Mumbai central bustand

Its morning 7:30 everyone is busily getting in and out !! Like that a girl of early 20’s wearing a green salwar steps in the mumbai with her single bag and with full fear !! She gets down from the bus !! Fear is clearly visible in her eyes !!

A man came and dashed her intensionly !! Girl looks at him with disgust !! Man smirks and leaves !! Girl rubs her arms with her dupatta where the man dashed !! She walked through the bustand fearfully !!

She stands near an auto stand !! Mans there are looking at her like they gonna eat her !! Girl clutches her dupatta !! And cursing someone !!

Girl’s pov

Hey krishan ji !! Yeh kya hai !! Kaha hai yeh Ragini di !! She said she will be here at the time i stepped in mumbai , only coz of that i agreed to came here !! But she !! She is no where to be seen !! And these kuthe log !! They are seeing me like !! Chiiii !!

Now i cant wait more !!

Pov ends

Saying so the girl walks from there and finally she found a PCO !! As she is not having mobile !! Sanskar ladkhi hai guys :-p !! She got change from the Pco man !! She got into the PCO and dials the number by seeing a little diary which is she having in her purse !!

The ring goes !! At the moment the call got connected !! ” Ragini Di !!!! Kahan ho tum !! U know i was afaird of cities !! U only asked me to come here to attend the interview but see now u r not here !! An…!! ” The girl couldnt complete as ragini speaks !!

” SWARA !! SWARA !! calm down !! I m sorry actually kal ratt !! Actually papa got heart attack last night so i and laksh ji had took him to pune hospital as our family doc is here only !! So thats y i cant come !! I m sorry Swara !! ”

” Oh its ohk di !! U take care of uncle i m going back !! ” said Swara !! ” Nhi Swara !! Whats the need of going back !! U go and attend the interview plzz for me !! ” said Ragini !! ” But di I m scared !! ”

” Swara !! Doll dont be scared just be cool !! U got 95% in EEE but due to ur this behaviour u r taking tutions in our village !! Think Swara what will u do with that 3000 in a month !! Atleast think about chacha ji for once !!

Do u even know many dreams he have for u !! Plzzz Swara attend the interview i m sure u will get the job !! ” says Ragini , Swara thinks for a second and said

” Thik hai Ragu di !! I will go !! Ohk tell me the place !! ” said Swara !! ” Ohk listen Swara !! First come out of the Bustand and turn right !! Walk for some minutes cross 3 signals u will see the Reliance mall !!

There will be a subway near that !! Walk on the subway and cross the road u ll be on the 8D bustop !! There you will get 13C bus !! Go in that bus and skip 5 stops and you will reach the IET stop !!

And walk towards left from there you will see a MRC TOWERS !! there your interview !! ” Ragini said without Break !! ” Di !! I didnt understand anything !! ” said Swara !! ” Uff !! Swara give the phone to someone who is near to u !! ”

Swara hmmed and kept the Reciver at the top of the PCO !! And came out of the PCO BOTH !! She looks here and there !! She found a middle aged Women standing near by !! She went towards lady !!

” Aunty ji !! My di is on call can u plzz hear the address !! I m new to Mumbai !! ” said Swara !! ” Sorry beta !! I m also new to the city !! Sorry !! ” said the lady !! Swara again went into the BOOTH and said in reciver ” Di Aunty is also not from mumbai !! ”

” Kisi aur se pucho na Swara !! ” said ragini !! Swara again went out !! This time she found a man in his late 20’s standing little far from her !! Speaking in his mobiz !! She walks towards him and stands behind him !! ” Suniye !! ” said Swara !!

The boy turns !! And asks her “What” through his eyes while talking in mobiz !! Seeing Swara stammering the boy cuts the call and said ” Yes !! ” !!
” wo !! Actually my Di is on call !! Can u plzz talk to her !! ” said Swara !!

