Mr.Khadoos and Ms.Kareli destined together by SAMMIE (PART-12)

Hi guys !!Long time no see!!    Ok so this part maybe a small one and i dont know if u will like the current idea of mine so pls let me know in the comment section..


Previously we saw……….

Seeing Sanchi and Kabir’s closeness Rishab was feeling insecure so he asked Sanchi if she wanna marry him!!!So lets see if she agreeies or denies!!!!


After the conversation Rishab and Sanchi had …Rishab asked Sanchi to drop her at hostel but she denied saying there is an emergancy in the hospital so she have to go there but instead she somewhere else …..

It was a lonely place ….near a sea and she was standing over a bridge thinking about the words of Rishab which were echoing in her ears not letting her forget them she was having anxiety due to that …..her hairs were flying in the cold breeze ….and it can be seen very clearly how depressed she was right now!!!

God knows why!!?? Afterall even she wished to have a small and happy world with Rishab….

Sanchi:But….But not now and not like this…

Uffff this girls r quite complicating right MY TU SISTERS…

Sanchi:I dont what to do!!But now i dont want to move on with Rishab….But….He waited for so many years for me and now i can’t back off afterall i too love!!But …do i really love him???No no no…I LOVE him …yeah afterall we were in a long term relationship so I LOVE him

Dont know why but she was trying to give herself false confidence of her being in so called LOVE with Rishab …Aree seriously yaar why this daily soap girls like to marry to the other one in whom they have lack of confidence and try to become MAHAAN leaving the Main innocent Hero!!!

Sanchi:Yeah Love him but……what should i do ??should i agree ?? But….. I want something more in my life …I want success !! But i can ressume my work after marriage also right??? And i m sure Rishab will never stop me fron doing job!!And he is a right choice a girl can have!!!But ……i m not feeling like that …Should i ???Ufffffff Noooooooo i m becoming mad ….Ok so decision taken …i will tell my decision to everyone tomorrow !!!

And with this she went to hostel where she found Isha- Pragya were for her…And she said everything to them that happened in the garden …

Pragya:Abeee yaar really?? He asked u for marriage ….yaar u r very lucky he is really hot and handsome..

Isha:Yeah but not like MY KABIR!!

God knows why but hearing the words My Kabir from Isha’s mouth Sanchi’s heart started aching..

Pragya:So whats ur decision ?? Yes or No???

Sanchi :i will tell tomorrow !!

Isha:Ok but remember we r always with u in ur every decision ….By the way M. KABIR is also not bad!!

Sanchi:Its Dr.Kabir (being irritated by hearing My Kabir she finally spoke)

Isha:Yeah Yeah DR.KABIR…by the way he is too s*xy na just see his figure hotter than chilli also…


Pragya:What??she is saying true and Dr.Kabir is really hot hotter hottest…didn’t u see his abs OMG!! He is way too s*xy..

Sanchi:Pragya even u started he our senior!!

Pragya:Yaar neither she drools on him nor allow us to Huh!!!,??

Sanchi:Ok now sleep Good night

Isha-Pragya:Good night

Saying this they went to sleep but not Sanchi she went near window to take some cool breeze

Sanchi(thinking):By the way they r not wrong he is really unresistable and thank God they never noticed me drooling on him and I would really never deny the fact that i have crush on him since the very first day i met him in the mall..and those fightings r always done purposely by me……and i think he is the s*xiest man i have ever met who also has a gpod heart…Mmmmmm Sanchi what r u thinking he is ur senior …and he dont even like u !!! By the way should i have a second chance for my decision?? No no the more i will think the more i will get confused so lets go to sleep..

And she went to sleep..

Next morning …Sanchi-Isha-Pragya came to hospital and Sanchi was trying to find Rishab …

But she got bumped with someone Yeah Yeah the hot hotter hottest man Kabir…

She was just lost in his glorious eyes which had so many emotions …he moved a bit closer to her and she just closed her eyes ..he came more closer which fastened her breathe and heartbeats ….he moved towards her ear and whispered

Kabir:Is it a new swag of putting a cockroach on the hairs ??

Sanchi got shocked and opened her eyes but as the cockroach was on her hai she was not able to see it ..she tried to see it on the windown pane nearby ..and then she noticed a cockroach was having a ride sitting on her hair she screamed out of fear But Kabir prevented her from shouting by keeping his palm on her mouth

Kabir:U idiot don’t u know its a hospital !!(whispering)

Sanchi: Ammm mmm mm




This time Sanchi bit his hand instead ….since ling she was trying to talk but this man kept his palm over her mouth not letting her speak


He screamed his lungs out

Sanchi:U idiot dont u know its a hospital!!

Saying this Sanchi went to find Rishab while

Kabir:What has happened to her??Is she a cannibal??OMG i have to be sincere near her God knows when she will eat me!!!

Saying this he too went ..

Later on lunk break the malhotras and Isha-Pragya were called in Dr.Anand’s cabin by Sanchi

Isha:What happened u called us here??

Veer:Yeah my tummy is half dead due to hunger so tell fast i have to go to canteen to eat

Ria:But didn’t u just ate a large choco pizza??

Veer:Yeah but it was just starting

Ria:Uffff lord save us!!!

Sanchi:Guys pls stop this now!!Actually yesterday Rishab proposed me for marriage!!(while looking to Rishab)


Dev:What happened bhai??

Everyone was shocked knowing about the proposal but Kabir’s reaction made them more surprised!!Though some of them know

Kabir:I mean u r just doing ur practice now u can’t marry him !!

Veer:By the way don’t u think ur reaction was way too much!!

Kabir:According to Newton’s third law of motion every action has equal and opposite reaction!!So my reaction was obvious

Dev:But how much i know its applied on object not human behaviour!!

Kabir gave him glares

Anand:Can u all just shut up!! So Sanchi what u thought whats ur answer????

Sanchi:Uncle my answeer is …

Every one was tensed and so was Kabir he just crossed his fingers and was hoping for a no…

Sanchi:My answer is……..





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