Mr Sanskar Maheswari Vs Mrs Sanskar Maheswari (RagSan) episode-9

Episode 8

Ragini talking with nikhil through phone ,sanskar heard her nd understand they again plans something to separate swalak..he moves to her nd grabs the mobile from her..
Ragini turned at him annoyed..
Sanskar:stop this all ragini..
Ragini:give me my phone
Sanskar:what u both are planning..
Ragini:its non of ur business..stay out of it..
Sanskar:shut up..
Ragini(looks at him angrily):give me my phone
Sanskar:ragini y dont u understand..
Their argument interrupted by laksh call..who called sanakar..
Sanskar lifts his mbl..

Sanskar:haan laksh bolo..
Laksh:bhai,swara nd me going to somewhere ,will u both come with us..
Sanskar:no laksh..u both go..
Ragini in mind they are going have to stop..
Ragini turns to go..sanskar pulls her nd pins her to wall..ragini gives a annoyed look..
Laksh:kyun bhai..come naa
Sanskar:no laksh..actually we have some plans..
Laksh:where u both r going..
Sanskar:we r not going anuwhere..we want to spend sometime in room itself..
Ragini opened her mouth in ‘O’ shape..
Laksh(smiles):all the best bhai..bye
He cuts the call nd
Swara(smiles):ok bye..we are going
He cuts d call nd looks at ragini who is looking at him knitting her eyebrows..
Ragini:y u always talk like this with laksh..what he think.
Sanskar:he must think about us..
Sanskar:u cant understand..
Ragini:fine..leave me..

Ragini:whats ur pblm sanskar..
Sanskar:u knw that..
Ragini:leave sanskar..have to go
Ragini(irritated):y should i tell u
Sanskar:u should tell
Sanskar:kyun ki im ur pati..i have to knw ,where my patni is going nd what she is doing..
Ragini:when i accepted that im ur patni..u married me forcefully..i came mm as ur wife kyun ki i have a chance to stay near laksh..i have a chance to see him daily..i staying with u only bcz only for laksh..not for that u tied mangalsutra..
Sanskar feels some pain in heart..
Ragini:so plzz stop feeling im ur patni..i will never ever accept u..i hate u..i hate u so m..
She stopped when she looks into his eyes..ragini feels the pain in his eyes..
Sanskar left her giving her mbl to her..

Ragini stood looking at disappearing figure of sanskar..she thinks ,these fights about laksh ,are common for them but whenever she talks rude he used to get angry,first time she saw pain in his eyes ,but she was not able to understand why..she recalls her words nd sanskar face..
Sanskar walks on road thinking about ragini words..he thinks the same y he gt hurted by her words..when she uses to talk about laksh he used to get angry ,thinking about how he loves swara..but now when she talks about laksh ,he is feeling jealous nd hurt..
Ragini composed herself nd says
stop thinking about sanskar..u have still one day ,u have to do something to get ur laksh..she took a deep breath..she took her mbl to call swara but she was unable to ,sanskar hurted face only flashing her mind..she immediately calls sanskar to say sorry..but he doesn’t lift call..she dialed again but he desnt..
She gets sad..

Whole day passed its become night ,sanskar havnt cme yet..she called so many times but dodnt get any response..ragini gets worried..
She decided to go ,search sanskar..
She came out nd found snow falling down,weather is too cold..but she doesnt care,she walks searching for sanskar ,her hands are getting cold,she walks rubbing her hands..
Ragini walks some distance ,there is a isolated place ,she goes hoping sanskar would be there..she takes a sigh of relief when she found sanskar who sat nd lost in thought..
She moves to him nd stood in front of him crossing her arms.. sanskar looked up nd amazed to see ragini there..
Ragini:are u out of ur u have an idea when u left wnd still havnt reached..I was searching u madly nd u r just simply sat nd enjoying climate u knw how much worried i was …
Sanskar just surprised by her words.

Ragini:did u see how many times i called u..dont u feel to pick once..
it was in silent mode..
Ragini:how can u simply say that had been half day ,dont u think once to call me nd tell ur where abouts..
Sanskar:kyun ragini..y r y worried anout me..u hate me right..
Ragini(realizes what she told to him ..she took deep breathe):vo..vo..leave that matter..lets go now
Sanskar:u go..i want to be there for sometime
Ragini:ok i will stay with u..
Sanskar:no need..u go
Ragini:im staying with u.. thats it..
She sat there aggressively..sanskar sat beside ragini looking away.. Sanskar says in mind y ragini ,why are u confusing me like this..u said u hate me then y u cme for me at this night..there is silence bw them..ragini feels too cold due to cool weather where sanskar was deep in thoughts..
Sanskar turns at ragini when he heard ragini’s breaking voice..
He turned at her nd sees she is shivering..
Sanskar:ragini are u ok..
Ragini(covering herself with her saree pallu):vo..san..sanskar
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:its too cold..

