Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 21st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 21st February 2013 Written Episode, Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 21st February 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Gehna saying shibu should arrest Karantiya for her crime, Massa scolds gehna as to what she is saying, gehna is upset at this, and karantiya is crying. Gehna continues to vent her anger on Shibu about him arresting utkarsh etc, and she leaves. All the bahus look sad as well as badi sa, massa looks confused. karthik gets a phone call and he looks worried, Lovely notices this. When karthik leaves the room to answer the call, lovely follows him.
Karthik answers his call and talks, when he cuts the call, lovely is looking at him. They have a convo and Karthik walks off and Lovely is left thinking.

In karantiya and Shibu’s room, massa, badi sa, and the rest of the family are there, Karantiya is there crying she says she didn’t do this and that she is innocent, Shibu listens. Badi sa gets up and comforts Karantiya, she takes her and puts her to sit down next to massa and her. Badi sa continues to comfort Karantiya while massa looks on. Shibu says they have to find out who did this and why. Radhe is thinking when he looks down he sees a green shawl lying on the floor beneath the bed, he picks it up and ask Karantiya if its her, Shibu looks at this, Riya and nimmi also says its not theirs, Lovely comes in the same time.

Lovely sees the shawl in Radhe’s hand and she says its Gehna Bhabi’s, Nimmi goes to take the shawl from Radhe to return to gehna when Shibu says stop. He says this is the culprit’s shawl, everyone is shocked at this, Massa ask shibu if he knows what he is saying, Shibu take sthe shawl from Radhe and is about to leave when Massa stops him, they have an argument in which massa questions him if this is what she taught him. Radhe looks upsets at this. Massa continues scolding Shibu whilst everyone looks on, Radhe is shown thinking, Badi sa tries talking to massa, Lovely notices a something at the handle of the wardrobe in Shibya’s room.
She walks towards the wardrobe, and sees that its a piece of grey cloth on the handle, Lovely takes it in her hand, nobody else sees this.

Bittu, Nimmi, Riya and Komilla are together in a room. They ladies are discussing the situation of everything, Komilla tries explaining something to Riya, but Riya does not agree, the two of them end up in an argument and Nimmi gets up and scolds both of them, same time Radhe entered the room.
He questions Nimmi Bhabi as to why she is scolding Komilla, Radhe talks rudely to Nimmi and Bittu ji gets up and scolds Radhe. The two brothers get in a fight and Komilla calms down radhe and the two of them leaves the room. Nimmi calms down Bittu, but bittu is still angry whilst nimmi is worried.
Lovely is in her room talking on her phone when she goes to her wardrobe to take out her sari, she notices Karthik’s grey and white jacket, on its ahnger, she takes it and it matches perfectly with the cloth she found in ShibYa’s room. Lovely is really worried and she says she can’t suspect karthik and she gets rid of that idea.

In the hall, Nimmi is cleaning whilst Komilla is packing up. Komilla tries making a conversation with Nimmi (due the argument earlier with them), Nimmi is talking to her when the kids come home, they show an arrow and bow for which they will be using in their school play. Nimmi and Komilla have a sweet moment/ convo with the kids, when they leave, Amassa is shown happy with what she saw.

The hall is empty, its shown the mystery man comes, he picks up the arrow and bow which the kids had left there.

Lovely comes to Massa’s room.
Lovely has a convo with Massa, whilst its shown they mystery man with his gloves replaces the arrow with a real arrow, he is then shown walking, (the mystery man has jeans on ).
Lovely tells Massa she thinks someone inside is doing all this, its shown the mystery man is at the window aiming the arrow at Massa.
Massa ask Lovely what is she saying, just then Lovely turns around to face Massa and she sees the arrow being pointed at Massa. Lovely panics.

Precap : Dhwani comes at KN, Bittu insults her as to what she is doing in their home, Dhwani answers back when, when massa tells her to talk with respect. Dhwani tells Massa that they have sent goons to roam in her house, she says they can ask karthik, Massa is shocked, she turns around and ask Karthik what dhwani is saying. Karthik says she is right.

Update Credit to: Rozey17

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