Mr.Khadoos and Ms.Kareli destined together by SAMMIE (PART-13)

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Hi guys!!!! I wrote this part 3 times but it got deleted so i m late otherwise i would posted on Sunday only!!!

Lastly we read …..

Sanchi was very confused about if she wants to marry Rishab or not…..and also she confessed HERSELF that she has soft corner for Kabir!!!

Today we start from……..

Sanchi:My answer is……….

Everyone was curious to know her answer and the matchmakers were very much worried afterall they did so much of hard work to bring Kabir and Sanchi together!! And somewhere they knew very well that Kabir and Sanchi both are not aware or i should say not ready to accept their feelings for each other…..But people say na When u have the thing u won’t value it and when u loss it then u understand that it was so precious and is gonna happen with Kabir and Sanchi if they won’t realize their feeling…..Aaannnddd on the other hand about whom the trio r so worried had already started biting his nails out of Tension….Yeah yeah it was The HOT HOTTER HOTTEST GUY KABIR…He was so tensed that he even didn’t realized that he was biting his nails which may cause so many infections…..

Sanchi:My answer is…………………………………..


Everone was every happy but except the four Malhotra siblings ……Isha and Pragya gave Sanchi a bone crushing hug out of excitement of their bestie’s marriage……..Kabir was very upset and also angry ….he was not able to control his emotions so he went out of the cabin……The trio too followed him so that he don’t take any wrong step…..And it did’t went unnoticed by the Mishra…she was about to follow him but Rishab came and hugged her out of happiness he was having sparkes in his eyes after listening her answer….so Sanchi was not abe to go…

Kabir came to his cabin ….he was very angry as well as very upset ….he punched his fist hard on the desk…….

Kabir:What does she thinks to herself??? Don’t i matter to her??? Can’t she even discuss or just tell about this??? And she got that…that Rishab only to marry!!!??Areee there r so many hot and handsome boys r there but Nooooo madam have to marry that Rishab only !!! And how dare that Rishab to even ask her for marriage??Yaar even a hot guy like me work with her but she is blind to see us right??!!……………Hey wait a minute why i m feeling so jealous and insecure its her life let her do whatever she wants to Why do i care if she marries or not!!! Leave it this girl is making me crazy ….Ah God!!!

Just then the trio entered Kabir’s cabin..

Veer:Bhai r u ok??

Ria:Yes bhai is everything right??

Dev:Dont just relax dont take tension everything will settle up!!

Veer:Bhai don’t take tension otherwise u will go through anxiety …

Ria:And due to which people suffer from depression!!

Dev:Yeah and due to depression sometimes people do suicide also…

At that point Veer started his overacting..

Veer:Bhai that means u will do suicide???No!!No!!No!! Before hearing this why didn’t i went deaf !!??!! Why this earth didn’t vanished??!!? Why ??Why?Why ?? (While keeping his head over Kabir’s shoulder and started punching Kabir’s chest with his fist slightly!!)

Suddenly he felt a tight force on his right cheek…..He was quite confused about what just hapened to him ….After a few seconds he overcomed from his shocked state and realized that someone slapped him hard……Yeah Yeah it was the HOT HOTTER HOTTEST GUY KABIR…

Veer(while keeping his hands on his right cheek): Bhai u just slapped me now?? “Tarap Tarap ke is dil se aah nikalti rahe

Mujhko sajah di pyaar ki aisa kya gunah kiya

Hum lut gaye

Hum lut gaye ….

Jo lut gaye hum teri mohobaat mein…….”

(he started to sing this song with full of expressions…*by the way its a song from the film HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM and if u can pls listen the song its a very emotional song*)

He stopped in middle while singing this song as he felt like another slap was waiting for him so was quite…

Kabir:Can u alk just tell me about u r talking this suicide and all??

At that time they realized that how wrong they were thinking !! Their bro had no intension of doing suicide…

Dev:Woh..bhai..woh ..actually..

Dev started to speak but he found lack of wordsat that time as because he never told lie to his nearest and dearest bro Kabir….he share each and everything with him but he can’t ……

Know that their won’t be able to lie Veer spoke..

Veer:Ah bhai actually we were asking that if a person is depressed and wanna do suicide what medication should we give to him ??

Kabir raised his one eyebrow…

Kabir:R u sure u came here to ask this only..????

Ria nervously chucked and said

Ria:Yeah bhai we r sure!!(While giving the sweetest smile she can ever give)

Kabir:Ok well…

Veer:Ah bhai actually u tel us later on we have some work…

Saying they ran out of his cabin..while Kabir there staring them going…but to their unkwown Kabir knew very wrll about what they were talking about but pretend to be innocent and somewhere he also knew that they were the only one playing cupid for him and Sanchi but never said anything as somewhere he too enjoyed the game!!

The trio stood near a pillar just outside his cabin

Ria:Thank God we got saved!!

Veer:Yeah but we were going to die for Dev bhai

Dev:Veer u inow na i cant lie to Kabir bhai

Veer:Yeah but i got slap from Kabir bhai

Ria:Who told u to do melodrama??!

Dev:Btw thays not a big deal u have got so many slap from Kabir bhai sonce childhood so u have a habit


Just then Sanchi came to them

Sanchi:Guys where is Kabir??

Veer:In the cabin

Sanchi:Oh ok thanks..

Sanchi was about to go when she noticed Veer’s right cheek was red

Sanchi:What happened to ur cheek Veer??

Veer:Nothing just trying blush from only one cheek


Veer:Nothing u continue

Sanchi smiled and started to go to Kabir’s cabin..*Why they r acting so weird something is surely wrong i have clear everything by talking to Kabir* She thought while going..

**************************************** PRECAPE:Sanchi and Rishab’s marriage preparation…jaya sunny and Sunil comes to India

**************************************** Ok so guys thats all fortoday…bye take care love uuuuu


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