Mr Sanskar Maheswari Vs Mrs Sanskar Maheswari (RagSan) episode-4

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Episode 3 here

Ragsan swalak reached shimla for honey moon…on cab arrived as soon as they comes out of air port..
Sanskar:laksh swara u two go in this cab…
Ragini(glaring at sanskar):kyun,we will also go with them..
Laksh:haan bhai..we all will go together naa…
Sanskar:vo..actually i have some work here..we will come ,u both go… very tired..i will go with laksh, meri matlab with swalak..
Sanskar:but i want to be with u wify..
Ragini widened her eyes ,where swalak smiles..sanskar winked at ragini..
Laksh:ok bhai..we will leave..
Ragini:i will also go..if u have work ,u will come after finishing that…i dont want to come with u..(she said angrily)
Swalak san looked at her shocked seeing her sudden out burst..
Ragini(sees their faces nd realized what she said):vo..vo..
Sanskar(wrapped his hand around her shoulder):sry dear..i can understand..we came for honeymoon but im talking about work nd u get angry hain naa…
Ragini nodded smiling fakely..
Sanakar:forgive me this time..after this my all time is urs..sorry deat(he covered)
Ragini in mind dear???
Swalak smiles..
Sanskar:laksh u both go..
They nodded nd leaves..
Ragini( take off his hand from her shoulder nd crosses her arms):now tell mr maheswari ,what work do u have..
Sanskar:actually mrs maheswari ,i dont have any work..
Ragini:what..y did u sent them..
Sanskar:let them enjoy for sometime without u naa..
Ragini glares at him..
Sanskar:dont kill me with ur looks..
Ragini:stop ur drama..chalo we also will go hotel
Sanskar:not now..
Sanskar:im very hungry ..first lets eat food chalo..
He drags her with him..
They sat in restaurant…sanskar ordering food ,ragini just sat giving death glares to sanskar…
Sanskar:do u need anything
Ragini:no thanks
Sanskar having food slowly,ordering one by one item..
Ragini:how much u eat..bas karo..
Sanskar:im hungry year ,so eating,tujhe pblm kya .let me eat peacefully..
Ragini:ahhh(she screams irritatingly)
Sanskar got a call from laksh who informs him that they reached hotel…
Sanskar:ok laksh..we will come soon..u both enjoy(he said looking at ragini)
Ragini in mind hope swara remember pandit ji words ,i knw nothing will happen..
Ragini:i said..i dont want..
Sanskar:ok..i only eat..
Some time passed…sanskar paid the bill..
Ragini:mr kumbhakarn ,now chale
Sanskar:ruko naa..see this
restaurant so beautiful nd peaceful..stay for some time naa..
Ragini gives unbelievable look..
Some time passed..
Ragini sat cursing sanskar in mind..
Sanskar:y are u sitting aaram se..dont u want to go..chalo..
Ragini opened her mouth like O..
Sanskar smiles nd walks ,ragini too walks behind him frowning…
They sat in cab..
Ragini:bhayya go fast
Sanskar:no need..dheere se chal bhayya..
Ragini looks at him angrily ,sanskat smiles teasingly..she turned her face other side angrily..sanskar too did same imitating her…
After some time ,car has stopped suddenly…driver checks…ragsan stepped out of car..
Sanskar:kya hua bhayya
Driver:vo..sorry sir..engine got pblm.. what will u do..
Driver:sorry madam..there is a mechanic shop i will get repair it but it will take time..we are just 1 to 2km away from ur destination..u can go by walk…i will give ur luggage afrer car get repair..
Ragini:what by walk..
Driver apologies..
Sanskar:ok..but get luggage soon..chalo ragini..
They started walking…
Ragini:this is all bcz of u..
Sanskar:y u always blaming me
Ragini:bcz u r reason..
Sanskar:now kya hua..walking is good for health..walk naa..
Ragini:its time waste to argue..
Sanskar:me too
Both huffs nd walks quietly some distance…
Ragini:sanskar ,there is no light ,see how dark it getting scare..
Sanskar:no need to with u hain naa..nothing will happen..
He held her hand protectively..ragini looks at him feeling secured…
Finally they reached hotel…nd comes to room which they had book..
Ragini:im very hungry, Plz order food ,i will get fresh nd come..
Sanskar nodded..

