Mr Sanskar Maheswari Vs Mrs Sanskar Maheswari (RagSan) episode-13

Episode 12

Ragini was roaming here nd there being lost in thoughts about sanskar..she recalls their cute fight when sanskar made coffee for her nd fight with water pipe nd their romantic moments..she smiles herself..sanskar who just cme from washroom sees ragini smiling..
Ragini looks at him..
Sanskar:kya hua..
Ragini:mujhe ajeeb sa feel ho raha hain..
Ragini:haan…i dont understand what was happening to me when u r around forgetting myself when u r with me..if this feeling called love..then..i love u sanskar..i really love u..
(she said in her mind 😊)
Sanskar:ragini where are u lost..
Ragini:vo..vo..kahi nay..
Sanskar:u said something before a while..

Ragini:vo kuch fine
Sanskar looks at her puzzled..
Ragini:vo..vo..i have work in kitchen..i need to go..
Sanskar nodded looking at her suspicious..
Ragini walks thinking what she just said in her mind..being lost in her words ragini hits wall nd get hurt on forehead..
Sanskar(rushed towards her):ragini y u r so careless..tumhari dhyan kaha hain..
Ragini just looks at his eyes..
Sanskar held her wrist nd makes her sit on bed..ragini keeps looking at him..
He looking at her forehead which had red mark..
He gets ointment nd gently applied some cream there while blowing air on her forehead..
Ragini:y did u care for me so much..

Sanskar looks at her..ragini waiting for his answer..
Ragini:bolo kyun
Sanskar:kyun ki
Ragini:kyun ki
Sanskar:u r my dupattawali dost hain na..
Ragini looks at him being upset with his answer..
Sanakar:is it paining ok..
Saying she walks..
Ragini chit chatting with girls ganng uttara swara pari..they r having good time laughing nd enjoying by cracking jokes..
Sanskar who is working in his room heard ragini laughter which is so melodious..he smiles imaging her smiling face nd continued his work..but he could not able to concentrate on his work as her laughter nd her smiling face disturbing him..
He comes out of room nd looks at ragini who is talking with uttara smiling.. Her hair flies over her face due to wind which she stucks her behind her ear between her talks..sanskar stood staring at her..
Uttara who noticed sanskar at upstairs ,gazing at ragini without blinking his eyes..
Sanskar(still staring at ragini):haan
Ragini turns at sanskar..

Uttara:kuch kaam tha
Uttara:i understand ,raat hogay naa u must have kaam with bhabi naa..(uttara winks at ragini ,ragini hits uttara playfully)
Swara pari chuckles..
Sanskar(says in mind ,stop behave like stupid sanskar…see they are teasing u..he composed himself) was so disturbing..
Sanskar:ur stupid meeting..cant u all keep quite..nd ur bhabi was so disturbing..ask ur bhabi to laugh slowly..
Uttara:kya..u felt bhabi smile disturbing..
Ragini makes angry pout..
Sanskar gives a stern look to them nd walks saying was so disturbing here(he said rubbing his heart)
Ragini comes room ,she placed water there..
Uttara(from outside room):bhabi im going to my room..u come soon
Ragini:haan uttara coming..

Sanskar:coming??where are u going
Ragini doesn’t reply she wakks towards door..sanskar comes behind her nd closed the door before she could go..
Sanskar(held her wrist):ragini where are u going
Ragini:to uttara room
Ragini:to sleep there
Ragini:kya kyun..u said im disturbance to u..i dont want u feel disturbance bcz of me so im going..u do ur work peacefully(she mocked)
Sanskar:areh that doesn’t meant..

Ragini:then what
Sanskar:vo..kuch nay..sorry
Ragini:leave sanskar..uttara must be waiting for me
Sanskar:im really sorry..plzz dont go..
Ragini:i will go..
Sanskar:no i will not let u go..u have to sleep here with me thats it..
Ragini:with u!!(she askd teasing)
Sanskar:vo..i mean..
Ragini(teasing him more):what u mean bolo ,u want to me to sleep with u..u r thinking about me like could u say like that..

Sanskar:areh it doesn’t mean that..
Ragini laughs seeing his tension face..

Sanskar understand her teasing..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar also smiling seeing her smile..
Uttara(knocks d door):bhabi
Sanskar annoyed..
Uttara(knock knock):bhabi..come naa..
Ragini looks at sanskar ,he nodded as no..
Sanskar (opens the door):what

Uttara:i came for bhabi..
Sanskar:she wont come
Uttara:she said she will come..
Sanskar:im telling u naa..she wont come u go nd sleep..
Uttara:how could say she wont come..she told me could i matlab..she is my telling being husband of ur bhabi..i will not sent her..
Ragini looks at him..
Uttara pouts..

Uttara goes pouting..
He closed the door nd looks at ragini who is staring at him..
Sanskar:ragini sleep here..
Ragini just nodded nd goes to bed looking at sanskar..
Sanskar:kya hua..y r u looking at me like this ..
Ragini:kuch nay
She lied on bed..sanskar gets back at his work..
Ragini stares at sanskar..when sanskar turns at her ragini closed her eyes..he stares at her..they stealing glances like this..****
Ragini woke up nd looks at sanskar who is sleeping on sofa..She moves towards him..she caresses his face lovingly..Sanskar opend his eyes by her touch..ragini widened her eyes ,she take off her hand from his face nd stoopd up immediately..

Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:vo..pillow(she doesn’t knw what to tell)
Sanskar:do u need pillow..
Ragini:vo..vo..ur pillow supposed to fell i came to keep it properly…
Sanskar looks at his pillow which is there properly..
Ragini:vo..i have to go washroom .
Saying she walks before sanskar could speak..
Sanskar looks at her puzzled by her behavior..
Ragini goes to washroom cursing herself for behaving like that..
Sanskar had a bath..he opens wardrobe for his clothes ..ragini comes there with coffee..sanskar red shirt fell off from wardrobe..sanskar looks at his shirt..
Ragini:ur fav shirt naa
Sanskar nodded
Ragini:do u want to wear it
Sanskar:haan ..but it doesn’t have buttons naa..

Ragini:wear it..
Sanskar( widening his eyes):sach mein pehanu
Sanskar:i dont have any pblm but it wont be good to go office like this naa..vaise im very handsome nd hot ,all girls will goes mad on me..
Ragini:i wont give that chance to them..
Ragini:vo..kuch nay..u wear i will stich buttons..
Sanskar nodded nd wears shirt..
Ragini sew the buttons standing close to him ,stealing glances with eo..ragini pricked herself while staring at sanskar..
Sanskar immediately keeps her finger into his mouth..

Ragini looks at him..
They have a small eyelock..
Sanskar takes off her finger when he realized what he is doing..
Ragini:looks down hiding her blush..
Sanskar:are u ok
She cuta the thread with her teeth after sewing buttons..sanskar looks at her smiling..
Sanskar:vaise ragini ,i dont think i must wear shirt to sew buttons..u can do before i could wear shirt naa..
Ragini:vaise u should have told this before stitching naa..
Sanskar smiles..

Ragini too smiles nd goes to kitchen..
Sanskar ruffled his hair smiling looking at his shirt..

Next part will be confession but im not sure when it will be..hope u enjoyed this one..

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