Music of the heart – chapter 13

Pragya”what did he do just now?? He first shouted at me and then hugged me and then kissed me.. what does he think of himself uh? If he wish he will shout and then he will apologise. Huh! Mental Mehra!”

Then she hears a voice” I am not mental. Those who talks to themselves are called mental.”

She turns to see Abhi staring at her..He walks towards her. She fears looking at him.. she moves backward. They both are so close now.

Abhi” Tell me whether am I mental?”
Pragya” that.. I… ” Abhi” Tell me dear whether am I mental?”
She closes her eyes.. She nods no. Abhi” Then why did you say so.”

Pragya” that… I. Was… talking.. abt.. my.. fri.. end..

Abhi” Oh really! May I talk to that friend?”
“What!” Shouts a terrified Pragya..
Abhi” You no need to yell at me” says Abhi closing his ears.

Pragya” I am sorry sir.” Abhi” hmm.. it’s ok.. ok I asked can I speak to that friend. I have to know who is that having the same surname as mine.”

Pragya calls Purab Whereas Purab was ina very happy mood that Bulbul had spent the entire day with him.He recalled their moments and keeping on smiling. He got a call from Pragya and smilingly he went to attend the call.Poor guy,little did he know he was going to be terribly scolded for what he didn’t do.

Purab”Hel” Pragya”You Metal mehra!!Person”Mehra?” What happened to you? Person Do you have split personality disorder uh?Purab”What!” Sometimes you speak sweetly and other times harshly.Purab”Arey..”What do you think of me uh? Purab”Par…Hereafter you call me and speak like that to me na, I will show the other me. Now cut the call.Person”huh?” Pragya cuts the call.

The person is none other thanPurab.Purab”First i have to know what happened to her? She is calling me Mehra and like seriously split personality disorder?? She made me a patient. Something happened to her. I have to aske her while she comes.Seriously if i call her now she may tell that i have all the diseases.

Abhi looking at her reaction turns slowly to her and salutes her and he runs away from there.

Pragya smiles at his behavior while her phone starts ringing.. She gasps looking at the caller id.Pragya”I am really very very sorry chico.” Purab”Sorry uh? Do ou even have the idea what you spoke?”

Pragya”What did i speak chico” asks Pragya in a very innocent tone. Purab”Don’t act. I have recored what you have spoke.”

Pragya shockingly”What?” and bites her lower lip. Purab”By the way I know why you spoke to me like that.”

Pragya”You knew?” Purab nods his head the other side forgetting that he is speaking with her in mobile.Pragya”Chico? Hello?” Purab”Haan. I knew.”

Pragya”How?” Purab”I too have a gf yaar.I know this is girls psycology.” Pragya”What!!” Purab”Baar Baar kyun chillathe hein muj par{Why do you always shout at me?}”

Pragya was huffing in anger as he said “girls psychology”and started to shout at him.Purab who cant stand the shouting of his sister kept the mobile aside and was humming a tune to himself.

After a couple of minutes when he kept the mobile on his ear he could hear Pragya breathing heavily.Purab”I hope your anger level is down now.”

Pragya”Chico..I will..” Purab”Getting ready for second round uh? I am not ready for it. Lady mogambo..This name really suits you..”

Pragya immediately thought of Abhi who called her by this name when she was upset with him one day. Pragya started to think about that and disconnected the call.


Pragya was walking to and fro in the park.She was murmuring something to herself Pragya”What does she think of herself uh? Always coming late and asking some mere excuses.” Then someone taps her shoulder.

She turns and without even looking at the person she starts to scold.”Now I am not going to give any excuses to you Tanu.How many times I have to tell you be on time be on time. You wont listen. Now we are already late.Now surely we are going to get scoldings from master.You have only time to sit in front of the mirror and apply makeup. Even one make up set is not enough for you.You know half chemicals would be in your face only. Always everywhere makeup. After that you would show your puppy face and tell “I am sorry Pragu. Only this time.I wont delay hereafter.” And your other blah blah..

Before she could speak anything someone prevented her from speaking by placing their hand on her mouth. Pragya then opens her eyes to see a guy looking deep into her eyes.Pragya was about to say something but the guy looked at her with his pleading eyes and nodded no and said Lady mogambo.

Pragya went all aww over his reaction and was looking at him very dreamily. She dint even realise that he called her lady Mogambo. Just then she realized that Tanu was standing beside him looking at both of them with a twinkle in her eyes.

Tanu”Both of you look really very perfect as a couple.Like made for each other.” Abhigya who realised the situation turned to her. They both came towards her in a motive of taking revenge.

Tanu started to run and shouted”Omg!!I just praising them But they are chasing me.” Abhi shouts back”We are not chasing that for you.” Pragya frowns a him and says”But I am chasing for that also.” Abhi soon after hearing that left the place..Pragya couldn’t understand why he left from the place and was looking at him until he left the place.

Abhi was also thinking the same.

Abhi’s pov

That day..Kitna bolte hai yaar.vo!![how much she talks.} This wasn’t my first meeting with her.But every time I came in face to face with he it was magical.Something really good.Something spiritual. Something really really special.. That day I requested Tanu to take me to her. She had a evil smile in her face. That minute really i don’t know why.I just followed her to only find my Lady mogambo.Yes MY lady mogambo. She was keeping on scolding.You know she closes her eyes while she scolds. That made her even more cute.. Tanu was looking everywhere except her. That girl made my ears to bleed.I cant control anymore and just closed her mouth and nodded my head pleadingly.

And and I was lost in her eyes..I was completely lost in her.. Damn god!!How can she be so cute!! Omg!!Then we were chasing Tanu. Tanu mistook that we were chasing her for complementing us.But she na..She just chased her for that reason also. I felt really very very sad… So i left the place.

Pov end.

Flashback end..

Pragya presently”That day really I don’t know that he really liked me.” She heard a voice”Whom?” She turned to see Bulbul standing there. Pragya”Tweety!! Come when di you come?” Bulbul”I came when you started to dream about my brother!”

Pragya who was blushing badly tried to hide it”Nothing like that Bulbul.” Bulbul”Oh!! Acha!!” and smiles evilly. Bulbul”I think someone is in romantic mood here.” Pragya”Hmm.Yes Purab I think Tweety is right.” Bulbul”Purab!!” and searches for him.

Pragya”Purab is not here Tweety!” Pragya”I think someone is one romantic mood here” Bulbul blushes.

Bulbul”No..Its you who is in romantic mood.” Abhi enters the scene an asks”Who?” Bulbul points at Pragya. Abhi”Anamika?” Bulbul nods whereas Pragya has a blank reaction on her face. She smiles knowing what Bulbul is doing.

Abhi”What?” bulbul”Haan bhai.She is commited now.” Abhi”What?” Bulbul”Yes bhai.Its true na Anamika.” Prgya nods yes. Abhigets angry. Abhi”May i know who is that lucky person?” he asks gritting hs teeth and fisting his hands which were resting in his packet.

Bulbul”Somebody in the name of Mehra..I think so..” Abhi”Oh!That Mehra friend was your boyfriend uh?” Pragya”Haan.. that..yes..”

Abhi raising his eyebrows”May i know his name please?” Pragya”Name?..uhh.” she glares at Bulbul.

The scene freezes on their faces..

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