[Mujhse Fraandship Karoge ?? ] {Ek Duje Ke Vaaste} [{By Nikita}] Chapter 9

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Helloo.. I know you guys were really dissapointed with the last episode. . So here’s one to make it up with your expectations..

Shravan- meri baat zyada zaroori hai..
Pushkar- okay, chalo-chalo.. class kaa time ho gaya hai.. lets move it there..
Shravan- mere bhaii.. tu yaha kya kar raha haii??? Tu jana… waise bhi preeti tera intezaar kar rhi hogi..
Pushkar *shit yaar… in dono ko baat nahi karne de sakta.. Shravan pata nahi kya bolne aaya hai.. par sumo to apne pyaar ka izhaar karne waali hai.. and agar Shravan Ne mana kar diya, to Sumo ka dil tutega, and shravan ki dosti. Kyuki Shravan to Ariana se pyaar karti hai.. andd Ariana to Namik se.. aur jitna mujhe idea hai..Namik bhi Ariana se pyaar karta hai.. mujhe naa Sumo se baat karni padegi.. kyuki kal tak to wo kehti thi ki use Namik se pyaar hai…achanak se shravan kaha se aa gaya? Kuch soch beta .. warna ho jayega MAHAKAND*

Pushkar looks up and sees Shravan on his knees.. *bhot der kardi pushkar..*
Shravan- tu mere saath college party mei chalegi.?
PushMan-whatt? Sumo- tum ye puchne aaye the?!
Shravan- actually.. wo mei jaana to Ariana ke saath chahta tha. Par wo busy thi… to tu to merrii ” PYAARI SI BEST FRIEND HAII NAA’ chall naa.. pleasee.
Sumo *apni feelings apne andar rakh.. Best friend? Seriously! Mei bhi kisse pyaar kar baithi yaar!*
Sumo- chal thik hai..
Pushkar- to phir chale sumo??
Sumo- chal..

Sumo gets disturbed and what suggests her was to talk to NAMIK.

Sumo (Ariana) – hey namik! You coming to the college party?
Shravan (Namik)- yea, with someone..
Sumo (Ariana)- oh..

They chat for sometime….

Sumo- if Shravan loves Ariana, then I’ll leave him on his own…


Shravan knocks on Suman’s door…
Sumo opens the door… She is wearing a short full-sleeves black hoodie dress.. and white sneakers.. She has tied half of her hair in a bun and rest she has left open..
Shravan: WOW
Sumo- thank you…
Shravan: chalee?
Sumo: ek min..
She rushes in and gets a gift packed up for Shravan..
Shravan: ye kyaa hai??
Sumo: kholnaa…
Shravan opens the gift and founds a camera inside..
Shravan: ye kyu?

Sumo: jab hum pehli baar mile the, yoi said that my camera is beautiful… Well I know that wo tumne mujhe kaha tha but not to make it awkward, you said that you said it for the camera, but then the look on your face claimed that ACTUALLY the camera was beautiful… And then during the photo shoot, when I was setting up the lights and deciding the poses with Namik, you clicked some pictures From the camera..
Shravan: how do you know that??
Sumo- it was my camera!
Shravan: see that’s why you are my best friend!
Sumo- ab chale?
Shravan: okay chal..

Shravan keeps the camera on the table and says that he’ll take it when he comes to drop her back home..

ShraMan reach the party..

There, they meet Preekar, and Suman meets some of her friends…

Shravan: yaar, iss baar college ne acha kharcha kiya hai.. hopefully…

Sumo catches up with Ishaani, Niya, Neeti, Rukhsar, Deotima, Diya and her whole troup.
Shravan catches up with pushkar..

The Dj plays a slow song.. And tells every couple to it the dance floor..

Shravan goes and asks for Sumo’s hand… they both dance together with an intense eyelock. The dj announces “shuffle round” ..
Shravan and Suman dance with other partners but their eyes are fixed in each other.. and then finally ShraMan unite..
Shravan: lets out of here..

