Mr Sanskar Maheswari Vs Mrs Sanskar Maheswari (RagSan) episode-8

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Episode 7 Read Here

Ragsan ,swalak nikhil still in mall..
Sanskar:what u said before a while
Ragini:wh..what i said..kuch nay
Sanskar:u said im handsome
Ragini:when i said
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:ragini can i ask one thing
Sanskar:who looks nore handsome, me or laksh
Ragini looks at him..
Before ragini could speak swara came ..
Swara:ragini come we will buy some jewelry
Ragini goes with swara looking at sanskar who looking at her for answer..
Ragsan ,swalak are jewellery section..
Ragini:where is nikhil
Sanskar:kyun are u missing him
Ragini:haan i missing him so much(she said sarcastically)
Sanskar looks at her knitting his eyebrows..
Swara:ragini take something naa.
Ragini:no swara..i dont want anything..plzz dont force me
Swara:ok baba..ur wish
Ragini normally looks at ornaments..her eyes fell on pair of beautiful ear rings..she liked them so much but she thinks she doesnt have that much money nd she doesn’t want to ask sanskar..
Sanskar:do u need anything
Sanskar:u no need to hesitate ragini
Ragini:i told na..i dont want anything
Nikhil(came):hey guys
Sanskar makes annoyed face..
Swara:where u went
Nikhil:someone locked trail room out side when i was inside
Swara:who did that
Nikhil:i dont knw..
Ragini looks at sanskar..
Sanskar:i didn’t do
Ragini:who said ,u did that
Sanskar:then y are u looking at me like that
Ragini:just casually
Sanskar:stop looking at me..nd looks at ur friend..he is saying something..
Ragini turns..
Sanskar gets relieved nd recalls how he locked trail room as soon as he saw nikhil entered inside..
Nikhil helped swara to select some jewelry nd he rirns at ragini who stares at ear rings..
Nikhil:ragini ,do u want those ear rings..
Sanskar glares at nikhil nd goes from there..
Ragini:no nikhil
Nikhil:i knw u like them..wait i will take for u
Ragini:no nikhil..its not like that
Nikhil:u keep quite..
He called sales man nd asked him to pack those ear rings while ragini resists..
Salse person:sorry sir..just now only someone took to pack it , u asked..
Nikhil:can i have another pair..
SP:sorry sir..
Ragini:nikhil thats ok leave it..nd please stop focusing on me..focus on,for what purpose u came here..
Nikhil:cool down ragini..u dont wry..mein hoona..tomorrow i will do as our plan..
Ragini gives a assuring node..
Swara:kya kusur pusur kara rahi hu tum dono..
Ragini:vo..kuch nay swara..
Swara:done my shopping..chale
Laksh:haan..where is bhai
Ragini looks around nd sees sanskar staring at something..
Ragini:there he is ,i will call him..
Saying she comes to sanskar..
Ragini:what are u doing here
Sanskar:she is lookii beautiful naa..
Sanskar: mannequin
Ragini: mannequin???
Sanskar:haan..she looks so pretty in that white saree..if u wears that Saree u looks more pretty like Angel..
Ragini:what u r murmuring..say loud naa.. saying that saree looks beautiful naa..
Ragini looks at saree nd said haan so beautiful..
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini:chalo..swalak nikhil r waiting there..
Sanskar:u go ,i will come
Ragini:kyun ,what will u do here..come naa
Sanskar:fine chalo..
Ragsan comes to their room..he took off his jacket nd throws on small box fell off..
Ragini sees that nd takes it..
She supposed to open..sanskar grabs it from her hand..
Ragini:what is this
Ragini:gift???for whom
Sanskar:vo..vo..for my girlfriend
Ragini:girlfriend !!!
Ragini:do u have girlfriend??
Sanskar:haan..kyun cant i have
Ragini:ha but
Saying she walks thinking sanskar have gf,he didn’t told me before..
Sanskar:where are u going
Sanskar:but washroom tho this side naa..
Ragini closed her eyes nd cursed herself..
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini goes to washroom..
Ragsan came to swalak room
Ragini:kya hua swara ,y u called us
Swara:to play something
Ragini:u guys tired
Swara:small game play naa
Ragini:but swara
Swara smiles..
Laksh:here is the bottle
Sanskar:truth nd dare ???
Laksh:haan bhai..must say truth..

