Mr and Mrs. Maheswari Raglak episode 11

Laksh and pradeep shouts :- what…

Arjun rubs her ears and says don’t shout bhai..

Laksh:- what don’t shout. Do you even know what are you talking about. How are we related as family.

Pradeep:- Laksh, if you allow him then only he can speak right.

Arjun:- I went to Dr. Atul as I was not feeling what ever we got to knew about them. I treated him that I will say to dadaji about ragini full name and he hided from us that she is punjabi. So he immediately spell the beans.

Laksh:- can you stop speaking nonsense and spell those beans to us also and ragini is Punjabi that’s her hindi is like that.

Arjun:- OK lisen few years back harish Maheswari means our dadaji married to kalyani jii and they were blessed with two kids one is our dad dayal and another is janaki. After few years of giving birth to janaki her health started getting spoil and her death dadaji married to Lakshmi dadi own sister only that is our dadi Parvati and then Sumitra Mami born.

Three started bonding well after that janaki Mami was Cutted all her ties from us because she loved and married to a Punjabi guy and that was Ajay Singh Saxena our mama and then they moved to London.
First dev and later ragini were born. They were rich than us. You knew what bhai just search their names in Google you will find what level they had their business but here he was so down to earth that no one will believe that he earn millions of money and ragini she was top most cardiologist in London but she came here for dadi by keeping her carrier at stake. But why all of sudden after these many years they are here that to by changing names.

Laksh:- because janaki Mami was ill and she needs operation may its her wish to see us before getting operated.

Pradeep:- what wrong she did by loving a guy..

Laksh:- that guy was Punjabi pradeep and u knew how dadaji was about these all cultures and traditions.

Pradeep:- more than people and relation is cast and culture that important. They Cutted all their ties with their own daughter, how come they forget that love they given to their daughter..
He and Arjun sees Laksh thinking something deeply.

What are you thinking Laksh.

Laksh:- what were we listened that day that she talking about proof and proving someone innocent then what’s all that. Something more is their than what we got to knew.. How can we knew… Whom we should ask dad, Mami or directly them only.

Arjun:- you think dad will answer to you and coming to dev no chance and ragini the way you made impression in front of her, she will kick you out immediately without answering.

Pradeep and Arjun giggles while Laksh looks on.

Laksh:- now I will definitely get information from her. He about to go but they both stops and says don’t ruin anything and we should solve it slowly. For which he nodes and moves towards ragini room.

He knocks room door when he finds her taking clothes from cupboard. She turns and finds Laksh standing their…

Laksh:- I hope I didn’t disturb you and I just want some info about a person in London.

Ragini:- Haa ask.

Laksh:- he is one of best business man their and his name is Ajay Singh Saxena. In your surname too Saxena their na.i thought you might knew him.

Ragini looks on and says Yaa in our names Saxena is their but Singh is also not their naa and I don’t knew any person who name is Ajay..

Saying this she turns and Laksh says are you sure you don’t knew him.

Ragini turns back and says what you want to hear from me say it then I will speak only that what you wanted to lisen from me.

Laksh:- OK cool any way I think like name resembles I think their son and daughter also resembles like you and dev.

Ragini comes forward by saying what do you mean.

Laksh :- I mean this see their family photo.

He threw their family photos on table and smiles. Ragini sees this and understands that he came to knew truth, so she faces him and says.
No need to talk in circles say it straight in my face.

Laksh:- why did you hide truth from us.

Ragini:- to knew actual story and truth which hiding from all.

Laksh:- what truth.

Ragini:- to knew only I came from that long and knewing Pravathi jii needed operation I came here and listening to people like u.

Laksh frowns at her words holds her wrist drags to him while she tries to leave.

Ragini struggling:- leave me Laksh. How dare you to hold my hand.

Laksh:- I always have that dare dear and now I am holding your hand after knew that we both are relatives and I have that right on you.

Ragini:- hell with your rights. I am not giving any rights to you.

Laksh drags her more close and says but I already took my rights and my first task is saying all who are you.

Ragini:- wait for one more day Mr. Laksh Maheswari. I myself bring my truth and my mom’s dad truth in front of all.

Finally she pushes him back.

Laksh:- by the way. How is Badai Mami and Badai mama.. What happen to Mami health at least now say to me.

Ragini:- she needs operation and it’s chances are less that’s why she wants to meet u all before her operation and I am here to bring back her respect where she lost and my father pride.

Laksh:- can I help you in any way.

In fact we too want to help u.

Raglak turns and finds Pradeep and arjun. She glares at Laksh before she could speak.. They here.

I am their for her no need of anyone help that to from this family to prove my mom dad royalty.

They find dev standing.

Arjun:- but I want to help you doc while these all happened none of us born so how come we deserve punishment. In fact I was no where fault because I was small than all na.

Ragini and dev nodes their head by smiling.

Dev:- it’s not like that it’s just their is more truth none of you don’t knew and I think even this family ragu. (ragini looks on) I think someone played a game so that they separate them from this family and that one might be one from these people.

Laksh:- how can you say that without knewing.

Ragini:- we didn’t knew that’s why we shut our mouth and if possible you too keep calm once truth comes out then you can shout how much you want.

Before Laksh could speak.

Pradeep :- stop it guys why you always end with fighting each other.

Dev receives a call and goes out to meet Neil.

He gives him proof and a letter. Dev sees it and gets shocked and says to ragini about that person name.

Here ragini says I always had doubt about it bhai and now it proved that to with proof now that person can’t deny as acting innocent and what about family members bhai mainly him he can’t tolerate it….

Dev:- we have to be strong ragu after so many years we are removing allegations which were on mom and dad think only that and after that think how to bring these all people to London including that person because mom wants to meet all.

Ragini cuts call and sees Laksh Pradeep and Arjun who ever talking with each other and says sorry in her heart.

Precap:- truth out.

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