Muh Boli Shaadi 9th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Buaji asking Anmol to make breakfast fast as they are hungry too. Anmol says she made Nikhil’s breakfast as he needs to go early. Bua ji asks her to make food fast and instructs her. Nikhil gets romantic with her. Anmol says she couldn’t make the breakfast or his lunch. Nikhil says he didn’t marry her looking at her cooking skills. He says he will eat in the canteen and goes. Anmol thinks a way to man’s heart is through his stomach and thinks Nikhil can’t eat with Payal. Sushant asks Nidhi to give money. Nidhi says she didn’t bring. Sushant warns her to break the marriage. Nidhi says okay.

Sushant tries to scare her, telling about the post divorce problems. Nidhi says I will be left unmarried, but don’t worry about me. I didn’t go to sasural and it is you, who is here. I won’t give you even a single penny. Sushant thinks to teach her a lesson. Bua ji is angry and says she has to do all the work alone. She asks Seema to clean the house properly. Seema jokes that Prime Minister is not coming to their house. Bua ji asks her not to argue and continue working.

Bua ji sees Seema’s marks sheet. Seema asks her not to put water on it. Bua ji says I am proud of you and is changing her marks score. Seema stops her. Bua ji says people doesn’t like educated girls and asks her to take out her saree from cupboard. She says they have to give saree to marriage broker.

Akhil hides burnt saree in Seema’s cupboard. Seema come and takes the saree from there. Anmol calls Nidhi and tells that she got married, but is unable to do work. She says I wants to keep Nikhil happy. Nidhi says we will talk later. Anmol says I am worried. She says if I couldn’t make breakfast then he will be hungry. Mala and Nidhi smiles. Anmol says she is tensed about cooking. Nidhi says it means you are talking about food. Anmol says yes and disconnects the call. Nidhi tells Mala that she will make food for Anmol’s house.

Ratan Singh calls Payal and tells her that Anmol will bring food for Nikhil in sometime. He asks her to do something to make Anmol’s doubt concrete. Payal takes out knife to cut her hand.

Matchmaker comes to see Seema. Bua ji praises Seema and tells about her qualities. Matchmaker asks about Seema’s qualification. Bua ji says she passed with third division. Bua ji gifts her saree. The lady opens it and finds it torn. Bua ji shouts Anmol. Akhil smirks.

Sushant tells Nidhi that he has solved the problem and gives her something to see. Nikhil bandages Payal’s hand and says he will bring something for her to eat. Payal asks him to make her eat. Nikhil hesitantly agrees. He makes her eat the food, just then Anmol comes holding the tiffin and is shocked.

Bua ji asks Anmol to wake up at 4 am, and makes breakfast, lunch and everything. Nikhil thinks to wake her up.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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