Mr sadu sarna and his siyappa queen few shots…..twinj…chapter-2

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Hey guys sriya here you all must have forget it no problem I will provide you with links in next shot ? hope you enjoy reading it …..!!

Shot 2


Recap : – the episode ends with twinkle enjoying party and going to her house..!!

The next morning

Twinkle was sleeping peacefully after being exhausted enjoying whole night her mom comes there & starts waking her up.

‘Twinkle getting up fast you’re getting late for college’ her mom leela said.

‘Maa one minute more please’ twinkle said in sleepy voice.

‘No one minute I know you very well twinkle puttar you always do like this and get late for college’ leela said in angry voice.

‘Okay fine maa I give up I will get ready and come downstairs you go now and put the breakfast in dinning table’ twinkle said yawning.

Leela leaves from there … Twinkle goes to have a shower. She comes down wearing a pink top and blue jeans. She prays to god and had her breakfast. She takes her mom blessings and leaves with mahi to college.

In Sarna Mansion : –

Kunj was getting ready when his phone starts ringing. The phone was showing yuvi’s name.

He took the call.


Kunj : hi yuvi how are you?? why u called me at this time.

Yuvi : I am fine kunj. I just called to tell that did you completed the assignment as our physics teacher strictly told us that who will not complete will have to stand outside for two hours.

Kunj : what?? shit yuvi I completely forgot about the assignment now what.

Yuvi : don’t worry we will find a way okay bye kunj.

Kunj : bye yuvi.

He ended the call and he was tensed. He took his parents blessing and left to college having breakfast.

At xyz college : –

Twinkle and mahi reached to the college in their car. They got out of the car and were talking to their friend chinki. When a bike came in fast speed and the boy opens the helmet. He was kunj he parks his bike and gone to his friend yuvi. Twinj saw each other but turn their face away.

The college bell rang and all left to their classes. Seeing kunj going to the class twinkle to gone his direction in front of him. Kunj was busy in talking with yuvi. She puts her shoes in front of his shoe and he stepped on it and falls down with a thadak. Everyone started laughing on him teacher was trying to control her laughter but burst out laughing. He felt insulted and embarrassed. He decided to give twinkle a lesson. He saw towards her and smirked. Yuvraj gave his hand for help. He pulled him up they both to their benches.

‘Silence everyone one by one everyone read the chapter and I will explain. After the explanation got over. I will ask questions from anyone and then submit your assignments. I hope everyone completed and if not you will have to bear the punishment as well as detention.’ Teacher said strictly.

Everyone gulped in fear and nodded innocently. They all read the chapter. Teacher explained everything then she was going to take assignment kunj was like scared baby. Luckily the bell rang and teacher leaves from the class. He gives a sigh of relief. The class got over. All the students left to the canteen.

At canteen

Twinkle was talking with chinki and did not notice kunj coming with yuvraj at that time. She mistakenly dashed with kunj and falls on his arms. He holds her at the correct time. They both were lost in each other eyes. They share a cute eye lock. Tei title song plays in bg. After sometime they get back into sense. Kunj leaves her hand and she falls within a second. She was giving him death glares chinki helped her in getting up after that she stamps his foot in full of rage & anger. He screams in pain and she smirked. Twinkle sat on her seat as soon she sat the chair broke and she fall down and suddenly a bucket of water fell on her face. Everyone laughed at her she eyes angrily to kunj. She got up and went to kunj.

‘What the hell you think of yourself sadu Sarna I hate you. You will surely pay for messing with twinkle taneja.’ Said twinkle warningly.

‘Let’s see siyappa queen who will win and I hate you too. You don’t know to whom you are giving I can destroy you within seconds’ said kunj in revengeful tone.

‘Let ‘s see who will destroy whom??’ Said twinkle with attitude.

The episode ends with their angry faces.

Precap : – twinkle and kunj marriage proposal.

So guys how was it? Hope you all enjoyed. what do you guys think their reaction would be.To know keep reading mr sadu Sarna and his siyappa queen. This is sriya signing off ??…!!!

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  1. Angel20

    This was seriously awesome!! Post the next one soon!

    1. Sriya

      Thanks Maria!! Will try to post soon ?!

  2. SidMin23

    Today twinj in full of tashan and never let chance to fight with each other can’t wait to read more episode post next part soon.

    1. Sriya

      Thanks SidMin23! Will try to post soon ????

  3. Aanya_pandey

    Such an superb episode.. twinj fight.. that ws awesome..

    1. Sriya

      Thanks anya I was scared if you guys wouldn’t like it! Do you write any ff???! Love ya???❤️?!!

      1. Aanya_pandey

        No yrr.. i don’t write any fiction

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous funny epi

    1. Sriya

      Thanks purnima love ya ❤️!

  5. Sohi

    The episode was funny waiting eagerly for marriage proposal do continue and post soon

    1. Sriya

      Thanks you will love it for sure ❤️! Will post soon as my exams are finished ???

  6. Awesome amazing plsss asap

  7. Adya

    That was superb….plzzzzzzzzz post soonest….I loved it yrr..
    Love u

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    Niece Nice but pls next part soon

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    Post next soon
    Love u?

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    ohhhh goodness sriya amazing luvd it 2 core hahahaa osm episode dono ko chain toh milta nhi ek dusre s eldne se loved it☻♥☻
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