” Me !! ” boy asked !! ” han wo she is Saying address !! ” said Swara !! ” Ohk !! Come !! ” says the boy and walks with Swara to the PCO !! He took the reciver ” Hello !! ” he said !! ” Hi Sir I m Ragini and that is My sister Swara !! Can u plzz took her to 8D bustop and make her claimb 13C !! She needs to go IET stop !! Plzzz sir !! ” said Ragini !! ” But Mam i came to drop my frnd !! I m getting late for office !! I m sorry !! ”

Said the boy !! ” Sir !! Sir plzz listen she passed the UG with 95% !! She is taking tutions for just 3000 per month !! Plzzz sir if u did this help it will be greatfull to us !! Plzzz sir !! ” said Ragini !!

” Ohk !! Ohk !! I will !! ” said boy !! ” Thank you soo much sir !! ” said Ragini !! He gives the reciver to Swara nd walks out leaving the sisters to talk !! ” Haan di !! ” said Swara !! ” Swaru i told him everything but be careful with him ohk this Mumbai !! Ohk tell me hows he looking !! ” said Ragini !!

” Hain !! ” said Swara !! ” Uff buddhu i mean if u told me his looks i can judge his character somehow thats y !! ” said ragini !!

” Haan !! ( swara sees towards boy through glass door )He is 5.9 ft height , Brown eyes , little big nose , tone white , thich eyebrows , clean shaved , messy hais , checked shirt with half sleeve , top two buttons undone !! And a coolers in that and jeans hmm its looking like faded with torns near things and in knees !! ( how much she is noticing him yaar !! 😮 hayaaa !! ) and haan finally white shoes !! ” said Swara !!

” Hmmm !! Ohk Swara just be little careful ohk !! All the best !! ” said Ragini and cuts the call !! Swara walks out !! Boy looks at her and asks ” Chale !! ” Swara nods and took her bag !! They walks out of bustand !!

And walks towards right !! Swara counts that they are crossing the 3 signals !! Boy smiles at her innocence !! They finally reaches the RELIANCE MALL !! Swara looks around and finds the subway !!

On the time boy recives a call ” Re SANSKAR !! Where the hell are u man !! Boss in barking on us !! Come soon !! ” said His frnd from otherside !! ” Manik !! Chill out man !! I ll be there in 10 mins ohk bye !! Bye !! ”

Said Sanskar and looks at Swara !! And gestures to cross the road !! Swara stands still !! ” Kya hua !! ” sanskar asked !! ” Woo !! Di told me to go by subway only !! ” said Swara !! Sanskar signed and walks towards the subway !! Swara follows him !!

They walks through the subway and reaches the 8D bustop !! And waits for sometime !! 13C arrived Swara looks at Sanskar and the bus !! ” Claimb !! ” said Sanskar !! Swara looks at him , jerks and claimbs the bus !! She stands in the steps !!

Bus starts moving !! ” Suniye !! ” swara said !! Sanskar cant hear he turns and walks !! ” Suniye ji !! ” swara calls Sanskar !! But he didnt turn she claimbs down from the moving bus ( slowly moving ) !! ” suniye ji !! ” sanskar turnz !!

” Plzz can u come with me till the stop !! What if go somewhere else !! Plzzz avo na !! ” said Swara !! Sanskar sees the bus moving lil faster !! ” Uff come !! ” he said !! Nd drags her and runs towards the bus !! And made her climb it !! He also climbs it !!

Swara for the first time feels something strange passing through her body on his touch !! She stands on the bus stairs seeing her arms where he touched !! ” Hello !! ” Sanskar jerked her !! Swara came to sense !! ” U sit there !! I m sitting there !! ” he said pointing towards the back seat near a girl for Swara !!

And front seat for himself where a Man is sitting !! Swara nods , goes and sits beside the girl !! Sanskar sits beside the man !! The man is little fat !! On a speed breaker the man nearly occupied 3/4 seat !! Sanskar signs and getsup !! He goes little forward !! It is a double bus !!

