Muh Boli Shaadi 2nd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Muh Boli Shaadi 2nd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nikhil seeing Anmol hiding behind the pillar after taking out their fuse. Ashok asks Nikhil to put torch light on the electricity box. He suspects Ratan Singh and calls him. Ratan Singh comes out. Ashok accuses him for taking out his fuse. Ratan Singh says he don’t do these cheap tricks. Nikhil silently goes to Anmol and asks her to give fuse. Anmol refuses asking him to apologize to her. Nikhil asks her to give fuse else their father’s will fight more. Anmol says she won’t give fuse without hearing sorry from him. Nikhil says ok, I am sorry. You have won and I have lost. Anmol asks him to say sorry from heart. Nikhil says sorry from his bottom of the heart. Anmol smiles and gives the fuse. Nikhil tells Ashok that he got the fuse. Ashok gets irked. Nikhil puts the fuse and electricity comes. Anmol smiles looking at him. She waves him bye and goes inside her house. Title song plays……….

Anmol’s mother is searching for something. Anmol comes and shows the balm. Her mother says no. Anmol takes her to room and massages her head. Her mother praises Anmol and asks her to sleep. Anmol says she will make breakfast in the morning. Seema is running behind Sahil and asks him to give pen. Sahil asks her to call mama. Nikhil gives her pen. Seema refuses and asks him to write his exam well. Ashok ties holy thread on Nikhil’s hand and prays for him to get good marks. Nikhil thinks trouble is nayi padosan/ new neighbor. Bua ji brings curd. Ashok says he already tied the thread. Nikhil eats the curd and goes out of the house. Anmol stops him and says if you would have study well in night then you would not have tensed now. She wishes him good luck for exams. Nikhil stares her. Anmol gives flying kiss to him while he leaves. Anmol prays for Nikhil’s exams. Nidhi comes and asks her to have food. Anmol says she won’t eat until Nikhil comes back after writing exam.

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Nikhil comes to the exam center. His friend informs him that snake gets in the exam hall. He says exam will start after it is found. He sees a boy talking to his father saying he is scared of the result. His father asks him not to worry and says he is proud of him. He blesses and hugs him. Nikhil recalls Ashok saying he will get the spent money from his inlaws. Anmol makes food. Anmol’s mum asks why did you make so many dishes. Anmol asks her to go. She thinks she is hungry so shall eat something. Nidhi praises Anmol’s cooking. Anmol says she is going to her room and asks the servant to serve it. Anmol’s mum asks her to serve it. Ratan Singh is angry with Ashok. Anmol comes and asks why you are fighting with them. Your standard is different. She serves the sandwich to her chacha. He praises his wife. Anmol goes to the kitchen to bring achaar for her chacha.

Nikhil is writing the exam. Her class mate asks him to help him with the answers. Nikhil writes saying he won’t help in cheating and asks him to come to his house if he wants to study. He thinks Satyavaan came infront of him.

Everyone is eating the food. Anmol asks them about Karvachauth fast. She says it is very tough to keep the fast. Her mum says he kept fast after the engagement. She says she saw her husband’s photo while fasting that’s why didn’t feel hungry. Anmol asks her chachi. She says she had food silently. She sees achaar there and asks Anmol. Anmol says yes, chacha asked it, but he loves you very much. She gets angry on him. Anmol feels hungry. The examiner asks everyone to write the answers fast as half an hour is left. Anmol thinks she shall eat silently. She is about to eat apple.

Anmol looks at Nikhil while he is changing his shirt. Nikhil gets surprised. Anmol thinks of Nikhil.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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