Muh Boli Shaadi 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Muh Boli Shaadi 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nikhil and Anmol calling on each other mobile numbers, but the call seems to be busy. Nidhi comes to the room. Anmol says she needs privacy. Nidhi asks her to go to balcony if she needs privacy. Anmol asks Nidhi to give her phone. They talk about Nikhil. Nidhi asks her to think about Nikhil. Nidhi tells about her parents’ fight. Anmol’s phone rings. Nidhi asks who is nicky. Anmol says I saved his no. are Nicky’s number. She goes to balcony to talk to him. Seema asks Ashok to drink water. Sahil and Akhil plan to send Ratan Singh to jail, and then think to compromise with his car’s brake. Ashok sends Seema inside and tells they just have to send him to jail. He asks them to think about Bua. Buaji comes carrying vegetables there. She scolds Akhil and Sahil. Ashok asks them to help Bua ji and then asks about the expenses. Buaji reminds him that she is not eating his money and says if I don’t work then nothing will happen here. Ashok says ladies don’t know the rules. Bua ji refuses to tell about the expenses. Ashok drinks the water.

Anmol and Nikhil are talking to each other on phone. Nikhil says he doesn’t know what to talk. Anmol says she is talking to a guy for the first time. Nikhil asks how to make you believe? Anmol asks him to meet her. Nikhil says it is not possible now. Bua ji comes and asks Nikhil to call the ambulance as Ashok is asking for the expenses calculations. Anmol laughs, Buaji hears her voice and asks Nikhil to whom you was talking. Nikhil makes an excuse. Bua ji asks Nikhil to marry and gets a bahu for her. Nikhil refuses saying he has so much to do. Bua ji tells her that neighbors are marrying. Nikhil says he will attend their marriage.

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Nidhi’s parents fight with each other as Ratan Singh asked them to attend small party. Neelu says you can’t do anything except Ratan Singh’s order. Nidhi’s dad goes to make juice for her. She says she won’t go anywhere. Anmol comes inside and asks her chachi to talk to her for 2 mins. Chachi refuses. Anmol says you and chachu are like mamma and Papa for me. She says I came here to talk to you regarding Nidhi. She says whenever you fights, you doesn’t care take of you. She asks her to wear zari saree to make everyone jealous. Chachi gets thinking and smiles. Chacha comes. Anmol asks him to add ice in the juice. He goes to add it.

Nikhil waits for Anmol. Nidhi tells Anmol that it is not good to go alone. Anmol says it is her first date with Nikhil. She asks for her dupatta. Nidhi asks why? Anmol asks her to give. Anmol’s scooter doesn’t start. Anmol says she has to meet Balram Tiwari. Nidhi laughs seeing Nikhil’s scooter and goes to bring her dupatta. Sahil tells Nikhil that he plucked the accelerator wire of Anmol’s scooter. Nikhil sees Anmol coming and goes. Anmol is standing on the road and calls for Rickshaw.

Nikhil comes. Anmol gets happy and sits on his scooter. She says our love story has become like Salman and Madhuri’s love story. Nikhil says you…..Anmol asks are you making fun of me. Nikhil says no and says you are cute. Anmol laughs and hugs him. She says you are also cute and sweet. She wears the dupatta. Hum Toh Chori Se……………plays………..They stop at the signal. Pratap sees Nikhil and Anmol at the signal. He thinks Nikhil is going with a girl and tries to see her face. He turns his car and follows them. Ratan singh calls him. Pratap says he will bring some hot news. Anmol says she is enjoying their first ride. She asks are you enjoying. Nikhil asks her to keep quiet. He tells her that Pratap is following them and asks her to cover her face. Anmol gets worried and asks him to drive scooter fast. She asks him to drive the scooter following her directions. Pratap thinks he won’t leave Pandit’s son. Nikhil is driving scooter fast.

Nikhil and Anmol come to church. Pratap too comes there and sees Nikhil with Anmol, but couldn’t be able to see her face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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