Mr. Perfect (Swaragini) episode 9 (Secret)

Hiii friends, I’m back with your lovely story!!!! So why to waste time!!! Lets go…………….


Swara was in her room. She was thinking about the recent things. All of them were roaming in her mind.

Swara : OMG!!! Sanskaar changed me in just one day!!! Maybe that’s the reason, why papa told me to see him in his way!!!! Thank you papa for your advice because of this only I can understand my Sanky!!! He really has some magic!!! (Swara laughs) Swara!!! Stop thinking otherwise he will come and sit on your head!!!!

She was about to change her saree but Sanky words are enchanting in her mind.( “you are looking gorgeous in this saree.”)

Meantime, Kavita calls her for dinner and she goes with her. The whole time and the whole day she was just staring our super Sanskaar. Little that she doesn’t know that she was falling in love with her Sanskaar.

At night,

Swara was sittting in her Private place and was seeing an album and then as usual our Sanskaar came and interrupted her.

San: What are you doing here my dear friend!!!!

Swa: I am writing my PD!

San(irritated): Now what is meant by this PD!!!

Swa: Personal Diary, man!!!

San: Oh nice short form!!!

Swa: So why did you come here Mr. Sanky??

San: Why I should not come???

Swa: Not like that!!! And I am sorry for whatever I scolded you when you were here on that day.

San: Just forget it Swara beta!!!!

Swa: Me!!! Are you sure???

San: 100% sure.

Swa: Okay Gn Grandpa…

Swara got some kind of Video message. Sanky was just observing her expressions………………………………

Video: Sanskaar was present in the video with flower bouquets.

San: Swara, I know you might be wondering why I kept this message!!! Wait and watch………….. 5….4…….3…….2……1…..0………. Happy Birthday Bubbly dear!!! Okay okay Shona baby. I never want you to wish you on your Birthday that to 1st. But remember one thing baby doll, even Sanskaar maheshwari can change….ha….

Video ends.

Swa: OMG Sanky how did you do it???

San: Okay I will explain!!! See the thing is after taking the video if we fix the date and time and the person’s no. for whom we have to send and thats it the message was sent.

Swa: Oh so I was wondering when did you plan these all

San: Of course friend today.

Swa: When????

San: Why that much excitement dear??? Okay I will say, when we returned from our jolly trip, and also those bouquets are bought by me without your presence.

Swa: Leave all those and say me how yyyyoooouuuu.(Sanskaar glares her) Okay I mean you remember my Bday.

San: Not only besties, even I will remember my cutie pie’s Bday.

Swara playfully hits Sanskaar’s chest whereas he was laughing. Suddenly he caught her hand. Due to the sudden action, Swara looked at Sanskaar who was already staring her. Both share a happy eyelock!!!!(BG plays as Khamoshiyan)

After sometime, they both come into senses. Swasan both were embarrassed in front of each other. But Sanskaar started………………….

San: Swara.

Swa: Yes.

San: Can I ask you something??? Maybe bit personal???

Swa: Yes, no problem.

San: Can I know about your Private place, I mean what’s so special!!!!

Tears rolls down from Swara’s face. She was shocked with the sudden question. As sanskaar can’t see tears in Swara’s eyes, he don’t know but somewhere in his heart it’s paining him.

San: It’s okay Swara, leave it.

Swa: NO!! I want to say it to you but became lil emotional.(Sanskaar nodded) I love this place!! It reminds me about my mother.(Sanky was shocked) I know my mom is here only. I am talking about my caretaker, Janki maasi. When I am small and mom is pregnant with Ayush, Janki maasi used to take care of me, so I used to love her a lot. She pampers me like her own child. She used to feed me , say stories, sing lullabies for me. So, I love this place.

San: But Swara, I haven’t seen her anytime.

A drop of tear fell from Swara’s eyes. Swa: Maasi died in a car accident!!!! This is the reason why I took interest in dance because Maasi loves dance a lot.

San: I am sorry, Swara for making the Birthday girl into a cry baby.

Swa(smiles): Hey I am a cry baby…

San: Absolutely, okay I am sleepy, bye Bubbly(Swara glares him) Okay okay Swara.

Swa: It’s Shona for my close relatives.

San: Okay Shona cry baby.

Swa: You!!!

Sanskaar runs from there.

Next day,

Swara woke up early and was shocked to see a packet with a letter. She reads it. “GO FAST AND GET READY IN THIS SAREE. ALL ARE WAITING FOR YOU – YOURS NAUGHTY SANKY”

Swara was happy and got ready in the Saree given by Sanskaar. Its blue colour beautiful saree.

Its blue colour beautiful saree
She was looking divine. Sanskaar was once again mesmerized seeing her. He complements her. They both leave for Anad ashram which was running by Swara.

In Anad Ashram,

Swasan entered and was mesmerized to see you the arrangements. Then suddenly they heard some shoutings.


Swara was surprised. She went to them leaving Sanskaar. He was shocked to see such a bonding between Swara and the people. He was just staring her lovingly while she was enjoying with the people. (Sorry guys, but don’t wanna drag more)

Swasan left to temple as Swara goes to temple every year on her birthday.

Sanskaar got a phone call and left. Just when Sanskaar left , Sampooran came with his friends and was teasing Swara. Swara was just moving without bothering about them. But he tried to touch Swara but our hero Sanskaar gave our entry. He starts fighting with them and was beating them vigorously. One of the goon was about to stab Sanskaar from back then Swara immediately ran to him and caught the knife by which she got hurt. Sanskaar who was angry got double angry by seeing her but rushed to hospital.

In hospital,
Doctor checked Swara and gave her some medicines. Sanskaar who was fuming now started scolding her.

San : Who said you to do that stupid stunt???? Ha!!! If anything happens to you!!!!!

Swa : Nothing happened na leave it!!!!

San : Just shut up Swara!!!! You know na I don’t like anyone sacrificing themselves or showing their pity on me!!!! Then why you did like this???? Who told you to do this????

Swara face was faded by Sanskaar’s scoldings. Sanskaar observed this and was cracking jokes by which Swara at last laughs by which Sanskaar was mesmerized once and for all!!!!


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  1. awesome i want to ask whom ur showing in tapsee role ? dont want ragini,kavita,kavya…
    show some other one

  2. MR Perfect telugu movie starring Prabhas abd Kajal agarwal

  3. Nice…..

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