Girl sitting near Swara is wearing her earphones and talking to her boyfriend !! She suddenly cuts the call saying him that she is getting call from her papa !! Swara smiles !! The girls attends the other call and says ” Haan baby bolo,,haan wo i was talking with papa !! ”

Swara’s eyes popped out !! Swara said under her breath “Chiii !! Ek ladkhi dho ladkha !! Hey krishan ji !! ” She looks up to see Sanskar but found his seat is vacant !!

” I think he gone !! Hey krishan ji !! Now what should i do !! Better i ll go back to village !! ” said Swara to herself !! Swara took her bag !! ” bhai ruko !! ” she told the conductor !! He blows the whistle !! Bus stops !!

Sanskar standsup and sees Swara claimbing down !! He got angry and called her ” Heyy !! ” but Swara had already got down !! Sanskar also got down of the running bus !! Swara sees him ” Hey krishan ji !! He is inside only !! ” said Swara !!

Sanskar walks towards her in a rage and asks ” Did ur Di told u to step out in the middle !! ” Swara looks at him with her duo eyes !! ” Maaf karo ji !! Wo i thought u had stepped down !! ” said Swara !!

Sanskar signed !! ” Come !! ” said Sanskar and walks further !! Swara follows him !! He stops an auto and asks to get in !! Swara looks at him while clutching the strips of her bag ” Wo !! Di told me go by share auto only !! ” said Swara !!

Sanskar holds his waist and let out a pissed off breath and looking here and there in frustration !! Swara silently gestures the auto man to go !! And he went !! Sanskar walks without saying anything Swara follows him !!

There comes another bus !! SwaSan gets in the bus is little crowed so they are standing !! Sanskar phone rings !! He attends !! ” Kahan mar gaya re tu !! If u dont come na than Boss will surely fire you !! ” says manik from another end !!

” Ahhh !! Manik !! Understand man i got sick !! My stomach is paining like hell !! Plzz just inform Boss i need 2 hours permission !! Plzz !! ” says Sanskar in a dramatic voice holding his stomach !! Swara laughs a little !! ” ohk ohk u take care man ohk !! Bye !! ” Manik says in a concerned voice !!

Sanskar sees Swara laughing !! He too smiles a little !!

Sanskar Pov

GOD !! MAN !! what i m doing travelling with a complete stranger !! That too coz her i took 2 hrs permission and A LIE !! OH GOD !!

This girl is making me Mad !! Huh !! But her smile is doing something inside me !! Which i didnt feel in any other girls !! She is something !! ( pAuSeD fOr SeC ) Nothing Sanskar nothing !! She is just a stranger thats it !! U just leave her IET stop thats it !!

Pov ends

” Hmm !! U sit there i ll stand here !! ” says Sanskar pointing towards a seat !! Swara sits there looking at Sanskar !! She is seeing him for once in a min for assuring that he is there !! Soon the bus stops at IET stop !!

Sanskar came near Swara and said ” Come on !! We reached !! ” . Swara jerked and looks up at Sanskar ” Nhi ji di told me i should skip 5 stops but i count it we skip only 3 stops !! ” said Swara !! Sanskar tries to speak but the conductor blows the whistle again !! The bus starts to move faster !!

” This is LSS !! This bus wont stop in all bus stops !! ” said Sanskar !! Swara looks like a lost puppy !! ” first come !! ” said Sanskar !! And he steps out from the running bus !! Swara stands in the steps feeling afaird !! Sanskar is running with the bus he holds her hand and pulls her towards him !! Swara falls on him duet the sudden force SwaSan fell on the road !!

A car which is coming fast was about to hit SwaSan but the driver applies the brake at the correct time !! Here SwaSan are hugging eo very tightly in the fear of dieing !! The car driver peeps out of window and shouts ” Oye !! Dont u get any other way to die !! Just get lost !! ” .

