Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 13th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 13th February 2013 Written Episode, Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 13th February 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Radhe telling Badi sa that she has to pretend and play Amassa’s love interest, Badi sa is really serious, and looks angry, Massa tells Badi sa not to feel bad, but Badi sa gets up and walks off, everyone is worried. Then Badi sa suddenly turns around smiling and singing, Amassa joins her and soon they also make Massa join them. All three ladies are singing, dancing and smiling, the bahus and everyone else is enjoying this and smiling happily, (it was a really sweet scene).

Everyone sits down again, and the toss the pillow game starts, this time Karly ends up with the pillow, Karthik tries making an excuse when Utkarsh says something to karthik and he (utkarsh) talks something about Komilla (i think it was about her being a ghost), Radhe suddenly gets up really angry and talks to Utkarsh in a high tone, Lovely tries calming him down by saying Utkarsh didn’t mean it that way, Komilla tries pulling radhe to sit, when Massa and Karantiya also calm him down. Still angry, Radhe finally sits down.

Lovely realises Radhe is still angry and so she says to start over the game, everyone agrees, the game resumes and the pillow ends up with Utkarsh and Gehna, everyone is happy at this but Utkarsh says he won’t sing but the doctor nods her head that he should and so he readily agrees to sing and gets up with Gehna.
Utkarsh starts singing and dancing with Gehna but his eyes are continuously on the Doctor, Lovely sees this and so she tells everyone to join in the dance.
As everyoone is dancing, Utkarsh tries looking at the Doctor but Lovely blocks him everytime, he then walks over and pulls the Doctor in and they start dancing, Ramilla also does a dance whilst everyone else is clapping and circling the camp fire, Lovely moves the Doctor away from Utkarsh.

With everyone dancing, the Doctor goes up to utkarsh and tells him she is feeling cold and wants to go to her room or something, utkarsh follows her and Gehna sees this but she continues dancing. karthik gets a phone call and leaves, Shibu also says he has to do something and leaves, Adi goes to drink water but the bottles are empty so he also leaves to get water, Radhe notices the wood from the camp fire are all burnt out and so he leaves to get more fire wood.

Gehna is standing alone when Lovely and Karanitya joins her, karantiya asks her about utkarsh, and gehna gets worried. Utkarsh is shown putting a shawl around the doctor and they both smile and then utkarsh leaves her, the doctor is in her room when suddenly all the lights go out (seems like someone cut the power), they kaushik family outside also stop dancing, the entire place is in darkness. Its shown someone opens the Doctor’s room door and she thinks its Utkarsh.

The person enters the room, and attacks the Doctor, in shadows, its shown the attacker throws her Shawl away and the Doctor tries fighting, outside Gehna, Lovely and Karantiya are all wondering where Utkarsh is, Its is shown the doctor tries fighting and suddenly outside everyone hears a woman scream, Lovely says it must be the Doctor, everyone runs into the room and the power comes back on where they see the doctor with her clothes torn and she is crying.
Everyone is shocked at this, shibu, Radhe, Karthik are all there, massa and all the Bahus walks over and Covers the doctor, when a worker at the place come in and say that someone had tampered with the power, karthik said they one whoa ttacked the Doctor must ahve done this. Massa questions her as to who did this to her, when Utkarsh suddenly enters carrying some blankets in his hand, he enquires what happened whilst Massa questions the Doctor as to who attacked her, she raises her hand and points to Utkarsh, everyone is shocked including Utkarsh.

Utkarsh asks her what nonsense is she talking, the Doctor walks up to him and tells him she is saying the truth, and that utkarsh has attacked her and tried to force himself on her, Gehna is shocked and karantiya tries comforting her.
Utkarsh shouts at her and says she is lying and si she removes the shawla nd shows him her torn blouse, and they argue, utkarsh tells Massa he did nothing of this sort and that he had only gone to get blankets for her (the doctor).

Utkarsh keeps denying having done anything and says he knows his family will believe him but the doctor starts talking about how from the first time she met him he was giving her attention and she thought he was unmarried etc and its at the picnic she found out he was married, and that he did this to her, gehna is crying.
Karthik answers the doctor and tells her they will not believe her accusation against Utkarsh, Amassa seconds that, and Karantiya, Riya, Nimmi, Adi also tells the doctor they do not believe her accusations including Bittu, they all say they trust Utkarsh.
Radhe joins in and says Massa have instilled good Values in Utkarsh and he would never do this, Badi sa, Lovely, babu sa also says the same.
Massa is silent looking at everything thats going on.
The doctor continues saying she is saying the truth and she says she will prove this and walks off.
Utkarsh turns looking at gehna, when gehna looks way, the scene ends at Massa.

Precap : (At home in KN) Shibu in police uniform accompanied with two other police officers, the doctor is with shibu and the police officers and shibu says he has to arrest Utkarsh as the Doctor has filed a complaint, everyone is shocked.
Utkarsh walks up to shibu and gives his hand and the handcuffs are put on, everyone is looking.

Update Credit to: Rozey17

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