Ragini washed her face nd turns to go but her saree stuck into tap where she stood…ragini pulls her saree,suddenly shower get opened ,ragini who is under shower drenched..
Ragini realized she pulled shower tap..she cursed her fate nd comes out of washroom…
Sanskar:what happend..
Ragini:cant u see..
Sanskar raised his eyebrow..
Ragini:did he cme
Sanskar:no..he said will take time.. dress got what should i do..
Sanskar:see there is some box on table ,may be it will help u..
Ragini took that nd open the box nd her jaw dropped seeing honeymoon suite..
Sanskar giggles seeing her expression..
Ragini(throws dress on him):what the hell is this..haan..
Sanskar:areh ,y r u angry on me..i asked ,might it help u..
Ragini:shut can i wear this..wait..wait..did u bring it.. im looking like to not that type..we came for Honeymoon naa..i think hotel management arranged this..
Sanskar:u became habituated blaming me..
Sanskar:no need..
Saying he goes to washroom..
Ragini shivers…she says to herself how long will u stay like this…u will be dead with this cold..
She looks at that suite..she gets an idea..she take off her wet clothes nd wears that suite ,she says how can people wear this yuckkk..
She took one bedsheet nd rolled over herself holding the bedsheet corners tight on to her till ner neck…(hope u get ,only her face is visible)
Ragini:now ok..hope this driver will come soon..
Sanskar who comes out of washroom laughs seeing her..
Ragini:dont laugh
Sanskar:ok..ok..u are looking so cute like this
Ragini glares at him..
Food came..ragini looks sadly..
Sanskar:what are u seeing..come have food..
Ragini:no..u eat
Sanskar:areh u said u r very hungry na..
Ragini:haan..but i cant eat..
Sanskar realized her condition..
Ragini pouts sadly..
Sanskar served food in plate nd sat beside ragini..ragini looks at food sadly…sanskar smiles nd forwarded morsel to her ,ragini looks at him amazed..
Ragini:its ok..u eat..
Sanskar:no need to hesitate.. I knw u are hungry ,eat..
Sanskar:plzz ,im asking as ur dupatta wali naa..
Ragini could not able to deny looking into his eyes..she nodded ..Sanskar feeds her,ragini kept looking at him..she choked…sanskar immediately makes her drink water..
Sanskar(concerned):are u ok full..u eat
Sanskar nodded nd served in rhat plate only nd eating..ragini just looks at him..
Sanskar gets call from laksh..
Sanskar:haan laksh
Actually she forgot about laksh for sonetime..she thinks areh ragini u became so careless about ur love..hope all will be fine in this trip…
Sanskar (disconnects d call):laksh is so happy..
Ragini:how u know
Sanskar:by his voice..
Ragini:i want to meet swalak now
Sanskar:like this
Ragini(sees her dress):ahh..ok..will u connect call to swara..i have to talk..
Sanskar:no need..sleep..i have to call someone..saying he goes…
Ragini consoles herself saying dontwry ragini nothing will happen…
Sanskar came nd sees ragini lost in thoughts…
Sanskar:what are u thinking Ragin:vo kya hain na ,there is no sofa thinking where will u sleep..but u dont wry..we have a big floor..u can sleep there peacefully..
Sanskar:what..i should sleep on mean u are..this wont happen,i sleep on bed..
Ragini:what..if u sleep here..then where will i sleep..
Sanskar:areh did u forget ,we have a big floor ,u can sleep there peacefully(he mocked at her)
Ragini:no way..cockroaches will be there ,im afraid of it…i cant sleep..
Sanskar:ok not like u..i have a good heart ,So i can share bed..
Sanskar:if u want sleel orelse sleep on floor..
Saying he lays on bed…
Ragini looks at floor nd sat on bed helpless..
Ragini:keep pillows bw uuus

Sanskar:kyun are u scaring tthatu wwillget onto me ..

RRagini:no.actually i dont have trust on uu.

Sanskar:stop thinking too much.i already told i have taste.chup chap sleep..

Ragini frowns nd turned her face.sanskar turned other sidw nd smiles recalling her cute face  when she was angry..

Nxt update wwillbe i love u mrs  ragsanmaheswari


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