Swasan came to sense !! They stands up !! And Swara took her bag which is lying far away !! They walks back to IET stop!!
” ohk now u go !! I m going to office my permission hour is gonna finish !! ” said Sanskar and was about to go !! Swara helds his wrist !!

A current passes to eo body !! Swara got what she did !! She left his hand !! Sanskar is standing still not seeing her !! Breathing heavily !!

Sanskar pov

God man !! What happened just now !! Why i m feeling this much !! Is she my !! No Sanskar chill yaar !! She is just a stranger to me !! Sanskar stop just leave from here right now !!

Pov ends

Sanskar walks few steps !! Swara looks at him walking tears are forming in her eyes !! She turns otherside not looking at him !! Sanskar who is walking stops there not able to go !! He turns and looks at Swara who is looking otherside !!

He turns !! Swara looks at Sanskar !! He feels something weird in his heart !! He turns and sees Swara staring him !! He turns again and was about to go !! ” Suniye ji !! ” he turns hearing voice !! Swara walks towards Sanskar ” plzzz can u accompany me till my interview got over !! Plzz ji !! ” Swara asks !!

” But !! ” Before he could complete Swara gives him her bag !! ” Thank u !! ” Said Swara !! Sanskar widen his eyes in shock !! They reach MRC towers !! Sanskar is standing outside the building !! Swara took her file from Sanskar and went upstairs !! She is waiting for her call to interview !!

Swara pov

Hey kisan ji !! Yeh kya hai !! Why i felt like crying when ji is leaving !! Kuch bhi ho Swara !! Di told na DONT TRUST ANYONE IN MUMBAI !! U dont know his name also !! So just be carefull !!

Pov ends

Soon Swara went in for interview !! Here Sanskar gets a call from his dad !! ” Hello Mr.Handsome !! ” said Rp !! ” Dad !! Tum bhi !! ” said San !!

Rp ” Kya tum bhi !! Manik told me that every girls in ur office is behind u only !! But you are not giving a damn to anyone !! Are u really my son !! ”

San ” Dad !! ”

Rp ” Kya dad !! Dad kar rahi h !! U know i asked my father to get me married in my 17 yrs !! Thats it u know i got that much scolding on that day !! But being my Son !! Look at urself Sanskar u r past 26 !! Still u r not married !! Tell me if u love somebody !! Or tell me what type of girl u want !! So that i can search na !! ”

San ” Dad !! I dont love anyone !! If that happens i ll tell u first ohk !! ”

Rp ” ohk then tell me na what type of girl u want !! ”

San ” Hmm !! Dad i want a girl like my mom !! Innocent ,, Beautiful ,, Nautanki !! ”

Rp ” Than i think u ll also suffer like me !! ”

San ” Dad !! ”

Rp ” Ohk ohk had lunch ?? ”

San ” Dad i didnt had breakfast till now !! ”

Rp ” Kya first u go and eat ohk or i ll tell ur mom !! ”

San ” ohk Dad !! ”

Sanskar cuts the call and looks at watch !! His stomach started roaring !! He calls Manik and tells him that he is taking off today !! He took Swara’s bag and went to near by Tea stall !! Meanwhile Swara came after giving interview !! She cant fint Sanskar she thought he went leaving her !!

She started crying !! Meanwhile Sanskar came he Saw her crying !! He went near her !! Swara looks at him and the next min she hugs him like she wont let him go from her life !! Sanakar heart is druming in its cage !! He didnt hug her back !! As he is in shock !!

Swara parted from him realising what she did !! She is sniffing like a child !! Sanskar gives her bag to her !! ” Umm !! Wo i m really hungry can we eat something !! ” said Sanskar !! Swara smiles and nods !!

They went to a nearby restraunt and had their Brunch !! After that Swara was thinking how to ask him to come with her !! She is playing with her dupatta !! ” Ohk lets go !! Come on call ur di !! I ll drop u at ur di’s home !! ” said Sanskar !!

