Mr. Perfect (Swaragini) episode 13 (The Challenge)

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Episode -13:

Kunal stood up and said: This is not going to happen!!!!!

Ram : Yeah it’s never going to happen!!! 

Ragini : What are you talking dad???  You just met him, how can you speak like this??? 

Kunal : I think you don’t know completely about this boy. 

Ram : How can she even know? She’s not there along with us in the golf court right??? 

Kunal : Ye toh bilkul sahi kaha tune!! 

Ragini : What happened in the golf court?? 

Ram : Ask your sweety boy friend but please don’t waste our time!!! 

Ram and Kunal left in anger. Sanskaar was just staring them with an annoyed face. 

Ragini : What happened baby??  What happened in golf court??

Sanskaar : That day………………….. 

Flashback starts :

Sanskaar and his friends were in a loss in running their company. They presently are handling IR company’s project. And it’s IR company’s demand that they will supervise this project by sending one of their company member. But this was sanskaar’s dream project which he wants to do without adjusting. 

Rahul : Hey Sansku!!! 

Sanskaar was working in laptop. 

Sanskaar : Yeah listening! 

Rahul tells him the IR company demand. 

Sanskaar : What???  And why this much cruel demand???  Don’t they have any sense??  

Rahul : Cool down Sansku!!  What happens its just a small demand!!! 

Sanskaar : What???  Just a small demand?? You know it’s my dream project. And I will never adjust for this!! I don’t want anyone to supervise MY PROJECT!!!! I will go and meet this Ram!!  

Sanskaar left without giving any chance for his friend to speak.

Rahul: This much of short temper is not good for health. Shush!!

Sanskaar was standing at one of the edge the golf where Kunal and Ram were playing golf. 

Bodyguard: Mr. Ram, there’s Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari waiting for you sir. May I call him???

Ram: yeah sure.

Sanskaar came there with an annoyed face but still gave a nice smile to him. They were busy in their talks where sanskaar was asking Ram about his idea about supervision. Kunal interfered in the middle…………….

Kunal: Hey young gentleman!!!! Its too much man!!! What will happen if you don’t allow us to supervise your project??? Its your loss!!!

Sanskaar(annoyed): Sir!! Its my Dream Project.. And I don’t allow anyone to pin point at me. I hate this supervising deal at first.. And still you are irritating me man!!!

Ram: Whats this nonsense MR?? You want the deal or not!!!

Before Sanky can reply…………………………………………

Kunal:  I think his reply is a big YES. What do you say??? Any how one needs to adjust in these deals and projects. Am I right???


Sanskaar(COMPLETELY FRUSTATED): You old people!!! Can’t you understand once that this is MY DREAM!!! MY DREAM!! Do you get it???

Kunal: Kitna attittude dikha raha hai ye chore!!! Todi adjust nahi karta hai kya!!! 

Ram: Yes you’re right!! Mr. Maheshwari!!! Aap aur apki company abhi bhi loss mein hai, so It will be better if you agree for this deal. Its your final chance.

Sanskaar : Final chance is for you!!! If you want me to be in this deal or not??? 

Kunal : OMG!! We are the one who announced this deal. And you are asking us this crap??? Crazy!!!! 

Sanskaar : Deal cancelled!!! No project between us both!!! 

Kunal : What the Heck are you talking about??? 

After Lil thinking,

Kunal : Okay!! It’s your wish to be in the deal or not??? But this attitude is not going to take you anywhere young boy!!!

Sanskaar : Yeah young boy tho hui mei Budi uncles!!! 

They started teasing each other which changed into a fight. Rahul came and took Sanky with him. 

Ram : Aaj kal ke bachche na!!! Itni small issue par bhi angry Ho jata hai!! 

Kunal : Tumne kya bola vo sahi hai!!! 

Flashback ends. 

Ragini : This much happened and you didn’t even have sense to tell this!! 

Sanskaar : Ye koi batane wale baat hai kya!!! That’s why doll!!! 

Ragini : Now see my dad is angry one you!!!! 

Sanskaar :Ab kya???? 

Ragini : Dekhthe what will happen?? ……….

In Ragini house,

Ragini invited Sanskaar to her house to discuss their matter. Just then came, Ram malhotra in a bossy manner, actually glaring at Sanskaar as once he is behind him and now behind his daughter. To say, he never liked Sanskaar that time and even now. But what he can do, as his daughter loved him so much. 

Kunal: What’s this Ragzz?? Why did you bring this man here???

Rag: Papa!! Plz !!! Try to understand our love!! It’s just a stupid deal!! See even Sanky is regretting now!!!

Sanskaar: Who said I’m regretting??? I’m actually happy that I left the deal that day!!!

Kunal glares at Ragini. A lot of discussion goes on between them. And………

Kunal: So at last you say that you want to marry my Ragini.

Sanky nods his head.

Kunal: Then I have a challenge for your principles!!! Are you ready for it???

San: I’m ready for anything for Ragini!!! (Looks at Ragini proudly)

Kunal: Okay!! My elder daughter Isha marriage is already fixed!!!

Sanskaar interrupts: Oh!! Congrats di!!! Hope he’s not like uncle saheb!!!

Ragini giggles and Kunal glares again.

Kunal: Ain’t funny!! Okay, coming back to the challenge!! Many relatives from Australia and India are coming to our house. So, I expect that you must be good in front of them as Ragini Bf. I mean you need to impress each member!!! No  problem if you don’t. But if anyone of my relatives say that you are not suitable for rags !!! Remember any one comment in the ending of that one week, your game is over!!! Are you ready???

Sanskaar: Are you kidding me?? I’m absolutely ready for anything for Ragini !!!

Sanskaar leaves.

Rag: See dad!!! We are going to win!!! Believe it or not!!!

Ragini also leaves.

Isha:Papa!! Don’t you think it’s too much!! If we introduce Sanskaar to all our relatives as Ragz boy friend and if he fail and leaves Ragz again, don’t you think that they will think wrong about her character!!!

Ram: Well…. Everyone knows about Ragini very well and no need to give them a character certificate. But this Sanskaar!!!! I know about his nature!! He won’t be able to bare this for one single day itself!!! How can you think he will impress them by adjusting for a whole week?????


How’s the episode??? Is it nice??? I know it’s like a summary but still no time guys!! Hope you liked it!!!!

Lots and lots of love,

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