Mrs.Khadoos v/s Mrs.Malhotra ( Episode 5 )

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Hello! I am back after more than a week. But what can I say schedule’s getting tighter day by day…My exams got postponed so studying for that as well with other stuff … But to make up for it I wrote a looooong update!??

I got to know on August 10th episode that Kabir’s surname is Kapoor so I am using Kapoor for his surname even though it doesnt really go well with his name( thats my opinion). But i dont really have a choice do I.? So here we go with the the next chapter!

———- Episode 5 ———-

At Mishras’

‘Oh god! I can’t believe I am getting married today…Till today my heart didn’t skip its beat for anyone..but now even before seeing heart is already competing with Milkha Singh. The circumstances that have led to this marriage may be right or wrong..I am not sure…But I know one thing for sure. This relationship is going to be a true one and I am going to make it work no matter what. This is my another mission. God Please give me the strength to succeed in both the goals.’

“Saanchi! Are you ready? Oh my just look at you! So beautiful!? Ekdam Chaand ke tukde ki tarah!”

Jaya had tears in her eyes. Her mind knows that this decision is for the best and her daughter will be happy in her new home but a mother’s heart is never ready to part with her daughter even if the reason is marriage. Understanding her mother’s emotional state since hers was not any different Saanchi could not help but seek solace in her arms for one last time before they parted ways.

“I knew it! Mujhe bhul jaoge! Aapke iss emotional drama mein mujhe koi bhaav nahi dega??”

“Oye Chup kar! Aise nahi sudhrega ye Sunny …isse toh main-”

And her brother immediately hid behind their mother and showed her his tongue?.

“Ab bas bhi karo. Chalo, jaane ka waqt ho gaya. Sunny keep the bags in the car.”

“Its already done Maa and I have checked everything.”

“Lets leave then.”

At Mehras’

Here Kabir’s emotional state is not any better. He is fixing his blazer.

“Trying to impress someone?”

“Oof oh Ma…aap bhi na!”

“Waise toh tujhe impress karne ki koi jarurat nahi..mera gollu toh hai hi handsome! But agar tu kisi special ke liye special efforts lena chahta hai then I won’t stop you.”

“I am done! Lets go.”

“I see someone’s very excited. Well can’t blame you. Even I want to see my bahu.”

They leave for the court.

At the court

Kabir and Kusum are waiting for their new family member eagerly. Both are happy for themselves as well as each other. Kusum is happy that her son won’t be alone anymore in her absence. He would have someone to share his joys and sorrows and support him throughout difficult times ahead. Kabir is happy that his mother’s wish is getting fulfilled. He wasn’t worried about the girl since he trusted his mother’s choice. After all mothers know best no??

“Hello Aunty.” (Nope its not our heroine yet…any guesses who?)

“Hi Kabir. I hope I am not late. I got caught up in a meeting.”

“Nope. You are well before time Sanket.”

“Congrats mere bhai!”

“Shaadi ke baad badhaiyan dena. By the way I wanted to discuss a few things with you.”

Understanding the urgency Sanket led him a bit far away but still close enough to keep an eye on Kusum.


“Namaste Samdhansahiba!”?

“Ye hai mera beta Sunny.”

Sunny wishes her namaste and touches her feet to take blessings. Kusum hugs him and pulls his cheeks.

“Haaye?…yeh toh bilkul mere golu jaisa hai!”

Sunny blushes but is relieved to know that his sister will have such a loving mother in law. Of course he trusted Jaya’s judgement but he is also Sanchi’s brother and hearing something and seeing it for real are 2 different things.

“Aur yeh rahi tumhari bahu.”

“Bahu nahi beti?.”

Sanchi also takes her blessings. Kusum kisses her forehead & hugs her.

“Dono ki jodi bohot jachegi.”

“Haan woh toh hai. Khush raho beta.”

And then everyone realizes that Kabir and Sanket came back. After they have an eyelock they realize their aim to make it work. So they give each other tentative smiles which turn wider seeing other’s efforts. Both of them are relieved to know that efforts are not going to be one-sided. Their relationship will be real and meaningful in every sense as they wanted.

All of them move towards office when they hear integral part of the family making an entry.

“Naye log se kya mil liye purane rishton mein faasle aagaye!? ” Kusum just pulls his cheeks.

