Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai….(Part 3)

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Mahi looks straight onto her and says, “Do you think he can do that? For one day, if you are not there, he can’t tolerate. Then what about one year? Do you think he can move on?”

Annika sobs while saying, “It’s not that I think that he will move on, but the world is like that. Everyone will be sad for sometime, but after that they will forget everything except me.” She hangs her head.

[A/N: Don’t take it in the other way round. It means putting your head down in shame. I know as in my previous book, when I have written something like this, one reader made fun of it. Afterwards, I revamped the book.]

Mahi says, “Okay, you are so great, right? You can never forget and move on. Only others can do it. So, what if I say, you didn’t trust him like how he didn’t trust you before?”

Annika looks at him in shock. Did she ever went to ask why did he do that? Did she question his doing? She could have done that. Instead, she wasted some months of her life in pain.

Mahi continues, “Shivaay too is broken down. You know he shot you because he was drugged by Veer. Then he took you to the hospital, when he came back to his senses. Afterwards, Veer tried to kill you while he buried. But you were lucky that some one saved you. Then you are here somehow. He is broken. It’s been one year since he talked properly to anyone. You never acknowledged the fact that he considered you as his own family. He loves you, but you never accepted it even now. Otherwise, you would have asked him why. Otherwise, you would have fought for your love. You gave up on him.”

Annika burst into tears. She hugged Mahi tight. Ritu and Radhika couldn’t believe it. Now everything strikes them. They were happy, that somewhere their prayers are answered.

Suddenly, Annika broke the hug and asks, “Shivaay…?”

Mahi nods while saying, “Come with me.”

They move onto Oberoi Mansion where Mahi informed them that their daughter-in-law is coming. But our Oberoi’s thought it was Radhika as they knew about her before itself. Being ready with the preparations, they were ready to welcome her.

Mahi, Radhika, Ritu and Annika reached the Oberoi Mansion. At first, Mahi, Radhika and Ritu were seen first at the entrance.  Everyone is happy that Radhika is coming, but somewhere the elder bahu is always having a soft corner.

So, with a tinge of sadness, they were about welcome her, when Mahi says, “You should not only welcome her but also this person.” 

Annika walks in and you have to see their faces. Like how a bulb is switched on, they smiled from their hearts. It’s like two happiness in one. After welcoming her, everyone was hugging tight.

Pinky, Shakti, Tej and Jhanvi were happy having their daughter-in-law back. Om, Rudra and Bhavya were happy that their Annika Bhabhi is back. Gauri was happy to get her Jiji back.

But Annika’s mind was wandering somewhere else. Where is Shivaay? How is he? Why is he not coming down? Didn’t he sense her? Is he ignoring her? Seeing Annika in another world, they knew she is looking for him

Pinky said, “He is in his room.”

Annika runs to their room. Meanwhile, Shivaay sensed Annika’s arrival, but he was scared to expect anything. He brushes it off by convincing himself that he is expecting something due to his hope to see him.

Annika pushes the door saying, “Why didn’t you search for me?”

Shivaay looks at her surprisingly, tears of happiness rolled down from his eyes. He was stuck there for a moment. She continues, “You are the great SSO. The one who cannot be defeated. Then also, you didn’t even search for me.”

Now, SSO mask is getting a little hesitant to fall down as he says, “So, I didn’t search for you. I searched for you, Annika. Even if I didn’t search for you, you know I will be here. You should I have questioned me on doing it. You should have filed a case against me. Nothing….you didn’t even do it!”

The house is shaking like before as Shivika is back to their fights. It is shaking as it’s been a long time as this house had some fights. It has lost its immunity to fights.

 Meanwhile, the family heard their fights and came up to see them. Everyone ran up to see Shivika’s fights as they missed it a lot. Only 2 people couldn’t understand this fight – Ritu and Radhika! They were stopped by the family as they were about to stop the fight.

While all these people are seeing this unnoticed by our Shivika who were in their emotional fight! Annika says, “How can I do it when it was you in front of me?”

Shivaay says, “Excuse me, the Annika, Khidkitod Annika, who is not scared of anything and can pay for things which she could break, is scared of me.”

Annika was also in a mood to fight, says, “So, what about you? You could have searched for me also. You didn’t even change now. You can never accept your mistake even now.”

Shivaay says, “Look who is talking. The one who made the mistake herself.”

“You…you are a Bhagad Billa!”

Shivaay smiles widely and moves towards her. Who told only girls have cravings? He craved to hear her calling him this nick name. He craved to be with this lady since one year. She smiles and moves towards him. They hug each other while crying like two happy souls! They were crying in happiness. They break the hug and forwarded to kiss when Rudra opened the door saying, “Bhaiyya, kids are here.”

Everyone looked at him like he is impossible. Shivaay says, “You got married, then also you are saying you are a kid.”

Rudra says, “Bhaiyya, leave me. I am talking about Gauri Bhabhi and Radhika Bhabhi too.”

Gauri and Radhika glares at Rudy. Rudy is dead today!

Bhavya says, “Gauri and Radhika, I am giving him to you both.”

Rudy cries, “Bhavya, no….Please help me.”

Everyone starts laughing.

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