Muh Boli Shaadi 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Muh Boli Shaadi 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anmol saying can’t you say straight. Nikhil gets up and forwards his hand. Hum Tum Chori Se…………plays…………..Nidhi smiles looking at them. Anmol holds his hand. Nikhil says I love you Anmol………Anmol smiles and says I love you too. She hugs him. Nikhil reciprocates her hug. They hug intensely. Nidhi comes inside and tells them that Papa is coming. She asks Nikhil to hide. Nikhil hides behind the curtain. Nidhi’s papa comes and tells he cleared the bills asking them to come. Anmol looks at Nikhil smilingly. Nikhil signs her bye. Nikhil looks at his life plan chart and smiles. Ashok and Sahil are standing outside Ratan Singh’s house. Bua ji gets shocked seeing rocket in Sahil’s hand. Ashok asks him to target Ratan Singh. Buaji asks him not to. Sahil lights the fire and waits for it to blast. It gets off. Sahil asks from where did you got it. Ashok says he thought to get it in Dakshiya, but he gave expired rocket. He says he will rotten in hell. Buaji thanks God and tells Ashok that you are saved from going to jail.

Nikhil and Anmol are happy with their love confession and stares each other from their respective rooms. Sahil comes and says he thought to plastic in Ratan Singh’s car silencer. Nikhil says it is worst idea and asks him not to do as such. He cough to sign Anmol. They look at each other lovingly. Anmol’s mum comes there. Anmol pretends to study. She asks her to take rest and gives tomato recipe. She asks her to go. Anmol’s mum says she won’t move until she drinks the soup. Anmol says she doesn’t want to drink anything. Her mum says I will sit here with you. Anmol asks her to bring juice. Her mum asks are you fine? Anmol says she is fine and will be much fine after drinking juice. Anmol and Nikhil look at each other.

Akhil comes and says you did right. I have a good idea, we shall puncture Ratan Singh’s car. He tells Ashok will be angry until they take revenge. Nikhil asks him to go. Ratan Singh comes there holding the juice tray. Anmol says why did you bring it. I am not that much sick. Ratan singh says your mum is bringing the medicines. She comes and asks her to take juice. Nikhil thinks he will not get chance to talk to Anmol today. Anmol finishes the juice. Nikhil goes to his room and looks at the life plan chart. He thinks of Anmol’s words that she won’t give her proposal back. Nikhil says Anmol is right, I can do everything even after loving her. I have to make a new life plan for me. He wraps up the chart and sits to make a new one. Anmol coughs, signing him to come. Nikhil runs and goes towards the balcony. Anmol holds her ears and apologizes. She asks him to give his mobile number.

They note down their respective mobile numbers on paper and throw it towards each other, but the paper chit falls near their respective fathers. Anmol’s mum picks the chit and gives to her husband. He reads and says it is phone number. He wonders whose phone number is this. Anmol gets worried and thinks what to do now. Nikhil comes down and sees his father opening the paper chit. Ashok says it is someone’s phone number. Nikhil gets worried and thinks what to do else neighbors will kill him. Ashok thinks to enquire. He asks Akhil to enquire and make a call on the given number. Akhil calls. Nikhil says let it be. May be it is thrown by mistake. Ashok says he don’t do anything mistakenly and asks Akhil to call on that number. Ratan Singh too tries to call on Nikhil’s number. Anmol asks him to let it be. Ratan singh says it is very cheap trick. Anmol prays to God. Nikhil stops Akhil while Anmol stops Ratan Singh. Nikhil asks him to listen to him and says it is neighbors trick. Anmol too says it might be neighbors trick. They might trap you. I will asks my friend to enquire about the number. Nikhil too takes the number and says he will enquire about thus number from his office number. Ratan Singh and Ashok get happy for their children’s intelligence. Nikhil thinks he is saved.

Pratap sees Anmol and Nikhil together on the latter’s scooter. He follows them. Anmol tells Nikhil that she is enjoying their first ride and says she wants to shout saying she is enjoying. Pratap is following them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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