Muh Boli Shaadi 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Muh Boli Shaadi 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nidhi comes to Anmol’s room and says she has to spy for her. Anmol says you are uniting two people in love and your name will be written in golden words in history pages. Nidhi asks her to stop dreaming. Next morning, Anmol wakes up Nidhi and says she needs to say something important. She says she saw a dream and takes her to balcony. Nidhi sees Anmol written with flowers and shows it to Anmol. Anmol gets tensed and says they have to rush before anyone sees it. They see bouquet on the stairs and get tensed. Ratan Singh and Mala come there. Ratan Singh says you did wrong. You should have told me atleast. We have caught him and will be punished as per your order. Sushant comes and says Hi, Ms. Anmol. Anmol looks on. Nikhil picks call and informs that Seema is not at home. He sees Anmol’s 30 misscalls and wonders what has happened. Sushant says I missed you all, and that’s why came here. Neelam asks did you came to meet someone special and signs at Anmol. Nikhil calls Anmol, but she couldn’t pick the call. Neelam tells that Sushant might have come to talk to Anmol.

Ratan Singh says we have very forward thinking. Neelam says we should leave them alone. Sushant bends down on his knees and says I really love you Anmol. We can lead a successful married life and says he wants to have love cum arrange marriage with her. He proposes her with a rose and asks for marriage. Anmol looks on shockingly. Ratan Singh says Anmol is shying and her answer is yes. Neelam says her marriage will be remembered by all. Ratan Singh hugs Sushant and announces Anmol and Sushant’s engagement. He makes them eat sweet. Madan and Mala look clueless. Ratan Singh force feeds sweets in Anmol’s mouth and looks angrily. Anmol rushes to her room. Nikhil gets worried and thinks don’t know which storm will come. He wonders what to do as he have to pick up Ashok from somewhere. Anmol calls Nikhil, but he didn’t pick her call. She tells Nidhi that her dreams have been shattered. Nidhi asks did you call Jiju. Ratan Singh comes and asks why did you come here.

He makes Anmol sit and says marriage is really strange thing. He says he is happy as she is getting married, but sad as his daughter will leave his house. He asks are you happy? Anmol nods and says she is happy. Ratan Singh reminisces her childhood incident. He says I understood that you were lying. We want you to live life with Sushant. Anmol gets tears in her eyes. Ratan Singh wipes it and leaves.

Ashok and Nikhil come home. Ashok looks at lightings at Ratan Singh’s house and passes comments. Nikhil looks on shockingly. Ashok asks him to come inside. Bua ji says her head is paining. Seema says she wants to talk to Nikhil. Ashok says he wants to talk first and asks Nikhil about last month expenses. Bua ji says she has head ache hearing the music coming from Ratan Singh’s house. Seema says today is Anmol’s engagement. Nikhil is shocked. Bua ji says she will get engaged to that foreign donkey. He says big donkey is Ratan Singh’s samdhi and asks Kathori to repeat the words. Kathori points finger towards Ashok and tells him donkey as he is Ratan’s samdhi.

Anmol thinks she can’t lie to her papa and thinks to tell the truth. Mala asks Nidhi to be with Anmol. Nidhi thinks to inform Madan about the engagement. Nikhil calls Anmol, but she is not picking his call. He thinks she might tell everything. Nidhi comes to Madan and says she wants to say something. Anmol comes to Ratan Singh. He asks do you want to say anything. Nidhi tells Madan that it was a big surprise for Anmol. Ratan Singh asks Anmol, did you like my surprise.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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