Muh Boli Shaadi 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Muh Boli Shaadi 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Neelam forcefeeding Sushant with food. Pratap asks Ratan Singh to come and have food. Ratan Singh refuses and asks about Mala and Madan. Pratap says they are in their rooms. Mala hugs Anmol’s photo and cries. Nidhi cries looking Anmol’s photo. Ratan Singh comes and sits beside her. He says I got you married to Sushant and you agreed instantly. You have sacrificed big. He says Sushant is very nice and will keep you happy. He apologizes to her. Nidhi cries and hugs him. She asks him to bring Anmol back home. Ratan Singh looks on sad. He says I used to keep my head up and talk. Now my head is bent down. People are talking about me and making fun infront of me. He says my earned respect is gone. I can’t forgive her. He leaves. Nidhi cries.

Bua ji and her family read newspaper about Nikhil and Anmol. She cries thinking about Nikhil. Akhil says he didn’t think about us, not even about his exams. Ashok comes and says he is being punished for Nikhil’s doings. Seema is taking newspaper inside. Ashok asks her to read the newspaper. Seema gives the newspaper. Ashok reads the newspaper and is shocked to see Anmol and Nikhil pic. Ashok gets shaken and shocked. He asks Akhil to get ready to search for work.

Anmol thinks she can’t stay here anymore. Nikhil comes home sadly. Anmol hugs him and says we can’t stay here. Nikhil says we can’t as we couldn’t get any place to stay. Anmol sees the newspaper and thinks she can’t tell Kishore’s mum torture. Nikhil says we will stay here for some days. Anmol asks him to find job first and goes to bring water.

Nidhi tells Sushant that she has ironed his shirt. She says it is difficult to accept each other, as we got married in strange situation. Sushant asks for shirt. Nidhi gives it to him. Nidhi says you liked Anmol, but have to marry me. She says Tauji doesn’t want to bring Anmol. Sushant asks for his jacket. Nidhi says your stubborness not to go back without baraat. My mum’s stubborness to get me married. My wish is no where. Sushant asks him to accept his wish being his wife without any wishes. He asks her to make him wear the shoes. Nidhi obliges. Sushant hurts Nidhi’s hands under his shoes. Nidhi cries.

Kishore’s mum asks Anmol, what you are hiding. Anmol says nothing. Kishore’s mum says I have the thing which you were hiding. Anmol tries to say…..Kishore’s mum says people will badmouths about us. She says I got the rent in the morning, and asks for her mangalsutra. Anmol refuses. The woman badmouths about her character and asks her to handover the mangalsutra. Anmol refuses. The woman snatches the mangalsutra. Anmol pleads her not to take her mangalsutra and says you had already taken my earrings and necklace. Nidhi comes on time and asks Anmol, why you didn’t tell me that this is going on. The woman says I gave you shelter to stay, and you are saying this. Nikhil says I can’t believe that you are Kishore’s mum. He asks her to return Anmol’s jewellery else he will inform Kishore. The woman returns the jewellery. Nikhil and Anmol leave the house and start walking on the road. Anmol feels dizzy because of walking under the hot sun.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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