Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 19th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 19th February 2013 Written Episode, Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 19th February 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Dr. Dhwani on her phone talking, she hears someone calls out to her and she ends her call and turns around. Its a guy wearing suit jacket and jeans as well as a turban (This is our own Lovely in disguise ).
Lovely introduces herself as kartar Singh and that he is a businessman starting a clinic.
Lovely in her disguise, has a convo with Dr. Dhwani, seems like she wants the doctor to sign some papers as a doctor joining her clinic, after a lot of convincing Dhwani agrees. She takes Lovely to her house, they are sitting in the living room and she gives Lovely tea. then Lovely gives her the document to sign, but whilst signing Dhwani suspects something and she pauses.

She checks the documents by pages and sees a carbon sheet beneath the document she was signing as well as another page with a withdrawal of her complaint against Utkarsh (i think its that).

Dhwani tears the document and ask lovely who she is, thats when lovely takes her beard off and shows her its her. Dhwani is saying that Utkarsh tried forcing himself on her etc and lovely says she is lying , they have a convo where Dhwani tells Lovely that even she does not want to dot his as she is the one getting humiliated but she cannot withdraw her complaint as its against her principles and Dhwani walks off, Lovely is left thinking.

Back at KN, the phone rings, Massa answers and is shocked she starts screaming for everyone, and when they come she keeps saying Utkarsh.
The family reaches the police station, Adi, Radhe, Massa, Badi sa, Lovely, Gehna and Karantiya are there, the officer is telling them they cannot meet Utkarsh, Adi is tying to convince him when Massa hears Utkarsh’s voice, they all run and see Utkarsh in his cell. He has bruises and marks about his face as well as body, everyone is shocked at seeing this.

Massa asks Utkarsh who did this to him, she is crying and everyone is in pain seeing him like this. Utkarsh does not say anything, he is quiet, Shibu comes there and Massa runs to him and ask him to find out who did this to Utkarsh. Utkarsh answers and tells Massa what can he say he was one who got this done to me.
Everyone is shocked at this including Shibu himself.
Shibu rushes to Utkarsh and says thats not true he denies doing that to utkarsh but Utkarsh tells him that he was the one that got this done to him, they have a convo. Gehna is in tears, she scolds Shibu how he could have done this to his own elder brother, shibu tries talking but he doesn’t. Shibu turns around angrily and ask his officers who did this to Utkarsh, when Utkarsh mocks at him saying how the officers work under him and they won’t say. Shibu replies they will speak the truth.

The officer answers to Shibu that after he had left the station they went to drink tea, Shibu is really shocked at hearing this, he goes to the officer and is about to slap him when Badi Sa stops him saying she shouldn’t as he is really angry.

Gehna tells Shibu what he has to say now, when Karanitya answers and says how can gehna believe that Shibu would do this to his own brother, the two of them have a little fight but massa scolds both.
She turns to shibu and Utkarsh and says she can’t see them like this fighting and she does not know who is saying the truth or lying

Massa is in tears and say she can’t see anymore of this and walks off. Everyone else follows her except Gehna, Gehna goes to Utkarsh and talks to him and then leaves. The brothers look at each other and Shibu says he does not know why his brother is lying and Utkarsh says the same to him.
Back home, Gehna and Karantiya have a little fight again, Karantiya says she knows shibu won’t hit his brother and Gehna says her hubby won’t lie.
Karthik talks to his lawyer about getting Utkarsh released, karthik says he thinks Dhwani is doing this for money, Lovely comes and tells him she thinks Dhwani is telling the truth and that utkarsh is also telling the truth and that they will have to find out how.

The ladies of Kaushik bring both Gehna as well as Karantiya and ask them to eat just then Arathi comes in talking about Utkarsh trying to rape dhwani…, she taunts the family as well as Gehna, scene ends on gehna’s face.

Precap : Everyone is in Shibu and Karantiya’s room, Radhe opens a box and its filled with jewellry and gehna accuses Karantiya of stealing but Karantiya denies.

Update Credit to: Rozey17

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