They both walk in the party..

Sumo: jaane se pehle ek baar ek jagah khade hoke party ko dekh le?
Shravan spots a corner and they both reach there..

Sumo: tujhe parties nahi pasand anaa?
Shravan: nahi..
Sumo:: you’re so opposite of me..
Shravan: opposites attract..

They share an eyelock.. Sumo breaks the contact by drinking her drink. Shravan sees something and rushes there. He breaks down crying.. Sumo rushes to him, and looks at what he was looking.. She spots Ariana and Namim kissing.

Precap: because I love you!

Guess who said that to whomm.. I hope this was upto your expectations.. love you allll!!

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  1. hey nishi, it is fabulous.

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much Christie!

  2. hey Nikita just superb episode.
    sorry for not commenting on previous episode.
    this one is just fab…. I just love each & every thing.
    post next one soon.
    lots of love & tc…

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much Reema!
      I’ll post soon..
      Love you too..

  3. Kya baat hei?? Wawa wawa. Update was awesome. Super surprised by reading my name. Thanks deary. Update soon . can’t wait.

    1. Nikita

      Thank you! Why surprised? You are my friend Deotima!
      Will update soon!

  4. Diya

    Aww…Nishita its awesomeeeeee !!!! I loved it very much. Really surprised to see my name !!!
    Precap…..mmm……can guess…but it may be wrong. So post soooooooooon.
    Love u !!! Damn exited

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much… you’re my friend baba.. tumhara naam nahi hoga to kiska hoga?
      Love you too..
      will update soo !

  5. Ariana

    hey girl I’m glad u finally posted!!! Honestly I don’t want this to end but I simply can’t wait for 4am calls so u better get to that soon. Don’t take my breaths away pls!!! B nice. Btw this was amazing as usual.. Poor Shravu, tho I don’t mind on wht he saw :p
    jk jk I’m off this planet
    just post asap coz now that Namku n Aru (<3 my naaaammmmeee!!!) r together, I wanna see how ShraMan gets together as well

    1. Nikita

      Thank you yaar.. TBH, I cant wait for this to end.. ya I await writing 4 am phone call, but im just doneee with this ff.. I am annoyed with it! IDK how you guys are bearing it.. im so pissed of at this work of mine. Anyways, thank you! How would you even mund what he saw! Be happy.. ^_^
      Love you yaaar.. will post soon !

  6. Helllooooooooooo!!!!
    A hii to my bae!
    Sorry yaar wo actually tablet mein technical problems aa gayi hai so abhi wo 20-25 dinn tak subkitted hai custoner service hai..so don’t expect me on whatsapp any soon…agar mujhe online dekhti hai toh msg kr dena kyuki tera number nai hai mere paas…
    And and and what do I see here!!
    My name!!!! Main bhi thi us party mei!!! 😀
    Chhooooooooooo happppyyyyyyyy…!!!!!
    Love you choooooo much..!!
    Muaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh ;-*

    1. Nikita

      Hi bae!♥♥
      Yea sure.. get the tablet repaired soon.. and thankk you! Yes, you are in the gang.. love you!

  7. Rukhsar

    Hey niki….first toh bara wala hug and bara wala sorry for late comment……was busy with exams since last one week…..got free today so thought of reading the pending articles…..i liked today’s epi alot….but one thing shocked me that was my name how it got there…..????? …..hahahahaha just kidding but seriously i didn’t know that u will include my name here……post next part soon waiting for it

    1. Nikita

      Aw.. thank you.. and its kkayy… but yea, your name deserves up there.. you’re one of my online besties yaar. I lovee youu
      Will post soon ♥

  8. Ruchi

    Hey Nishi
    Sorry as m late…
    Anyways how r u ??
    Opposite attracts.. wow.. i guess the spark is on both sides..
    Epi was amazing..
    Poor Pushkar what was he thinking nd what happened .. LOL
    m so excited for the next epi bcz of super amazing #PRECAP..
    post next epi soon
    take care
    Love you

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