I think i will die of your care Purab.”Purab”Shut up Tweety.Don’t you dare say that word.”Bublbul”Sorry baba. You care me like my brother Purab.”Purab”Your brother.Atleast now tell about him.You always start that topic but do not speak about it.”Bulbul”Vo. nothing.. I have some work i will call you later.” Bulbul was trying to control her tears.Purab”No.Meri kasam.You must tell about it now.”Bulbul”Purab!!”Purab sternly”You are telling me about that now.”

Bulbul”Ok. I will.My bhai is the world’s best bhai. He gave me all i wanted. He never left others to hurt me.He called me as his Princess.He was a pillar of support for me in my hard times Purab.He never let me down Purab. One day, Iasked him for going for trip but bhai denied it. I was so angry with him Purab. But bhai gave me permession.Even i faked my anger and went stubbornly without talking to him..But last that Accident happened. I landed in a unknown place.Ihad no courage to face Bhai again..Iknow very well that Bhai would be searching me in every nook and corner Purab.That’s why i am hiding my face Purab.I have no courage to face him.I have done a great wrong Purab.Great wrong..There is no apology for it Purab.” and Bulbul started to cry and cuts the phone.Purab”Tweety.”
Here Abhi is crying.Purab”Abhi”Abhi” I am ok Purab.” He wipes his tears.Purab was fascinate to know that Abhi manages to hide his pain to this extent.Purab” I hope Tweety is okay.”Abhi”She will be okay Purab.Kitty has poured out her worries today. So she will sleep after sobbing a little.Leave her alone.She would Forget her worries.”Purab smiled.Afer sometime,he left to his home.

Next day,
Bulbul’s doorbell ringed and she woke up lazily with a yawn.Bulbul walks and opens the door while rubbing her eyes. She founds a gift wrapped in a cover.In that it was written”To my Tweety” she smiles and takes that in. She opens it to find a beautiful dress with matching accessories.

{Ijust selected it Idon’t know whether you will like it} Bulbul got ready and came out to see Purab waiting for her.Purab was wearing a blue suit matching with her.

Purab was spell bound looking at her.Bulbul came towards her.Bulbul”Purab.Purab”Purab came back to his senses. Purab”You are looking very beautiful Tweety.”Bulbul”You are not looking less Purab.”Bulbul” I think you forget something.”Purab”What did i forget,Please tell me na.”Bulbul was irked”Find out yourself” and turned her face away.Purab smiled.Purab made her to sit in the car and started to drive.Bulbul”where are we going Purab??”Purab did not reply anything.Bulbul”Purab batao na.”Purab” Wait Tweety. Patience is very important”Bulbul was irked and was very silent. Purab smiled seeing her attitude and stopped in front of the mansion.

Bulbul”what are we doing here Purab?”Purab”You come with me.”Bulbul follows him. Purab”Close your eyes.”Bulbul”But why?”Purab”Always questions ah?”BulbulPouted.Purab smiled”Just close your eyes Tweety.” Bulbul closed her eyes.A person came and stood infront of Bulbul.Person”Open your eyes Kitty.”When Bulbul heard the wordKitty,tears rushed out of her eyes.Bulbul”Bro!!”and opened her eyes.She immediately went and hugged Abhi. Abhi had tears in his eyes.
Bulbul”I am sorry bhai. It is my mistake. I deserve it bhai. I..”Bulbul starts to sob.Abhi”Shh.Kitty.Don’t blame yourself.I am not going to scold you.”and wipes her tears. Bulbul”Promise?”Abhi”Pinky promise.”Bulbul” you are the best Bhai”Abhi” you are the Best siisy.”Abhi”Happy birthday Kitty.” Purab”Happy birthday Tweety.”Bulbul”Dont speak to me.”Purab”But why tweety?”BUlbul”When are you wishing me and look what is the time now.?” Purab” i would have wished at 12 a.m.But Abhi told that he must wish you first. Sorry na”Bulbul smiles.”Apology accepted” and hugs Purab.They remain in that position.Abhi coughs. BUlbul and Purab break the hug and both are in the shade of red.Abhi”There are more suprises Tweety. and they both go inside the home. The screen freezes

So the next part will continue with he suprises. And don’t worry guys,Abhigya will meet soon.How was the chapter guys?? If you like it,click the vote button and comment.Bye guys,take care,
With lots of love,
Cutiepie Achu{Asmithaa}

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  4. B_Ani

    no less than great…. it was just a mind blowing part…
    loved every line of it…
    i just love prabul’s love and the bro-sis bonding btw abhi and bulbul… i wish pragya too joins them soon…
    waiting for their reunion…
    also waiting for the surprises…
    love u loads dear… keep rocking!!!

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  6. Really good and awesome update finally bulbul met abhi really happy and enjoyed this update

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    Omg…. Darling you that’s great. I have to read this episode from first. There is super bonding with all relation. Give me two days time. I will comment you regularly. Keep rocking…. Love you

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    Finally kitty met her bro.. Lovely.epi Achu..

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    Finally kitty met her bro??
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