Mujhe Pehle Kyun Pasand Nahi Aayi

This is non-fiction series which doesn’t based on any serial…Kindly post this under Fan Fiction Original Series.. This is a short update but the real story which will always happen in my life.. Do read it guyz

                                                                                                  OS : Me Vs My Confusion

Bhaiya kuch aur colour dikayiye na ?

Nahi madam is design sirf theen color hai…said that old man

I turned my sad face towards my mother.

Mama, will go for some other shop…i said

Riya, For god sake choose anything from here..this is 10th one we are visiting…my mom said angrily

But mama i don’t like this anyone

Look Riya, you liked dis ryt? She asked

Yes, but i want dis in red colour

Riya!!!! My mama yelled at me

So i don’t have any choice…i should take one..and that too from could i even take which i don’t like. While my inner self piled up a lot of questions, my eyes got stuck with one dress.

That is awesome reddish one!!!

I moved all the other dress which is on the top.

My smile occurred in my lips automatically.

I saw the mirror by placing the dress on me…You are Gorgeous!!!

My inner self complimented me.

Aww… i like her so much…the only bestie in my world….wil always be with me whatever it is

I turned to my mother

Mama how is diz…i said with an excitement

My mama placed her hands on her head.

Haye!!! Yeh ladke bhi na…she started to scold

But what did i do? This is nice ryt??  I am confused

Riya!! Dis is the first dress they showed you….mama said in an angry tone

Oh i see…i began recollect the moment…

Yeah dis is the one which i saw first…mujhe pehle kyun nahi pasand aaye?? i asked mama who is already giving me a killer look.

Okay that’s fine mama…ab keh rahi hu na…i will take this… i said with a baby face.

My mama asked that old man to pack the dress by staring at me angrily.

I smiled sheepishly at her..and that old sales man gave a big sigh which shows his relief.

Hey guyz, did u liked my update..yeah this is the only scene which will happen every time whenever i go for a dress about you guyz…share your experience too…and do like it ..waiting for your feedbacks…Love You

  1. Misha

    I can totally relate to this??
    It’s always a disaster when you are looking for the perfect dress ??
    Good one ??

    1. Riya5794

      Thanks dear

  2. TUFriendsForever

    ???? happens with my sister she makes us walk into 20 shops then pick a dress from 1st shoo ohh god I will be hell irritated about me it’s not me who chides my dress it’s always sister or mom or dad I don’t have independence to chose my dress as my boring relative don’t like my choices and mom can’t bear them talking about me so my outfits are chosen by others even if I don’t like it I have to wear Noo complaints just because of my colour all tease and I quite ok with their mocking nowadays one day I will show them they were wrong and yeah when we grow big these teasing happens to all its true I hear lot for my appearance but I am ok with it

    1. Riya5794

      Thanks for reading and for your lovable feedbacks

  3. ImRagela

    This is much more related with me akka ????…To select one dress i will be going more than 10 shops ????…??..But this os is too good ..Waiting for more from you ??????

    1. Riya5794

      haha…thx for reading and thx for your feedbacks

  4. Farie

    Me VS My Confusions..Ahhh!!! That was the complicated situations in my the way OS was Cute

    1. Riya5794

      Thx for reading☺☺☺

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