Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai….(Part 4)

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Pinky says, “Now everyone is happy, Mahi’s and Radhika’s wedding is coming now. So, we will arrange all other’s marriages also. It will be fun. And also my Rudy boy didn’t have a happy marriage, right? Those days everyone is sads, sads….Now everyone is happys. Isn’t a good idea, Mummyji?”

Dadi says, “That is good idea. So…” 

Shivaay cuts off her by saying, “I don’t want to marry…”

Jhanvi says, “Why, Shivaay?”

Shivaay hugs Annika more tight and says, “Already we were separated for one year, then you people will separate us in the name of functions also.….We want to be together.”

Everyone giggles seeing Shivaay’s possessive side.

Dadi says, “You think I will separate you both. Except you both, others will get separated and this time, my sons also will be separated from their wives. So, ladies will be at the right side of the house and men will be at the right side.”

Everyone except Shivika and Dadi were like, “This is cheating.” They were all thinking of ways so that they can meet their respective partners.”

Anyway, Dadi was intelligent enough to make sure that they won’t meet by keeping them at both sides of the houses. But our couples are not that fools even. Everyone was busy in their video calls except our Shivika as they were having live coverage.


As it is time to sleep, everyone retires to their beds. Now, Gauri, Bhavya and Radhika are in one room, while Mahi, Om and Rudra are in the other room. Tej and Shakti are in Jhanvi’s room, while Pinky and Jhanvi are in Shakti’s room. Dadi and Ritu are in Dadi’s room.

While all of them are missing their partners, our Shivika were the ones to enjoy. They are getting married, but are not going to be separated! Let’s see what happens there.

Shivaay is lying on the bed and Annika has just closed the door to get their privacy. She went and lied on the bed with him. With a moment of silence while they stared at each others, emotions passed through them. They were out of words on where to start. They wanted to reveal to each other how they missed each other, but words were drowned.

Shivaay’s heart saved those words and spoke out, “Why didn’t you fight with me?”

“Because I couldn’t even digest the truth. I couldn’t even digest that you tried to kill me for your family. I thought you considered….in fact, I was wrong thinking that you didn’t consider me as your family. I broke down thinking that you cheated me. I didn’t have the courage to face the truth. My heart and my brain was fighting with each other. I didn’t know why I did the same thing as you did to me before. Now I understand what you would have felt that day, Shivaay.”, Annika said as she burst into tears

Shivaay forwarded his hand to hug her and she went near him. As she goes near him, she notices a scar on his hand. She asks, “What happened to your hand?”

He avoids meeting her eyes and said, “That was because of an accident, nothing else.” 

She felt he was hiding something but she didn’t talk about as she know he won’t tell anything. He just got up from the bed giving an excuse of going to the bathroom. As he went to the bathroom, his phone started ringing. It flashed the caller’s name as ‘Dr. Ronny’. Annika picked up the call and said, “Hello…”

Dr. Ronny said, “May I talk to Shivaay?”

“You may, but who are you?”

“I am doctor Ronny, his friend. May I know who are you?”

“I am Annika, his wife.”

“Annika!!! You are alive???”

“Yes. That’s why I am talking to you. Wait, Shivaay didn’t tell me about his friend named Ronny to me.”

“I am not only his friend but also a psychologist. For past one year, he has been in depression.”


“Yes and he tried to attempt suicide several times. It took a year’s time to make him normal, so I talk to him every night from the day he left the rehab center.”

“Okay, doctor. I will tell him to call you back.”


She ends the call and went out of the room to see him sitting on the edge of the pool dipping his feet in the water. He was lost in his thoughts, when she called out for him, “Shivaay…”

He turns back and looks at her. She continues, “I know that this is not an accident”, pointing to the scar in his hand.

He looked down in guilt and says, “I am sorry.”

She sits beside him and dipped her legs in the cold water and spoke after hissing for the shivers, “Shivaay, you have to say this to me. Why did you do this?”

He went through a shortage of words and gulped. She kept her hand on his shoulder and said, “Shivaay, talk.”

At last, he spoke out, “Annika, I ran back home that day and as I felt tired, I drank a glass of water. But unluckily, that water was drugged by Veer. Then, I remembered seeing you shot down with blood flowing out. I didn’t knew how to react, when Veer said that I shot you. I didn’t believe it. He told me to bury you and leave the matter thinking about the family. After he went, I immediately took you to the hospital. I even admitted you under a different name. Then also, Veer found you and try to kill you. I searched for you everywhere, but didn’t find you. Then I lost my hope. If you are not there, then why should I live in this world? I tried to kill myself, but someone or the other saved me. Somewhere I used to think why they saved even though, they know I will face d…”

Annika cuts off, “Shivaay, don’t speak about death. You know I can’t bear it.”

Shivaay says, “I won’t say it. You also won’t leave me alone, right?”

“I will never leave you, Shivaay.”

“Pinky Promise?”, he says as he shows his pinky finger.

She entwines her pinky finger with his pinky finger. Emotions flew from their eyes to each others’.

“Shivaay, tell me what happened then.”

“Everyone tried to change my thoughts, but I didn’t change. That’s when my friend Dr. Ronny took me to his Rehab. You know he didn’t even take a single paisa from me for the consideration of being his friend….I didn’t know what goodness I did to them, that they deserve a friend like me….I am a bad friend.”


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    Hahaha??? bichare sab log.. Dadi ne tho bohot badi saza de diya Un sab ko.. Shivika are lucky in this case… Last parah made me curious.. Will be waiting for the next.. Till then take care.. Love you?? achu..

    1. Agga4102

      Thank u so much!!!!!????

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