Swara smiles and they came out Swara goes to PCO ” Di i m coming back to home !! U r at home only na !! ” said Swara !! ” Yup Shona !! ” ” Ohk di tell the address to ji !! ” said Swara !! ” Kya Ji !! Swara seriously u r taking him with u are u gone mad !! ” , ” Di dont worry he is a gentle man !! ”

” Ohk call him , i ll tell the address !! ” Swara came out , Ragini told the address to Sanskar !! Sanskar took Swara to Ragu’s house !! Its almost Evening when they reached !! Ragu asked Sanskar to come in but he refused !! Ragini goes in !!

SwaSan are walking towards the gate !! ” Ji !! ” Swara called him !! Sanskar looks at her ” From next time becarefull !! ( Sanskar gave confused look ) I mean to say helping for an unknown inncocent girl is ok but the 2 hrs permission ,, a lie ,, Leave and all !! Full day is a waste of day hai na !! So becarefull !! ” said Swara !!

” Acha ji !! Apka hukum !! ” said Sanskar while Folding his hands infront of her !! SwaSan laughs !! They reached the gate !! Sanskar walks out while turning to see Swara !! ” My name is Swara !! ” Shouts Swara from the gate !! Sanskar turns and shouts ” I KNOW THAT !! ”

” Sherpur is my village !! Come to my home if u ever come to village !! ” Shouts Swara from the gate !! Sanskar smiles and turns !! ” WHAT IS UR NAME !! ” Swara shouts but Sanskar cant hear as a baarat crosses that time !! Swara made faces and went inside !!

Swara got job but she rejects it as they gave job in Bangalore !! A Leap of Month !! In this one month SwaSan cant forgot eachother !! Here Sanskar told his dad about Swara !! And Rp confirms that he is in love !! Here Swara’s parents is Seeing an alliance for her but she is rejecting everyone !!

Ragini came one day Swara told about Sanskar !! Ragini told her to meet Sanskar once !! Swara asked time !! Ragini went back to mumbai after two days !! Swara decides to go to Sanskar !! Here Sanskar decides to go to Swara’s village to meet her !!

Swara is going to Mumbai and Sanskar is coming from Mumbai !! CRASHHHHH !! Their busses got crashed with eachother’s !! Sanskar is slightly injured !! He is helping the police to save the injured people !! Sanskar sees a girl stucking under a seat severly injured !!

He took the girl out !! His breath stops a second seeing his love love in this state !! Swara is unconcious !! Sanskar pats her cheeks cryingly while continuously calling her name !! Sanskar took her in his arms !! He Runs Towards the ambulance !! He placed her on the strecher !!

Sanskar goes with her to the hospital !! He is feeling pain deep inside his heart !! Sanskar is standing outside the EMERGENCY WARD !! ” Why Swara why i saw you !! Why u came to see me again !! I cant see u like this !! Please !! Come back !! ”

Soon doc came out and informs that Swara is out of danger and he can meet her !! Sanskar smiles like a mad he kisses doc cheeks !! He went inside !! And sees Swara lying there in the bed conciously with a oxygen mask !!

He sits near her !! Swara took her oxygen mask !! Sanskar helps her !! Swara sees his red eyes and pink nose !! She smiles and whispers something !! He cant hear her so he went closer to hear her !! ” Wha !! Whats ur name ji !! ” Swara whispers !!

Sanskar laughs inbtw his tears and said ” Sanskar !! ” swara smiles !! Sanskar holds her hand softly which is connected with drips !! ” I dont to waste more time !! Lets get married !! ” said Sanskar !!

Swara struggles to get up !! Sanskar helps her !! Swara getsures him to come near her !! Swara kisses his cheeks !! Sanskar smiles and kisses her forehead !! ” Get well soon !! To be Mrs.Sanskar Maheshwari !! ” Sanskar said !!

SwaSan smiles joing their forehead !!



Hey guys just need to say this is A TAMIL MOVIE STORY with little changes in it !! Ohk 1 question nothing else *Want Sequel or not ??

Babye !!

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