Mr.Khadoos and Ms.Kareli destined together (What a co-incidence) by SAMMIE (PART-8)

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Hello everyone ! Thanks for liking and commenting

There is a good news for me…..Today VIKRAM SAKHALKAR liked MY instagram post ….I was soooooo happy after looking that…….And if u dont believe then see my new post in (simran.das.0906) this is my account name if u want to see then pls see

Lets start……


Periviously we saw that…..

Sanishgya were trying to hide something ………..

Today’s part start from……

Some days passed away after that hidding wala incident…..but everytime when Ria or Veer tried to bring up the topic Isha -Pragya used to just change the topic ….They even tried to ask from the Malhotras but they just avoided the topic which made them more suspicious….On the other hand Kabir…Kabir was in a condition that he can’t even ask from anyone because no one knew that he heard  Sanishgya and Veeria ‘s conversation……

Like that some days passed it was finally the first exam of the interns where Veer became the head intern…….But he was the second topper ….The exam was topped by Sanchi who became the assistant of Kabir……

In Kabir’s cabin…

Kabir and Sanchi were discussing a case…..but Kabir concentration was not at all in the case …..He was just starring her and thinking

Kabir(in mind):Should i ask her about the truth ….no no no what she will think about me ..and also she hate me …She wont open up with me and tell the thing…….While he was busy in his thoughts

Sanchi noticed that he was not at all concentrating in work and was busy staring her….

Sanchi:Aise mat dekho …….yaar ho jayga(in a teasing way)

Then Kabir realised what he was doung and was embarrased

Kabir:Is this the way how u behave with ur Senior …..dont u know manners

Sanchi:Oh hello !!. Do U know manners?Dont u know Starring ur intern is so mannerless thing!!!!

Kabir(not getting anything to answer just avoided the situation):Thats enough fir today its late night let me drop u

Sanchi:Why?I can go myself!

Kabir:Ur frnds shift is over!!So u have to go alone so come with me afterall PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE

Sanchi agreed to go with him while going Kabir again thought to bring that topic as because it was eating his head….

Kabir:So Sanchi u were in London right?


Kabir :So dont u miss ur London frnds

Sanchi:I do but not so much as because Veer and Ria r such a good frnd and also Isha-Pragya r also there

Kabir:Any special one?

Sanchi:See Isha and Pragya were my only special frnds in London as because they r my childhood frnds they support me very much……

Kabir:Hmmmmmmm……….Dont u have any Male frnd?


Kabir:I mean….a…see dont take me wrong but dont u have any BOYFRIEND?

After hearing this Sanchi was numb she was almost in tears which didn’t went unnoticed by Kabir…

Kabir:Ah…see if u don’t wanna tell than no need ….i m not forcing u!!!

Sanchi just came out of car as because they reached hostel ….(and yeah dont worry she came out of car after the car was stopped)

Sanchi:Thanks sir for giving me lift (For the first time he heard thanks from her mouth  for him)

And she went inside the hostel leaving him in dilemma of knowing the truth!!!

Next morning….

In hospital……..everyone was busy doing work ….Sanchi ,Kabir and some interns including our gang were discussing something about medications in Kabir’s cabin…..

On the other hand….a mystrious man came in SDCH

Mystrious man:Today i will get the thing i want!!!

The man came to the receptionist and asked…

Man:Excuse me …pls call Dr.Sanchi Mishra here…

Receptionist:Sorry sir but Dr.Sanchi is busy ….she cant come

Man:Pls…thats urgent….

Receptionist:Sorry sir but i cant…Dr.Kabir has strictly instructed not to disturb them now

Man:I dont care about any Dr.Kabir and all …..Just call Dr.Sanchi

Receptionist:Sorry sir …. but it against the rule

Man:Ok dont call i can call her myself

The man went to the centre of the hospital..And began to shout….

Man:Dr.Sanchi Mishra……Come here…..Dr.Sanchi Mishra……

The security came and was trying to stop him but were unable to ….

In Kabir’s cabin….

They heard someone shouting Sanchi’s name…but before they can react …A Nurse came there

Nurse:Dr.Sanchi someone is calling u ..we tried to stop him but he is not ready to listen..

They all ran to see who the hell was that

While descending the stairs Sanchi saw that person and ……………….BOOM ….SHOCKED…….



****************************************So Wait and Watch …….what will happen next bye….




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  1. Mahin

    OMG!!!!!congrats ya i have seen your instagram account ….and ep was so so so amazing…. plz post sooo I was waiting for this update…. plz plz plz plz post very soon…and Good Night dear…

    1. 23SAMAIRA0906

      By the way whats ur insta account name??

  2. Vanu


  3. Vanu


  4. Aafiya

    Superb.. Waiting for the next update eagerly.
    Post it as soon as possible..
    Take care..

  5. Awesome, eagerly waiting for next one please post next one asap

  6. Hey congrats..I saw Ur account..and the. Btw epi toh Accha tha hi but precap Bohot interesting lag Raha Hain toh post ASAP please

    1. 23SAMAIRA0906

      Thanks and whats ur insta acount name?

  7. U r really lucky yarr . I checked ur ig account .. Congrats .. nd haan really awsm episode. Post nxt prt soon dear.

    1. 23SAMAIRA0906

      Thanks and whats ur insta account name

      1. aditi.singh1852

  8. Dimple457

    Amazing as usual but tune to abhi bhi suspense nh khola yrrr??? abhi phir se wait krna pare ga chal koi nh…….Take care?

    1. 23SAMAIRA0906

      Thanks. aur baad mei Insta mein milte hai abhi mummy ghar ein nahi hai aur insta account unke mib mein hai aur agar mera mood hua toh tujhe aage ki story reveal kar dungi…Lekin agar mera MOOD huwa toh..

  9. Amazing….. Update soon

  10. AAYU

    Sorry for not commenting earlier as I was busy
    Please update soon
    Nice story

    1. 23SAMAIRA0906

      Thanks and no need to be sorry instead of that better u post the next part of ur ff The Mafia Devil……Last warning to u !!!!

      1. AAYU

        I will post when I am free
        Actually my competitive exams are going on
        So I will post after my exams

  11. Anu88

    So so amazing and awesome and superb and mind blowing episode yaar…………. eagerly waiting for the next part yaar………….post soon dear…… u dear…………tc yaar

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