She feels dizzy..
Sanskar gets worried..he took off his jacket nd covers her nd
He moves aside nd got some sticks, when he returned,he sees ragini who fainted there..he moves to her nd taps her cheek calling her name worried,he found her body temperature is too low..
He held her with one hand nd light the fire ..he took her near fire nd made her sit into his lap..he rubbed her both hands with his hands..when she get heat from fire nd warmth from sanskar’s body,ragini opened her eyes slowly..
He hugs her tight..nd says thank god u r ok..
Ragini(recalls their moments since mng):im sorry..i should not have talk like that mng..
Sanskar:leave that..tum teek tho hain naa..
Sanskar supposed to brk the hug,
But ragini held him tight ,not letting him to brk the hug..he thought may be still she needs warmth..he sat unmoved..
Ragini hugs him nd fights with her mixed emotions..Ragini heads up slowly nd looks at sanskar whose face near to her face as she was in his lap hugging their faces are so close to eo..(hope u got the pose)..both looks at eo nd lost..sanskar moves even more close ,ragini looks at him with intensity..sanskar moves his eyes towards lips nd moves even more close..there is a inch gap bw their lips..ragini closed her eyes nd parted her lips..sanskar bends to kiss her ,his lips about to touch her lips..sanskar mbl rings..sanskar immediately jerks nd moves..ragini opened her eyes nd composed herself..They parted away.
Sanskar picks d call it was laksh..
Laksh:bhai where are u both..

Sanskar:vo..laksh..we just came for walk..
Laksh:walk??but weather seems bad..come soon
Sanskar:haan laksh coming
Laksh:ok bhai..bye
Sanskar disconnects d call..
Ragini:u said ur phone was in silent mode..
Sanskar looks away..
Ragini:u got that much angry on me??
Sanskar:leave..lets go
Ragini:im really sorry..
Sanskar:we will talk later..chalo
Ragini nodded..
Sanskar:tum teek tho hain naa
Sanskar held her shoulder giving her support,ragini looks at him..both walks towards hotel

They reached their room..
Sanskar (made her sit on bed):u sleep..i will get fresh nd come..
Ragini nodded..sanskar about to go..
Ragini:sanskar wait
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini noticed his shirt ,where she found blood stains nd she sees his shirt tore at his muscular part of his hand..
Ragini:kya hua sanskar
Sanskar recalled the incident( he walks on road carelessly thinking about ragini words,a truck about to hit him someone pulled him,sanskar fell on ground nd got injure on hand..)
Ragini:sanskar..kya hua..tum teek hu
Sanskar:hmm.just small accident
Ragini:accident ??u had an accident but u didnt even tell me..
Sanskar:leave it ragini just a small one..
She herself dont knw y she is worrying abour him this much..
Ragini:are u ok sanskar
Sanskar:im fine
Saying he to washroom..ragini sat on bed nd lost in thought..

Sanskar was in washroom..ragini packing their stuff as today they are leaving to Mumbai..she sees one Saree in sanskar’s clothes..she recalled the incident when he shown one saree to ragini in shopping mall nd said who ever wears the saree ,she will look like a angel..
Ragini:when he bought it..nd for whom..
She recalled again when sanakar told he has a girlfriend..
Nd recalled when sanskar said before going to bath ,that dont pack my clothes i will do it my self..he wants to hide from me..
She says in mind that means is it for his gf??some unknown jealous ,angry occupied in her heart..
He came out from washroom..
Sanskar:does ur packing gt over..
Ragini doesn’t spoke anything

Sanskar:ragini..what are u thinking..
Sanskar nods..he sat nd dressing his wound..ragini looks at sanskar who is trying to tie bandage with his one hand..
Ragini moves to him nd says i will help u..
Sanskar nodded..
Ragini held his hand nd dressing his hand ,sanskar stares at her lovingly..
Sanskar:mujhe bhi
Sanskar( in mind ):pyar..I realized ragini..
Ragini looks at him like she heard it..she looks at sanskar who is staring at her without blinking his eyes..they have a eye lock..they recalls their moments..their long eye lock disturbed as usual laksh call.
Ragsan comes to sense nd composed themselves..
Laksh:hello bhai..we are ready..waiting for u both..come fast..

Sanskar:haan laksh coming..
He disconnected the call nd got ready..ragini thinks about that saree nd his gf..
Sanskar:ragini..are u ok
Ragini:im going to swalak..u pack ur stuff nd come..
Saying she took her bag nd walks..
Sanskar says to homself what happened to her suddenly..

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