Mr and Mrs. Maheswari Raglak episode 9

All were visiting Temple when Pandit continues with puja mantras ragini closes her eyes and says..

Ragini:- sorry bhagavan jii I don’t knew how to pray you as l until now prayed to wayuguru jii but my mom says all God’s all same but took different looks so that they can listen to all people around world I dont need anything my mom won’t do operation until I took her family to them and I was stuck between don’t knew what truth and what’s not something is missing here I had strong feeling that this family doesn’t know what my mom is going threw or where she is living. Who is that person stopping us to reach them is it from family only..

She opens her eyes when she feels a hand on her head and sees a old aged Pandit standing in front of her surrounded with few more people..

Old pandit:- when sudden darkness surrounds you might not seen anything for few minutes but later you will feel a little brightness that’s enough for you to walk in that and can find what you want.. So don’t get upset of darkness because light will be always their in our eyes and make sure you were strong as horrible pain will be given by our own people only.. Be strong my child you were born to unite people and spread love.. Bless you..

Saying this he goes from their when she turns whole family looks shock… She doesn’t understand but when dadi is says that old Pandit is above 100 years and very strong believer in God people says that he won’t talk to anyone until he wishes and he blessed you to be strong I knew I was not your family but is anything bothering you and stuck with something.

Ragini:- it’s nothing like that I was just thinking about a case it’s tough to solve it so…. just tensed about it..
While they were walking towards car suddenly few goons surrounds them and says..

Hello angerz do you remember Me.that day u fought with me but today what will you do as I am with my batch.. And you were looking beautifully too man nahi manraha hai tujai Thang karnaika.

Ragini:- and even I am not interested in talking with you and let us to go.

Go on stops her again and says we will let her to go but not you.

Dadi:- what were you people doing let us go don’t you have manners.

Goon:- plus dadi you go now don’t lecture us like don’t you have mother and sister… We have them but we don’t have girlfriend that’s why thinking to make her as our girl fr……

Dadi widens her eyes and looks at ragini is standing in rage and biting her lips to control her anger…

Ragini:- Dadi u go I will come..

She goes running to her family who. Is waiting for them near parking by listening to her Laksh Arjun Pradeep immediately runs towards her and gets shocked seeing her fighting skills and almost knocked all..

Arjun:- ragini knew boxing bhai.

Laksh and Pradeep :- how do we knew..

Sameera:- my God she was actually kicking them like hell.

Laksh:- ragini watch back.

She turns back gets a punch about to fall but a pair of two arms protects her from falling. While she looks up and says bhai with stunned voice..
Dev looks at her bleeding lips and says to goon by cleaning her wound.

Dev:- you didn’t did right thing by injuring my sister whom I took care like Princess whom I protected by not getting hurt by anyway…
He makes ragini stand near family and turns to goon by taking a wooden rod walks towards them. And beats them with it while he almost killing that person who punched ragini, she leaves holds of Shailaja and dadi and holds dev hand and that goon immediately runs..

Ragini:- what are u doing bhai will you kill him and when you came from London.

Dev:- I was here before only I was watching as I knew you were boxing champion but he came back and punched you how dare he. He don’t knew rules in fighting.

Ragini:- are you kidding me we were fighting why rules will be their and it’s not any champion ship to follow rules in punching each other and why you were here all of sudden.

Dev:- you were feeling lonely and don’t knew why I felt something is wrong with you so couldn’t stay their so I flew here immediately.

Raginj:- bhai you were more important their not here.

Dev:- dad was their and for you no one and no arguments Ok.

Ragini:- where will you stay and

Harish:- Beta what do u mean by where he will stay as you were Pravathi personal doctor and your brother will also live with us.

Dev looks at ragini..

Ragini:- harish Maheswari head of family.

Dev immediately bends and takes blessing from him by his sudden move he Jerks but soon feels special bond by his touch on his feet.

Dev takes blessings from all and hugs youngsters.

Harish:- let’s go to our home.

Dev:- what about complaining to police they attacked her second time what if they get more revenue on her started following her and when she was alone what If they kidnapped her.

All looks at him with weird expressions and ragini asks..

What movie you watch before landing.

Dev:- you have no value of my emotions.

Ragini:- I am unable to digest your emotional attyachar. And you were going back to London mom needs you although dad is present.

Pravathi:- let’s discuss these all in home let’s go.

Dev stands in front of car and says I think I don’t have place let’s do one thing ragu I will sit in your lap.

Ragini goes back and says are u crazy I don’t want to lift 75 kgs.

Laksh:- guys relax dev saxena you have place inside its Innova car.

Pravathi :- it’s unbelievable not only ragini even after seeing dev I feel that weird closeness feelings..

Sumi in mind:- oh my God what happening when ever I see ragini. I remember janaki dii. My guilt overpowering me and now dev why do I feel like my lie is going to expose. Before I could realize my mistake everything when out of my hands after that I never dared to say truth.

She comes to senses by Shekhar voice.

Shekar:- where you lost. We reached our home.
Sumitra nodes and gets down from car..

Dev was eyeing mansion and says wow man taking big mansion is it not like a big task. On London although the we earn alot and one of millionaires we opt to stay in simple house as mom says by how much big house will be that much distances will form between people.

Pravathi dayal and harish sumitra routed to their places and sees dev with shocked expressions while he sees them and says to ragini..
Did he said any mistake.

Ragini slowly in his ears:- I think mom used to say that line with them also and bhai will you plzz control your tongue and never says our parents original names to them.

He nodes…

All sits at dinning table while Laksh says dev you were successfully business man but I never hear your or your dad name in this world.

Dev:- we don’t like you expose our fullnames and our company names always be Rdss textiles, Rdss fashion taka… Like that. Laksh and dayal looks up.. Ragini sees Laksh expressions as shocked but she doesn’t understand the happy expressions on dayal face and looks on confused.

When she sees Pravathi she gets tensed by seeing her happy face with teary eyes..

Ragini on mind:- something is wrong and tries to signal dev..

Dev too signals what.. She shows in direction I’d dayal and Pravathi… And looks on after a while ragini was roaming in her room while dev was sitting with Laksh and remain chitchatting..

Arjun:- sorry to say but your hindi is much better than ragini.

Dev:- she went to another country for studies almost when she was 15…and came back after 11 years..

Arjun:- that means her age was 26..he pouts and says she was so elder than me I would have convinced all if we was 5 or less age difference ls.

Dev laughs and says understanding her is like learning another language.. Her silence speaks alot..

Pradeep:- how are your parents dev..

Dev:- they are fine mom is getting better.

Laksh:- how can she leave her mom and come here. Don’t you got angry on her

Dev smiles:- their mom was surrounded with best doctors and mom can’t treat by ragu as her department is different and here your granny needs the best doctor and I am proud to say that my sister was bestest cardio doctor that’s why she came..

Laksh:- by the way what happen to your mom.

Dev says because of over depression and tension mom nerves became weak and it made her brain cell response low causes her nerve weakens..

Is it dangerous..

All turns and finds dayal..

It’s not..

Dayal too turns and sees ragini.

She comes and stands next to dayal and says.

She will be normal once she gets operated but for that operation her nerves should calm down and they are giving medicines for that, once it gets control she will be operated and that’s it very thing will be normal.

Dayal nodes and brushes her hair… And says don’t worry she will be fine.. If you don’t mind can I see your parents photo.. Ragini and dev gets shocked..
Sorry guys I done few mistakes.. Ragini parents false names were Tarun saxena and vani saxena.

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