Mr. Perfect (Swaragini) episode 11

Episode -11:

Sanskaar was sitting in Airport waiting for his flight. Dp and Ap came to him.

Dp : Sanskaar!!! 
San: Yes papa
Dp : What ever you are doing is very wrong beta!!! 
San : Papa,  why can’t you understand the scenario papa!!! I’m not perfect for Swara and you know, I don’t like her changing herself for me!!!!

Ap : whatever you do we won’t oppose you as we want you, yourself to learn whats wrong or right!!!

San : Papa mom,  it’s time for me to leave!!! Bye

Dp : Sanskaar, one minute!!!!
San : Ha bolo papa…
Dp : Remember Sanskaar, you will never get your so called perfect girl who will just think like you. Even if you found her you will never be happy!!!!

Sanskaar leaves deeply thinking about what Dp has said to him. It’s enchanting in his ears.

In GM,

In Swara room,
Swara was sleeping on her bed remembering hers and Sanskaar’s movements,  about their silly fights, their friendship, how he helped her from Sampooran. Everything about Sanky is roaming in her mind. She was crying a lot. Tears were rolling on her white cheeks. Her big beautiful eyes were now filled with tears.

Some One patted her shoulders. Swara rubbed her tears and saw that it’s her dad. She immediately hugged him and was crying a lot.
She : Sssshhh beta bash don’t cry!!!! You are not at fault,  then why are you crying????

Swa : Papa, do I have any defect.

She : Why are you asking like that??

Swa : Then why did Sanskaar didn’t like me Papa!!!

Shekhar was numb. He don’t know what to answer.

Swa : Papa you said that if we pass a smile to anyone, in return they again get a smile. Now I passed my love to Sanskaar but why didn’t I get it back in return!!!

Shekhar just passed a smile to Swara and cupped her face and said ” Swara beti!! Some times it takes a lot of time for people to realise love. Maybe Sanskaar will realise afterwards. ”

After some days,
In Australia,
Sanskaar was working in his laptop. He got a phone call from an unknown number. He lifted it.

Op : Is Sanskaar Maheshwari speaking???

San : Yes who’s this??

Op : We’re from Cadbury , launching the chocolate Made for each other.

Sanskaar remembered something.

Fb :

Sanskaar was with his friends in Airport leaving for India. Just then ,an advertising lady came to him and his friends and gave him something like a pamphlet.
San : What’s this yaar???
Maddy : Arey yaar don’t you know this??
San : If I know what why will I ask!!!!
Yuhi : It’s a questionaire for a chocolate ,Made for each other.

Rahul : In this questionaire, there will be some questions. You have to answer it and keep it in the specified ballot. At last they will see whether the answers of the boys and girls are same,  they will call them for this chocolate release.

San : Wow!!! That’s great!!!

Sanskaar started filling the questionaire. At last he completed and threw it in the ballot.

Fb ends.

Op : Are you present there???
San : Yes,  so why did you call me??
Op : There is a girl whose answers were completely matched with yours.
San : What???  Can you say me her name and number please??
Op : Sure sir. Her name is Ragini Malhotra and her no.  7XXXXXXXX6

San : Thank you very much!!

Sanskaar cut the call.

San : So even there is a girl who just thinks like me!!! Let’s see whether this girl is Made for me!!!



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  1. it swasan story??
    I mean swasan at the end as I can’t read sanskar and


    1. Smiley010403

      Yeah!!! You will get to know at the end

  2. is this ragsan ff


    Hey dear…. i think its prabhas’s movie Mr perfect…..


  5. nyc
    its mr perfect prabhas movie na

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