Mr Sanskar Maheswari Vs Mrs Sanskar Maheswari (RagSan) episode-7

Episode 6
Ragini getting ready.sanskar sat on bed nd staring at ragini recalling their moments.he came to sense when he heard door knock..
Ragini looks at him ,sanskar looks away..
Ragini:someone knocking the door.. are u telling me
Ragini:im busy naa..u sat freely..u can open naa
Sanskar:im also bsy in thinking.
Ragini gives a unbelievable look nd opens door nd sees swalak there.
Laksh:are u both ready
Ragini about to speak..
Sanskar(huskily):ragini come naa..y did u go leaving me like this..
Ragini widened her eyes.

Swalak smiles.
Sanskar:raagini come naa..
Ragini cursed sanskar in her mind.
Laksh:sorry for disturbing.
Laksh:we will wait..come after completing ur roma..i mean if u nd bhai have any work complete nd come..
Saying he leaves with swara,chuckling.
Ragini closed the door nd looks at sanskar angrily crossing her arms.
Sanskar looks at her smiling.
Ragini:what u have done..
Sanskar:what..i just called u
Ragini:haan..but u called me like
Sanskar:like..he winked at her
Sanskar smiles.
Ragsan came to swalak who are waiting for ragsan, to go for shopping.
Swalak gives a teasing smile to them..
Ragini:swara,laksh.plz stop..its not like that,actually
Swara:no need to give explanation ragini ,we can understand after seeing sanskar.
They giggles..
Ragini looks at sanskar..she widened her eyes seeing sindhur on sanskar’s cheek nd neck.
Ragini signs him..
Ragini wipes the sindhur on his cheek nd neck..sanskar looks on..
Ragini:this sindhur kaha se aaya
Sanskar:from ur maang se
Sanskar smiles mischievous
Ragini:did u do intentionally
Sanskar:yeah..remember what happened 10mim back
Ragsan r coming to swalak.
Sanskar:ragini there is something on ur forehead

Sanskar:i..i will clean it
Saying he pretends as something on her forehead nd cleaning it..but he took some sindhur
Ragini nodded nd walks..
Sanskar smiles nd he applied that sindhr on his cheek nd neck
Fb ends..
Ragini looks at sanskar knitting her eyebrows..
Sanskar smiles..
Laksh:im very happy to see u both like this,plz stay happy like this forever..
Sanskar winks at ragini..ragini goves a annoyed look nd says mind no laksh i want to be with u happyly forever.
Ragsan swalak came for shopping mall..
Ragini comes to searching someone..
Sanskar(came behind her):what are u searching for..
Ragini ignored him..
Sanskar:im asking to u
Ragini( waved her hand)
Sanskar about speak..
Nikhil:hii raagu ,wow u r looking gorgeous in this Saree..
Sanskar looks at him knitting his eyebrows..
Ragini(stamps nikhil foot):how many times i told ,flirt with swara not me..
Nikhil:im not flirting yaar,im just telling truth
Ragini:shut up..
Nikhil:hai sanskar
Sanskar:nikhil,what are u doing here
Nikhil:what type of question is this..obviously i came for shopping..
Ragini:leave him..come we will go to swara.

Saying she held nikhil hand nd takes him along with her ,giving attitude look to sanskar..
Sanskar looks at them angrily,nd follows them
Swara:hiii nikhil
Nikhil smiles..
Ragini signed nikhil.
Nikhil:wow swara u r looking so beautiful in this dress
Swara smiles..
Laksh:my swara always looks beautiful(spare me for this biggest lie ??)
Sanskar(in ragini’s ear):did u write only one dialogue for him..he is saying only that.
Ragini glares at him.
Swara:ragini come i selected one dress for u..try it once
Ragini nodded..
Nikhil about to go with them,
Sanskar held his hand
Nikhil:what bro
Sanskar:vo..vo.we will go gent’s section..
Saying he drags nikhil with him.
Swara gives one modern dress to ragini..
Ragini:no swara u knw naa i cant wear these type of clothes..
Swara:try once na..for me plzz
Swara:stop arguing with me..take this red dress nd try it..
Ragini:red???no..will u give another color
Swara:no this dress perfect for u,wear..vaise sanskar fav color red naa
Ragini:that is my pblm..if he saw,he will tease me
Swara:kya kaha
Ragini:kuch nay
Swara:ok..wear it ggo.saying swara pushed ragini into fitting room..