Sanskar:done..lets start..
Laksh flip the bottle..its swara turn..
Laksh:who is ur first love first nd last..i love u forever
They hugs eo..
Ragini feels bad..
Next its Ragini turn..she says in mind if i choose truth ,i dont knw what swara will ask..
Swara:ragini say
Swara:u have to kiss whom u love the most..
Sanskar looks at Ragini who is looking at laksh ,while swalak looking at sanakar teasingly..
Sanskar makes her turn at him nd whispers in her ear stop looking at laksh..
Swara:do it fast ragini
Swara:no excuses..we will close our eyes..u can kiss sanskar..
Ragsan looks at eo..
Ragini:haan..vo..vo. swara u r my sweet sister..i love u the most.. feel shy..i knw u loves sanakar so much..
Sanskar looks at her..
Ragini:swara plzz leave.. have to..if u are not..i will give another one ,it will be more difficult..vaise im asking to kiss ur husband only naa..come on..
Sanskar looked at her shocked..
Ragini turns at sanskar ,sanskar looks at her..
She moves close to him..sanskar keeps on looking at her..he closed her eyes when ragini hot breathe touched his face..ragini moves more close nervously nd gently kissed on his cheek..
Sanskar heart beat skipped once..
Sanskar opened his eyes nd looks at ragini..Both looks at eo they have eye lock..swalak smiles looking at them..
They composed avoids eo eye contact..
Swara flips the bottle again..its sanakar’s turn..he choose dare..
Swara:propose ragini
Ragsan looks at eo shocked..
Laksh:come on bhai
Sanskar:vo..laksh we are married na..then y this proposal..
Laksh:kyun ,cant husband propose his it
Sanskar turns at ragini who looks down nervously..
Sanskar closed his eyea nd took deep breath..
Ragini looks at him..
His mbl rings..
Sanskar:vo..its urgent call..i need to talk..
Saying he leaves feeling relieved..
Ragini:guys enough of playing..i will go..
Ragini:swara getting sleep..
Swara:ok..gud night..
Ragini smiles nd goes..
@next day
Ragini lost in thoughs ,she thinks about sanskar’gf nd that kiss..she says y im getting disturb ,y should i bother about his gf..nd that kiss..plz forget about ragini..focus on laksh..u have less time..
Sanskar woke up nd sees ragini who sat sadly, deep in thoughts..
Sanskar:are u ok
Sanskar:are u sure
Ragini:i told u naa..then y are u asking me again nd again..
Sanskar thinks y she is bad mood..
He goes washroom..

Sanskar(shouts from washroom):ragini..ragini
Ragini:what..y are u shouting..
Sanskar:where is soap
Ragini:soap??? not finding my soap here ..
Ragini:teek se dekho..
Sanskar:i saw..tell, u hide somewhere na..
Sanskar:i hide ur mbl so u hide my soap right..
Ragini like what..
Ragini:im not like u..
Sanskar:then where it is..
Ragini:i dont knw
Sanakar:then how can i bath..
Ragini:open the door..i will see
Ragini:i will see ,where i kept naa..
Sanskar nodded opend the washroom door..
Ragini widened her eyes seeing sanskar who was in towel..
Sanskar looks at himself nd closed his eyes with his hands..
Ragini(smiles):i think i should do that..
Sanskar slaps his head nd covers his body with his two hands..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:where u kept..
Ragini:here only ,wait i will see..
Ragini searches for soap..
sanskar stood nd looking at her..
Sanskar:i told soap here..
Ragini turns at him nd sees soap at one corner where sanakar stood exactly in front of it..
Ragini crossed her arms nd looks at him..
Sanskar:wh..why are u looking at me like this..
Ragini comes towards him..
Sanskar(rolled his eyes):i..i knw im handsome,hot..but u should not behave like this..
Ragini steps towards him..sanskar steps back where soap is..
Ragini sess sanskar who is stepping on soap..before she could speak.. sanskar stepped on soap..he slips nd fell on floor..
Ragini laughs..
Sanskar(glares at her):bahut hasi aa raha hain naa..
Ragini:sry..sry..but finally u found ur soap like this..
She laughs again..
Sanskar:very funny
Ragini forwarded her hand..
Sanskar smiles..he says in mind u laughed see..
Ragini:what are u thinking..get up..
Sanskar held her nd pulls her..she fell on him..
Ragini:what u did..Sanskar(rolls her) laugh..
He laughs ha ha??
Ragini smiles seeing his laugh..sanskar looks at her smile..their eyes met..they share an eye lock..
They realized their position,sanskar composed himself nd got up from her nd forwarded hand for ragini..Ragini held his hand looking down..he pulls her ,by the force she hits his chest nd held his shoulders for support..sanskar held her waist..they are standing so close to eo..again they have eye lock..
Ragini brk d eye lock ,she left sanskar shoulders nd looks here nd there..
Sanskar:vo..vo..i have to bath
Ragini nodded nd goes out smiling..
Sanakat patted his shoulders nd says great sanskar finally u made her mood good..

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