Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 5th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 5th August 2013 Written Episode, Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 5th August 2013 Written Update

Chedi and his fellow gets beaten up by Gold medalist ex police officer who gave her 30 yrs to department aka Faujdaaro ki Fauzdaar Kamini daadi.LOL ( yeh mein nai daadi ne khud bataaya audience koWink). when asked by pammi, Daadi tells pammi that she has sworn on her child hence she trust her. Pammi gets her cell back that was exchanged with guest. Param gets call from babli who thinks it’s chedi and tells not to trouble param as auction is going on. Param replies that he is fine so stops the auction, Babli takes all the stuff bcak. (OMG, auction bhi kya kiya lota and rest small stuff)LOL
Cashew and Rasin aka mohini and randhir try to romance, before that mohini gives him his medicine. She has 2 strips of medicines in her hand that has expired ( boy I thought she gave

one tablet from same strip means he had expired tabletOuch). Randhir tells her that he would dispose them off so no one can misuse. He dissolves all the tablets in a glass of water and tells mohini he would throw, he decides to fill empty coconut shell with that tablet solution and throw. ( abhi pakka some one gonna drink it but who pammi or Rahul or Ranjit?Cry).
Before he could throw it he gets call from Kedia who wants Dr Daroowaala’s number and that does it. Randhir goes to get the number and Rahul happens to drink expired tablets solution assuming it is coconut water. Even though it was bitter he still drinks it coz it is free.D’oh
Randhir is shocked to see no water in coconut. he calls all to check. All come up with excuses, finally he loses his cool and tells why is he so worried, as whomever had drunk it gonna to be in big trouble.Ouch
Rahul gets stomach ache. Param makes fun of his habit of eating free food. Rahul replies he just had coconut water, param is still in joking mood tells him no one dies by drinking coconut water. Rahul taunts that who knows after he dies param might gets deposit back being widow and abla naari, param is afraid who knows family may remarry him with Ranjit ( ranjit ki toh nikal padi), when he notices Rahul has fainted.
Pammi gets all family members in their room. Dr Kedia asks randhir to give rahul anti-allergic injection that he had already given and tells him to keep him under observations. Rest of the conversation was shown in the mute, later randhir tells that medicine is going to have adverse effect now, i.e. rahul would have short term memory loss ( BIngo: Hindi serial hai tab memory lost is must, jaise koi honeymoon hai after wedding). All are worried for pammi. daadi consoles, amrita pray and Ranjit offers him self as whole.LOL Pammi thinks what new trouble rahul put her in who knows how long he has to be GAJNI KA SAJNIROFLClap
Rahul wakes up with standard dialogue who am I? where am I? who are you etc. He gets to know he has wife name pammi, he calls her Vahiyaat wife ROFL ( memory loss mein bhi sarcasm nahi gaya param ke liye)Clap He gets introduction of Fauzdaar family all over again ( who ever needs to know the name of characters, do watch this partTongue). Daadi asks all to leave and asks pammi to take good care of rahul.
Rahul wants to know when they got married. ( poor param ek akela rahul thaa woh bhi dal badloo ho gaya. BTW why do I feel that he is pretending memory loss?) Pammi thinks like me that rahul is pretending and chides him, but gets a second thought that seems he really is having short term memory loss and there is possibility if he knows who I am he might tell the truth. Param asks rahul to take rest and makes him lie dow, Param complains to God that how much trocble he needs to go through first they are poor, then sister’s problem now friend has lost memory. SCreen freezes on pammi’s worried face.

Precap: Rhul holds pammi’s hand and wants pammi to promise that she would be with him thick and thin forever

Update Credit to: md410

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