Muntazir- RiAnsh SS part 1 by Tanvi

Hii everyone!! I am staring this Short story… So let’s directly start

A girl in bridal dress, sitting on a railway station hiding her face in veil is sitting tapping her legs with the beat of the clock’s ticking.
She stops tapping legs when she hears the noise of a train horn, she picked her black handbag; removing her veil. She ran towards the overbridge.

She descends the stairs hiding her lehenga in hands showing up a jeans inside. She rushed faster, the train had started leaving, it became faster….as well as the girls speed, she was near the handle of the coach, trying to hold it but what she caught, was a rough, masculine hand…..

She looked at a young man, with a trekking back on his back, giving his hand so she can enter. She gave his hand to him and he pulled her inside the train.

Both of them were standing at the door. The girl was panting heavily..

“P..wa..water” words were hardly coming out of her mouth because of running with the heavy lehenga.

“OOO chhoti (little) you are asking for water instead of giving me Thankyou?” The boy said standing with full attitude.

“Dekhiye….if you have water, then give it to me ….” Girl said standing straight.

“Pehle mujhe thankyou chahiye..” the boy said.

“Nahi milega” the girl threw her bag on him and went to the washroom. The boy was still standing with her bag in his hands.
The girl came out wearing a crop-top with her jeans with the lehenga in her hand. She pulled the bag from the boy giving him angry glares. She threw the lehenga out of the window. This act made his eyes go wide.

“What thee hell! You could have sold it to get money little girl!” The boy exclaimed on which she sticked her tongue out.

“I am not little girl!” She exclaimed taking out a ticket from her bag and they both turned other ways, and the girl left not before giving him an angry glare.

The boy came back to his AC reserved seat. His friends were also there.

“And bro, where were you?” One of them asked him.
“Nowhere, just taking fresh air.” He replied taking off his goggles.
Oooo bro got a girl Han? Look at this..” another boy said taking out a strand of hair from his shirt.

All the boys started hooting and whistling while he slapped one of them.

“Shut up! I just ….”

BhaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiThe same girl came running with her bag. The boy stood up and she hides herself behind him. (πŸ˜‚)

“Bhai?” All the boys gasped looking at her tip to toe.

And then, a TT came running finding the girl.

“You girl! You don’t have ticket!” He exclaimed.
“Bhai tell him na… I came here to surprise you, but he ruined it just for a ticket.” She said looking at him.

The boy took out his wallet and gave the money to the TT and he left. The girl exhaled a deep breath and saw the boys staring at her.


She shouted at a boy and he stood up. The girl sat there asking from water from the other boy and drank it fully.

“What the hell little girl!” The boy shouted.

“Ri! I mean..Aditi! I am Aditi you Mr. Attitude!” The girl exclaimed.

“Va..Viraj… Not Mr. Attitude.” He took a seat infront of her.

“Now say directly you need help.” He said tapping his feet looking at his watch.

“Actually yes…” Aditi said with tears. All the boys got worried thinking she will cry any moment.

” I am just 16, I want to have my life. But my family is hell bent getting me married.” Aditi exclaimed wiping her tears.

“Your parents?” Viraj asked.

“That’s the problem na. They are not here. I ran away.” She said.

“Woh toh I understood seeing you in bridal attire. You can come with me. To my home.” Viraj said to her calmly.

Aditi looked at him weirdly while other boys’ jaw dropped.

“Come on, you are my little sister. I can do this much. I don’t live alone. I have my parents.” Viraj said putting his hand on her shoulder. (Shock laga πŸ˜‚)

With a lot of hesitation, at last Aditi agreed on sayings of all of the boys.

“Don’t mind by their words. Here we are. Mumbai.” Viraj said picking his friends along with Aditi.

Aditi also picked her bag and all of them get off the train.

“We are going from an auto, to the airport.” Viraj said to his friends and turned to Aditi “Chalein? Or you want to leave your own way which you don’t have?”

Aditi nodded in yes and they both were now at the airport. Aditi was still a little confused by his act but she had no other way to go.

“Bhai.. if we had taken an auto why didn’t we go home?” Aditi asked him.
“Because my father will scold me. He is a hot head man.” Viraj scoffed.

And then, a black car was standing infront of them.
“You sit at the back.” Viraj said to Aditi and she did so, and he himself was sitting at front.
The driver’s eyes widened seeing Aditi. Jeans and top, with red chooris and jewellery! He silently drove to their way.

Reaching the home, the gate was adorned by the emblem of VR, the gates opened and the car entered inside.

Getting off the car, Viraj took Aditi’s bag and opened the gate for her to come out. The family members were confused and shocked seeing the girl with him. Aditi had taken off the jewelry in the car only. So she was standing in a jeans and top.

“My son!”

A cute, chirpy voice squealed from inside and hugged Viraj tightly. He hugged her back. She felt silent seeing Aditi and pointed towards her asking who she is.

What do you feel about the story? Are they Vansh and Riddhima? You will get to know in the next part 🀭

Don’t forget my new FF coming tomorrow!!

Tanvi πŸ’«

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