Mr.Khadoos and Ms.Kareli destined together by SAMMIE (PART-10)

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Hey!!! Yo !! I m back!!! So hope u remembered me …..


Lets start……


Previously we saw…….The mystrious man revealed to be Rishab ..Sanchi-Isha-Pragya and the elder Malhotras know him well and was going to tell how he is related to Sanchi and alll…


Today’s part…..

Rishab:So its started from …….Since we were child we knew each other ….as because our parents were business partners and family friends tooo…we used to play with each other laugh with each other ….We had great times together..We were also In the same school in London…and there we met Isha and Pragya …We four became bestest best friend …We used to do everything together…either it would be studies or punishment……U remembered that Last bench incident???(Rishab asked Sanchi-Isha-Pragya breaking the curiosty trance of Veer-Ria and especially Kabir ..Even God dont know why He is so curious)

Sanchi -Isha-Pragya nodded…

Pragya:I remembered

Sanchi:After all who can forget that …Only for u and Pragya i got punishment for the first time…

Ria:May we know about what u r talking??

Isha:Let me tell u!! ..Actually when we were in 5th grade …I ,Sanchi and Pragya were sitting together in last bench..and at that time There was no teacher …So were gossiping…Just then the class monitor came and wrote our name though Only i and Pragya were talking but she also wrote Sanchi’s ….And Sanchi began to cry as because she was not talking but still the class monitor wrote her name….

Pragya:So i and Rishab went to the class monitor to make him understand but he was not ready to undersyand so we just punched him right on his face…And At the right time teacher came and saw us beating the class monitor …

Sanchi::So our teacher punished us and that too restricted us for whole 1 week from her class…..

Pragya:Abbeo Dont forget that even we were restricted …..and what punishment ???It was reward !!


Pragya:Because it was HISTORY Class!!

Veer:Really!!U r so lucky i m jealous of u !!u didn’t did ur HISTORY Class. For whole one week!!

Ria:There is nothing for u to be jealous because u never did ur history class u always used to sleep in History class and used to note down the answers from my copy!!!(By the way its my story ..though i dont sleep but i m never attrntive in my history class and makes me sleepy)

And Veer just pouted……while everyone laughed at him except the one who is very impatient of hearing the story of how rishab is connected to sanchi..ofcourse he is Kabir

Being irriteted he finally spoke

Kabir:Would u mind telling us the past

Rishab :Oh yeah … like that we passed our school and gradually our Higher SecondaryAnd finally we were in College …Everything was same except Mine and Sanchi’s growing feelings for each other…the journey from school to higher secondary and then higher secondary to college results to our closness day by day …But we never expressed said each other about our feelings as we thought it was mutual feeling but with time being we realised it to be LOVE

Kabir:WHAT???It cant happen

Everyone standing there was confused due to Kabir’s sudden reaction but someone knew very well the the reason behind his reaction and it was Dev who was smirking standing beside Kabir


Kabir however composed himself and spoke out

Kabir:Ah i mean U r Ms.Kareli So i just feel pity on the person who will marry u

Sanchi:That even acts upon u

Kabir:Whatever!!!!(Showing as if he dont cares but he does)

Rishab:ok so finally the day came when i prosed her and accepted and from then we were in relationship and said to our parents and to the malhotras too about our relation…and from then i m also familiar to Malhotras ..our parents didnt had any problem with our relation ….But that day….I and Sanchi were about to go for a date and i was on the way to pick her up but unfortunately i met with an accident due to my car crashed with a tree due to over darkness

Sanchi:How u got saved ??We enquired from everyone about u but no one knew !!

Rishab:Yeah actually i fell in the nearby river due to which u didnt found me but due to water floatation i was drewed to the other side.. after that i was found by some local people and they however they contacted my parents and as i was serious so they have to take me to South Korea due to which was not able to contact with u …i went to ur home but came to know that u r in India so i came here and i will be doing my internship here only….

Sanchi:Really i m so happy …..

And she hugged him….and even Isha-Pragya hugged him

But someone was burning and that was Kabir


Pecape: Something which is even not known by me….


Ok so the Past is revealed and will post soon bye

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  1. Aafiya

    Superb!! Nice to know that you got likes on instagram…
    Post the next update as soon as possible .
    Take care…

    1. 23SAMAIRA0906

      Thanks and will try to post

  2. Dhruti

    superb story……………you made me fresh by putting story here………………due to exam i studied at night…………so i was about to sleep but after reading your story i fill fresh so thank you for this………………….tc………….love you…………………..

    1. 23SAMAIRA0906

      Thanks and best of luck for ur exam

      1. Dhruti

        thank you for your wishing now my main exams were finished and viva will be start soon i will free……………..

  3. Its amazing, eagerly waiting for next part

  4. Dimple457

    Nice one haa……parha to raat ko hi tha but bohut neend aa rhi thi isi liye comment nh kiya…..or ???? m ne jo bola h vo kr varna…….soch k btaun gi???

    1. 23SAMAIRA0906

      Thanks and i m not well …..Aur agar tujhe mujhse baat karni hai toh TU ke private message se baat kar Ok!!

  5. AAYU

    Good to see Kabir burning in jealousy
    Please be soon with the next post
    Take care
    Love you

    1. 23SAMAIRA0906

      Thanks and Love u toooooooooooooooooo

  6. Really wonderful episode
    Sorry for late reply
    Silent reader ??
    Post soon dear

  7. Anu88

    So so amazing and awesome episode yaar………. Kabir ka jealousy pura dekh ne ki layak tha yaar……….I am Eagerly waiting for the next part yaar post soon soon soon dear………… u dear ……….tc yaar……… Thanks a lot yaar for giving us such a beautiful and gorgeous story……….. congratulation yaar for your instagram likes…………

    1. 23SAMAIRA0906

      Thanks u and takevcare byvthe now i m preparing to write the next part of this ff

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