Muh Boli Shaadi 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Muh Boli Shaadi 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anmol tells that her bracelet was very beautiful and she wore it 4 months back. Chachi asked Nidhi about her friend’s name. Ratan Singh says he will get same bracelet like it and asks them not to fight. Chachi is doubtful about them. Anmol and Nidhi get tensed. Anmol asks what is the matter. Chachi says nothing, it was really beautiful. Anmol says it was my favorite. Chachi asks her to keep the new bracelet safely. She leaves. Anmol and Nidhi take a sigh of relief. Anmol says she can’t wear that bracelet again. Ratan Singh says your chachi scared us really. Why our Anmol will go to church, and that too with that boy. Pratap apologizes for not clicking the girl’s photo. Ratan singh says we have to plan a chance.

Ashok asks Nikhil, why you are always busy on phone. You seems to be lost always. Nikhil says he is enquiring about job. Ashok praises him and says I have high hopes pinned on you. He says if you becomes CA, then we can get money from your to be inlaws. Nikhil is disgusted. Ashok asks him to study well and leaves. Nikhil’s friend calls him. Anmol messages him asking him to call whenever he gets free. Chachi comes and returns Anmol’s jhumkas. She says I will get same jhumkas made for Nidhi. Anmol asks her to give this jhumkas to Nidhi. Anmol’s phone rings. Chachi sees Nikki calling. Anmol cuts the call. Chachi asks her to attend the call. Anmol says this friend is boring. Chachi asks Anmol about the plot land. Anmol didn’t remember. Nidhi says she might have forgetton. Anmol says that plot was located in a bad area.

Nidhi takes Chachi from there. Anmol attends Nikhil’s call and tells him about Pratap following them to church and clicking their picture. She tells that her bracelet was seen in the photo, so she hid it. My Papa will not show photo to your father because of family enmity. She tells she told everything to Nidhi as she is my cousin cum best friend. Nikhil says he told his tea stall chacha. He says he didn’t have close friend. Anmol says I will be your close friend and asks him to share his heart out. Nikhil gets tensed as Ratan Singh still have his photo. Anmol says I will enquire about Ratan Singh’s move. She asks him to start his bluetooth of his heart and share his feelings. Nikhil says he will try. He tells bye bye and disconnects the call. Chacha asks Neelam to forget everything. Chachi says Nidhi always praises Anmol. Chacha says they are cousins and love each other. Chachi/ Neelam gets irked. They see Anmol standing at the door.

Chacha asks Anmol to come inside. Anmol apologizes for disturbing them and asks is everything fine. Chacha says we were fighting as usual. He asks her to make Chachi understand and goes to change. Anmol asks her about Nidhi. Chachi says she doesn’t know about Nidhi and talks rudely. Anmol asks are you angry? Chachi says it doesn’t matter to anyone. Anmol says Chacha and Nidhi love you very much. She goes insearch of Nidhi. Chacha comes back and asks what was Anmol talking about. Chachi thinks Anmol didn’t know about the real life and goes on to lecture me. She says Anmol’s behavior is doubtful. She sees her husband slept by then and gets irked. She thinks to find out about Anmol.

Anmol thinks how to enquire about Ratan Singh’s plan against Nikhil. She thinks to make food to enquire about Nikhil’s photo. The servant thinks to steal the bowl. Just then she collides with Anmol. She tells that you would have blamed me. Anmol asks who are you? She says I am Kathori, new servant of this house. Anmol asks her to speak in low tone. Kathori thinks you would be at loss because of this small thing. Anmol goes to kitchen to make breakfast. Servant gives her newspaper. Anmol sees Nikhil and her photo in the newspaper and gets shocked. Nidhi asks what did Tauji done? Anmol thinks to steal Ashok’s newspaper. She tells that this is the only plan. She tells her to make a story that newspaper didn’t come today. Anmol looks on tensed.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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