Sanskar:swara where is ragini
Swara showed ragini who is just
coming out from trail room wearing red long gown..
Sanskar turned nd frozen there looking at her without blinking his eyes..ragini looks at

sanskar..she could not able to meet his intense gaze on her..she looked down feeling shy..
Laksh:ahem ahem
No response from sanskar
Laksh(bit loudly):ahem ahem
Sanskar composed himself..
Laksh smiles..
Nikhil:wow raagu..u looks fab..
Ragini smiles faintly..
Sanskar glares at nikhil..
Swara:haan ragini.u r looking really fab..hain naa sanskar..
Nikhil:haan really(looking at ragini)
Sanskar:i dont like it..
Nikhil:y bro..she is looking good na..
Sanskar(seriously):i said i dont like..
Ragini looks at him puzzled..
Nikhil:ok try white one..white suit u well..
Ragini signs nikhil to shut ur mouth..
Swara:i will get..
Ragini looks at sanskar who stood angrily..
Ragini:swara no..i will take later..not now plzz..
Swara nodded..
Laksh looks at sanskar angry face..he understand his jealous..he takes nikhil along with him..
Ragini gets into trail room..
Sanskar stood there lost in thoughts..
Ragini:swara come got stuck..Im not able to open..
Swara about to go..laksh called her..

Swara(sees sanskar there):sanskar ,ragini needs help go naa..laksh calling me..
Saying she goes..
Sanskar comes to ragini knocks trail room..
Ragini:tum..where is swara
Sanskar:she is with laksh..she said u need help..kya hua..
Ragini looks at him hesitste to tell..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:im not able to open..
Sanskar:let me see
Ragini nodded..sanskar gets into trail room..
Ragini turned giving her back..
Sanskar takes her hair from her back nd pushed on her shoulder..
Ragini closed her eyes when his fingers touched her neck..
Sanskar looks at her through mirror..ragini opened her eyes feeling his gaze on her…she looks at him ,sanskar looks at her through mirror..they share an eye lock..sanskar pulled the zip looking at ragini..ragini felt her back opened..she composed herself nd turned immediately nd looks at sanskar who held zip im his hand ,still lost..
Ragini:u broke it..
Sanskar(came to sense nd looks at the zip button in his hand):vo..vo..
Ragini:now what to do..u brk it..
Sanskar:u no need to wry..i will pay for it..
Sanskar:shhh..this is all bcz of u
Ragini:what i did
Sanskar murmurs u only divert my concentration..

Sanskar:vo..kuch nay..leave it..change ur dress..
Ragini:ok..u go
Sanskar turns to go..
Ragini:sanskar really didnt u like this is ur fav color na..
Sanskar:haan..i dont like..
Sanskar recalls how nikhil complemented ragini..
Ragini:tell na..
Sanskar:change nd come..
Saying he goes..
Ragini says in mind kuch tho hai..
Ragini comes out..
Nikhil:u came..
Ragini:nikhil..what i told..what u r doing..
Nikhil:what i did..
Ragini:concentrate on swara..
Nikhil:fine baba..dont angry on me..
Swara came:u both here..
Nikhil:haan..swara select one dress for me also naa..i love ur selection..
Swara nodded..
Nikhil:ragini u too come..
Saying he held rag swa hands with his two hands nd took them with him..
Sanlak looks at them
Sanskar:laksh ,dont u think he is doing too much..
Laksh:haan bhai im thinking that only..

Ragini likes one shirt..
Sanskar:wow nice shirt..
Ragini:thanks..i selected for laksh..
Sanskar face fell..
Ragini:i will give to him..
Sanskar grabs the shirt nd throws it.
Ragini:what u did..
Sanskar:swara is there for laksh to select what he want..u no need to bothered about him..
Ragini:i need to..u knw why..
Sanskar abour to speak..they heard nikhil calling ragini..
Ragini:haan nikhil coming..
Sanskar closed his eyes irritating..
Ragini ignored him,turns to go..,
Sanskar pulls her nd pins ragini to wall..
Ragini:what are u doing sanskar..
Sanskar:he is doing too much
Sanskar:whom else..that idiot nikhil..
Ragini:respect him..he is my friend..
Sanskar:i cant respect that type of stupids..
Ragini glares at him..

Sanskar:btw ragini..did he cme to jealous me or laksh..
Sanskar(realized what he said in flow):vo..vo.
Ragini:are u feeling jealous of nikhil??? jealous..he looks bahut handsome feeling jealous(he covered)
Ragini rolled her eyes..
Sanskar left her nd looks here and there..
Ragini:vaise sanskar he is not that much handsome than u naa..
Sanskar looks at her..
Ragini bited her tongue..
Sanskar:what u said
Ragini:vo..vo..kuch nay..swara calling me..Saying she runs..
Sanskar smiles..

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