Muh Boli Shaadi 24th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Muh Boli Shaadi 24th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pratap asking what were you saying? Anmol thinks what to say. Nidhi says she was saying she loves me very much being my sister and friend. Ratan Singh asks where is Madan. Neelam says he might be in the study. She asks them to talk and goes. They leave. Anmol asks why did you lie. Nidhi says your truth would have come out. Anmol says she told the truth to Nikhil’s family. Nidhi says you shall tell at the right time. Anmol says she shall talk to maa. Nikhil apologizes and asks are you alright. Ashok asks him not to apologize and says it is a good moment. He asks him to get 5 kgs jalebis. Bua ji says we shall call the doctor for you. Ashok says it is time to get friendly with enemies. He asks Nikhil to wear some good clothes as they are going to Ratan Singh’s house for talking about the alliance. Nikhil gets tensed.

Ashok says ok, he will go with Bua ji. Bua ji refuses. Nikhil asks what is the hurry? Ashok asks do you love that girl? Nikhil says no and then yes……He says he loves Anmol very much and likes her. He wants to marry Anmol. Ashok says ok. Nikhil says he wants to stand on his feet before marriage as his CA studies is not finished yet. Ashok asks him to think about marriage only. He thanks God and says he will light ghee lamps infront of God. Everyone is surprised with his behavior. The servant asks Neelam, what happened. Neelam says Ratan Singh will be ashamed because of Anmol.

Anmol comes to kitchen to talk to her mum. Her mum asks what is the matter? Anmol asks do you trust me? Her mum says yes. Anmol asks why do you trust me? Her mum says there are no questions to doubt. Anmol says we shall always tell the truth. Her mum says, Nikhil betrayed his parents and says I am proud of my children. They can’t do anything to betray us, even in the dreams. Ratan Singh calls her, so she leaves. Anmol gets sad and cries as she couldn’t tell the truth. Nidhi comes and consoles her. Anmol says everyone doesn’t want to listen to the truth. She says papa is busy in scheming and mamma thinks I can’t do anything wrong. Nidhi says Nikhil’s papa won’t be quiet. She fears that drama will happen. Anmol calls Nikhil. Nikhil says he wants to talk to her.

Anmol hears Ashok saying he is going for talking about the alliance. Pratap tells Ratan Singh that he talked to his friends and they will enquire about the girl soon. Madam asks them not to enquire about the girl as she is someone’s daughter. She might be like Anmol. Pratap says she might not be from reputated house. When she haven’t think then why we shall we think about her. Ashok comes and says you are right? Everyone stands in shock. Ashok smiles and comes with Bua ji and Sahil. Sahil gives the sweets tray to Ashok. Ashok says whatever is destined will happen. Anmol is happy and says she can’t believe. Nikhil says you can’t know my father. Anmol asks him to chill. Nikhil says don’t you think it is progressing fast. Anmol says let it happen naa. She says she is going to do their relation planning and disconnects the call.

She goes downstairs and sees Ratan Singh getting angry on Ashok asking him to get out. Ashok says it is truth. He asks Anmol to come there. Anmol walks inside slowly. Ashok asks Ratan Singh to call Anmol. Ratan Singh says he has full faith on his daughter. Ashok says he too has full faith on his son. Akhil is worried. Seema says she has become fan of Anmol, like the way she supported Nikhil infront of Ashok. Akhil says there is no match between them. Seema asks Nikhil, do you love her. Nikhil nods in a yes. Seema says everything will be fine. Pratap asks Anmol to say the truth. Ratan Singh asks why you are quiet. Anmol says Papa…….stops and then says I love Nikhil. Ratan Singh, Mala and Pratap are shocked. Ashok and Bua ji smiles.

Anmol says that day, we were going out for the very first time. We saw Pratap on the way, so I took Nikhil to Church to escape from Pratap’s eyes. Mala asks you betrayed us. Anmol says she didn’t do anything wrong. Mala asks her not to say anything. Ashok sits down on sofa and asks Bua ji to sits as well. He asks everyone to sit and then says they won’t sit being from bride’s family. He tells that when he came to know about Anmol. He didn’t go to newspaper or informed the neighbors, afterall she is our respect. He asks them to give Anmol’s hand in Nikhil’s hand and settle the alliance. Everyone is shocked.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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