“Hello ladies? main hun tumhara eklauta pyaara and dashing Veer!” Keeping his arms around Jaya and Sanchi, Veer gives a cute smile.
Seeing Sanchi smile at him, Kabir’s inner husband (they are yet to be married but his inner has already decided that it prefers husband to fiancé) comes out to play.

‘Yeh Veer bhi. ….ise toh mai baad mein dekh lunga…Kabir do something or your wife will also be swayed by this idiot’s charms.’

“That’s your bhabhi! You better not call her by her name.”

“But I am her age, why should I call her bhabhi like an old lady?” Veer smirks. He already planson getting Kabir riled up now that he finally has something he could use to irritate the Khadoos.

“Oof phir se shuru ho gaye ye dono! Veer kam se kam aaj toh bhai ko tang mat kar.” As usual Priya played the role of mediator for their banter.

“Kabir let’s go.” Sanket said finally bringing everyone back to reality.

After sometime (Kaanchi got married already.)

Everyone except Sanchi and Kabir are at Kapoor’s helping with preparations to welcome the bride. Also Jaya gets to know Priya and Veer more. She apologizes that that she couldn’t be there when they needed her the most but both of them let her know that they understand her difficulties proving that they were Savitridevi’s children.

Here Kabir and Sanchi are having lunch in a restaurant getting to know each other more. After a bit of chit chat, Saanchi decides to be bold and approaches the topic of Veer.

“You know Veer was right.” Seeing Kabir frown she continues immediately. “Uhh I mean we are of same age.”

‘Is she indirectly calling me old??’

“Besides our marriage will not be known to everyone except few people. We wouldn’t want people to gossip right?”

“You do have a point. I guess I was a bit angry at myself. For the first time I got so riled up because of myself. Being the older one I should know he was just irritating me.”

“It’s ok. You need not be responsible a the time. You should live a little.”

“I don’t know how to do that but I guess I will have my wife to teach me such things.”
She blushes as he smirks and winks at her.

He gets a call from hospital for emergency. Seeing his expression Sanchi understands.

“I am sorry but I need to leave-”

“Its ok Kabir. There’s nothing to be sorry about. See you tonight.”

He arranges a taxi for her and leaves in his car for hospital.


As Kabir comes out from OT (operation theatre) he tells the patient’s family that there’s no need to worry anymore. They thank him and take his leave. As he enters the cabin


“Aah! Saanchi what the hell! Explain now. What was all this?!”

Seeing him get furious she gets scared. She gulps and starts explaining but words just wouldn’t come out. She points out to the lunch box she brought for them both.

“W..wo..woh..I uh…”

He takes a deep breath & runs his hand through his hair. He sees what she is pointing at and understands she wanted to have dinner with him but he has scared her with his rudravatar right on the first day of their marriage.

“I am sorry Saanchi I …I” seeing that his words weren’t working..he hugged her and began running fingers through her hair.

“I am really sorry Saanchi. I know I shouldn’t have done that. It’s just that this is a hospital…no place for such pranks…and..” he sighs at loss of words.

“I just came to have dinner with you I swear. Maa(kusum) told me that…(sniffs) you come late at home most of the times so…(sniffs) I thought we could have dinner together atleast today..that’s all. But then coming here was risky without revealing our secret so I had to ask Veer’s help. He wouldn’t tell me where your cabin was until I agreed on his condition of scaring you. That’s the only reason …I am sorry..I had no choice but to listen to him….He was also saying something about camera but didn’t elaborate when I asked him about it.”

”Where is he then?”

“I don’t know..he just left me near your cabin and left.”

‘Oh shit! That idiot must have planned to shoot a video of mine …most likely he already did. Veeeeeer!? I won’t leave you!’

Though Kabir can’t really decide whther to be angry or not since the same situation has landed his wife in his arms.?(mann mein laddoo phuta na?!?).

Reluctantly he let goes of her and makes her sit. Finally they end up having dinner she planned. And of course Mr.Khadoos vows that this won’t be their last dinner together either. He begins planning for bith his innocent wife and his idiotic brother.

~~~~ Precap ~~~~

What’s going on between Sanket and Priya? Lets have a look at other Malhotra heiress Riya.


So did you like the first Kaanchi scene? How was it? What do you think is cooking up in Kabir’s mind? What about our favourite Veer and Priya? Did u like Veer’s unexpected dashing entry? Let me know.? Feel free to share your ideas and what you would like to see.

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