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Its evening time

Saiyyam:- Mumma were is Krishna?

Suhani:- vo

Bhavna:- lo aagya …Krishna k bina Mann nhi lagta janqqb ka

Saiyyam:- mausi

Suhani:- she n yuvaani has gone to watch a movie

Saiyyam:- which movie….DANGAL?

bhavna:- no…ur wife n ur sis like barbie movies….

Saiyyam:- yah I know….hahaha….

Yuvraj:- don’t laugh on my daughters…. They are so cute…

Everyone laughs exepy yuvraj

On the way

Krishna was driving the car….n yuvaani was sitting beside her..a boy ask then to help his car is damaged….they ask him to sit on back seat

( guys I watch this scene on ID)

after half an hr

Krishna:- bhaiya…air kitna due he aapka ghr

Boy:- BA’s thodi due aiur

Yuvaani:- ye kesi sunsaan jagah he….

Krishna stop the car n ask him to get out of the car but he put gun on her……

He ask her to drive else he will kill them…..

Krishna drive for another half hr n they reach to a very strange place….no one near…nothing…

Boy:- now u both get out…..

Boy:- remove ur clothes

Krishna:- no plz. No

YuvAni n Krishna act as they are touching his feet….but they pull him n make him fall….

Yuvaani snatch his gun….while Krishna sprays the pepper spray

Yuvaani:- now we should leave….

They both sit in the car n leave


Saiyyam:- it’s too late …now m sending my men to search them …

Bhavna:- they both came

Krishna hugs bhavna…n yuvaani hugs saiyyam

Suhani kya hua

Yuvaani explain them….

Saiyyam:- how dare he?

He calls his detective team n ask them to came…they make the sketch n all

Saiyyam:- u have 24 hrs …search him

Saiyyam:- yuvaani don’t worry….ur brothers r alive

Vihaan:- once we find him…I swear I will kill him
Krishu…yuvi now u go n rest

2 hrs later

Krishna is in her room

Saiyyam came with coffee…n offers it to Krishna

Krishna really need someone…..she hugs him tightly….n cry

Saiyyam:- don’t cry krishu….I will not leave him….

He kisses her on forehead…. N then hugs her again……she was feeling very protective…in his arms. …she don’t know when she sleep in his arms only….

Saiyyam put her on the bed…n he himself sleep on the chair holding krishu’s hand

Precap:- saiyyam’s cruelty…..

Guys I have heard that srishti n karan have a fight on set….is it true??

Give me some suggestions na…..

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  1. So good. And suggestions for what

    1. Mystery

      Suggestion for the next chaoters

    2. Mystery

      Suggestion for the next chapters

  2. krishna ?Sayyam=?

    Not sure if they had a fight but I heard it too though could he wrong . I think that’s y they stopped acting a little . Everyone needs a little break sometimes

    1. Mystery

      Hmm….may be u r right…..thanks

  3. Aarti32

    I don’t think they had a fight..N d reason for not showing Kriyyam scenes is dat KJo had been to Odisha for some wedding..So he cud not shoot..

    1. Mystery

      Yah I know that karan ws on leave…BT when I read comments on insta that they had a fight…I was scared

  4. Aarti32

    Nice episode.. Exciting precap

  5. Rockstr

    Luved it dear…pls update soon..

  6. Fanficwriter518

    Nice episode please update soon! X

  7. Your ff is becoming exciting day by day

  8. Honeypriya

    Hey dats cute.
    Waiting for more

  9. Upload the next part

    1. Mystery

      I will update soon

  10. Awesome, can’t wait till the next chapter.

    Take care and keep shining ?

    1. Mystery

      Thankyou dear

  11. Nice story. Read this chapter just now. Could you please tell me how to read the previous chapters of this fan fiction. My browser is just not able to locate the file “MRS KRISHNA SAIYYAM BIRLA PART 1”. So please tell me how to find it. Continue soon

      1. Thanks a lot mystery. Doesn’t this have a chapter one? Just asking

      2. Mystery

        @anonymous its 1 st chap is also there

  12. Hey mystery
    Did you post the next few chapters?

    1. Mystery

      Ty…I will post

    2. Mystery

      Yes I have posted

      1. Where?
        Please give the links if possible

  13. please give the link of the next episode.

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