Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai…..(Part – 2)

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Love has to face  a lot of obstacles and I feel separating them for one year is itself is the cruelty of destiny. But do you think only one person in a relationship will suffer? I don’t think so otherwise they are not meant for each other. One thing to remind you all, before I tell what is the other side of the coin…..”Love never cheats…..If you felt cheated by love, then you are mistaken, it is not love…”

Radhika is back from Mumbai. She is back to the small house which is her world. Her mother is her stem.

After her uncle being killed in a mysterious way, by the company he was working for and her mother, being divorced, was the only support for her grandmother. Her grandmother too passed away few years back. Now she has her cousin, who is also broken as her husband tried to kill her.

Her cousin was found injured in the hospital, when she gave her blood. Her cousin looked like her aunt and immediately identified her. She also showed the photo of her uncle and cousins who recognized immediately herself as one of the girls.

Her cousin couldn’t get over her depression. Her cousin regretted being alive and never talked much to anyone. A silent depressed lady, Radhika felt to kill the man who cheated her sister.

Radhika works as a sales woman in a textile shop and the whole family is dependent on her salary. But life is settled for this girl as she is in love with a man who is the reason she herself is facing all the struggles with a smile.

This man is now rich, but not before. Being thrown out by his so-called mom, who was a mistress who used him for money. He learned a lot in life.

From struggles to be settled in life, he was well settled when he came to know about his real parents being rich. Then getting shifted to that house, they were like before but hiding from the media.

She love him and he loved her. That’s the only thing which matters to them. Meanwhile, her sister has improved after a long time. She talked to them in a better way than before and helped her mom. It was the first time, she even did something after a long time.

She didn’t even ate her food properly, since months and her mom, Riya used to feed her. At last, seeing her sister being back to normal, Radhika is really happy. Anyway, today she and her boyfriend will confess about their relationship to her mom.


Mahi has gone to meet his love, the one who was with him even after the sad state of his family. She is living with her mom and a long-lost broken cousin sister. Her sister was broken as she is cheated by her husband.

He meets her at the cafe where they decided to talk to her mom about their relationship. He and Radhika are in relationship since they 2 years. Radhika was with him since he was the poorest of the poor and now with him when he is the richest of the rich.

Mahi and Radhika went to her small house. Some sort of happiness came when she came to know that her daughter found her love in a man who is eligible to be with her from her neighbour. It’s not that he is rich. It’s that she herself has seen how good hearten he is!

She is happy to get Mahi as her son-in-law. Mahi has not only come to their house for their alliance but also want to see her broken niece. Mahi’s brother is also broken like her niece. But she never asked what is the story behind it.

Mahi came to their house, as he is really happy after years. Today everyone is in a good mood, somewhere Shivaay too responded for the first time to everyone like the olden days. He knocked at the door with his hands interlocked with Radhika.

Ritu opened the door with a stern expression. Mahi asked, “Aunty, I want to talk with you something important.”

Ritu says, “You want to marry my daughter, right? Take her!”

Radhika widens her eyes shocked and says, “Moms, your daughter is going away from you.”

Ritu says, “I was talking to my son. At least, he told me. Not like you, who hid the truth even after I am open to you.”

Radhika shows her puppy face and Ritu smiles saying, “At least, don’t hide it next time, when you become a mother.”

Mahi then says, “Sorry, but Aunty, can I see your niece Niku?”

Ritu nods and says, “At last, months after she talked to me.”

Mahi smiles hearing it. Ritu then shows him a room where a woman is looking onto the closed windows which were covered by curtains. He keeps his hand on her shoulders and she turns to see Mahi.

“Annika”, Mahi blurts.

Ritu and Radhika gets surprised and understood the connection between the two stories with them. They didn’t know the answer was with them. At least, their Niku is going to be happy.

Mahi continues, “Annika, Shivaay is waiting for you.” 

Tears rolled down from her cheek as she says, “He cheated our love. He could have at least told me that his family is in danger, I would have left him. But no! He shot me and will be living happily now with his new wife. It was I, who was a fool waiting for him for months. He is the great SSO, right? If he loved me, then why didn’t he find me? Why did he choose as the sacrificial one?”

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    oh mahi loves anudi’s cousin…nice…excellent episode..will be waiting for the next..till then take care..

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    It is lovely

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