Muh Boli Shaadi 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Muh Boli Shaadi 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nidhi coming to Madan and says she didn’t get time to tell him. Madan asks what? Neelam comes and says she is talking about dance practice. Madan asks her to practice the dance and says my daughter can do everything. Neelam looks angrily and goes. Nidhi thinks your daughter can’t do anything. Ratan Singh asks Anmol to wear the jewellery and says people should know that today is your engagement. Anmol nods yes and takes the jewellery. Ratan Singh looks on angrily. Anmol comes to her room and cries. Nidhi comes. Anmol says she doesn’t have strength to say the truth to Ratan Singh. Nikhil comes to Anmol’s room secretly. Anmol cries hugging him. Nikhil says he wants to talk to Anmol and Nidhi. He talks to Anmol, Nidhi and Seema, and asks them not to discuss about their marriage with anyone. Ratan Singh asks Pandit ji to take out mahurat. Anmol asks do you want me to get engaged to Sushant. Nikhil says yes. Anmol says you are asking your wife to get engaged to someone else. She refuses.

Nikhil asks her to trust him and says you don’t need to worry. He asks them to promise. Anmol, Seema and Nidhi promise him. Pandit ji takes out mahurat for Anmol and Sushant’s marriage. Ratan Singh says it will be surprise for Anmol. It will not be her engagement, but marriage. Madan looks surprised. Anmol asks Nikhil to go. Nikhil says okay, and he will go and find other girl. Anmol looks at the mangalsutra. Nikhil apologizes and says others were costly. Anmol says it is perfect. She hugs him. Sushant hugs Ratan Singh before leaving. Madan thinks to talk to Ratan Singh. Mala asks why you have taken decision suddenly. Ratan Singh says he has taken a decision and Anmol’s marriage will happen tomorrow. Mala says she will inform Anmol. Ratan Singh says if anyone tells Anmol then I will die. Mala asks what did she do? Why you are snatching big day from her. Ratan Singh gives her promise and asks not to tell her anything. He asks Neelam to get Anmol’s wedding dress ready. Neelam says okay. Nidhi comes and the glass slips from her hand. Neelam asks did you hear us. Nidhi says she heard about the designer and says Anmol will be very happy. She goes to her room. Ratan Singh says he ordered mangalsutra also.

Nikhil is angry in his room and thinks he can’t even vent out his anger. Bua ji comes and asks him to click her selfie. He asks her to take her selfie. Bua ji asks him to take their photo. Nikhil agrees. Bua ji asks him to smile. Nikhil thinks he will tell everyone that Anmol is his wife, before her marriage. He takes the selfie.

Nikhil is massaging Bua ji’s legs and messages Anmol. He asks her about Sushant. Anmol thinks he is jealous and sends him message that she kept her hand on his shoulder. Nikhil gets jealous. Anmol enjoys and writes Sushant is demanding kiss from her. Nikhil calls Anmol. She picks call and says there is no one here. Nikhil says he is going to write exams tomorrow. Anmol says she saw DDLJ many times and her finger will be hurt tomorrow. She says she won’t wear the ring from someone else. She says I miss you. Nikhil says I miss you too. Anmol asks him to see her in lehenga first and disconnects the call. Nidhi asks her not to worry. Anmol tells that tomorrow will be their first month marriage anniversary. Nikhil and Anmol get teary eyed. Bua ji calls Nikhil and asks why you are angry. Nikhil says nothing. Bua ji says I am more experienced than you. She tells about her husband’s anger. Kathori interferes, Bua ji pulls her ears. Nikhil hears her and thinks men can take out their anger, but women bears everything silently.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sorry Ratanji ur in for a rude awakining, ur daughter is already married, father’s like u deserve the embarrassment ur goin to get !!! Ur Sly and evil ways is going to see the consequence of ur actions.

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