Muhabat asi bhi (yvr : karvi ff) episode 2

So sorry guys i forgot that i posted 1st epi before
Episode 2 :
Its nine month later ..
Survi is pregnant n karan is taking care of her survi is about to slip from stairs karan holds her n make her sit on sofa n makw her drink water survi have year of happiness ..
Karan : what happened survi why are you crying
Survi : nothing Karan.. just tears of happiness seeing you.. i love you
karan n hugs him n karan hugs her back ..
Survi feel pain in her tomy n start cries …
Karan : what happened survi you are fine na?? what happened to you
Survi screams loud ..
Karan carries her in his arm n take her to hospital …

Hospital :
Doc comes out from room
Karan : doc how is survi and my child ??
Doc : don’t worry maa and child both are fine .. congratulation it’s a daughter
Karan become sooo happy n dances with joy … Divid sweets in hospital..
Nurse : your wife has regained consciousness
Karan rush to her room
Survi opes her eyes …
Survi : karan our child
Karan : is absolutely fine.. it’s a daughter…
Survi become happy … Then karan puts sweet in her mouth…
Survi put it back in his mouth n smiles n they both hugs eachother
Now nurse handover baby to survi survi holds her cries seeing her n karan karan comes n hold her n kisses her …
Karan : Survi do you know what name I have thought for our daughter?
Survi : kia ?
Karan : khushi … Jo hmare zindgi mn khushion k rang bhar degi …
Survi smiles hn khushi hamri khushi ….

Precape : its function of khushi’s birth n karan is coming from meeting n stuck in traffic ….

  1. Fenil

    Amazing Chappy
    Loved it.
    Can’t wait for. Next.

    1. Aimmy

      Thanks alpt dear

  2. Amazing dear
    now as I read the precap , ummm I think it may be an accident ????????
    but i hope u don’t do karan’s accident
    and awwww khushi is a nice name but I was thinking it to be karvi
    anyways its good

    1. Aimmy

      Ummm lets see what happens next … Bt dont worry yvr ff is incomplete without karvi….????

  3. Lovely when will karvi meet?

    1. Aimmy

      Hehehhe soon they will

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