Movement Arts Lover V/S Silent Arts Lover?????(Rain – Link!?)

I know it’s been a long time since I updated this ff. So, giving the previous chappy’s link:

Previous Part

It took one month for them to converse with each other. They were like two strangers living a monotonous life.

That day, she was going back home after dance class. She prefers walking, as it not only is an exercise, but also she can be get rid of the negative thoughts while walking.

Just then, a small drop of water fell on her face. She looked up. She again walked.

Again, a tiny drop fell on her face. She looked up. She knew it will rain any moment.

She started looking for a place to protect herself from rain. But she couldn’t.

It was raining heavily. She was drenched.

Instead of getting worried because of the rain, she smiled.

One of the beautiful smiles, she had and which she does rarely.

She looks at the sky. Suddenly, something draws her attention to her.

She hears some footsteps coming near her. She turned to find a man.

He too is enjoying it. He turns his face and she gets shocked.

It was him.

Thoughts were running in her mind, “Do he really enjoy rain? Wait! He won’t like me here. What will I do? I will go.”

She turns to move, when she hears his voice telling her, or maybe commanding her to “Stop!”.

She stops moving. He continues, “Don’t you think we should not talk? Are you angry with me for a small reason? We can adjust right. We can be friends. Live happily, if you like it. I am not forcing you, your decision is yours. I think so we deserve a chance.

She smiles, this is what she wants to talk to him. She wants him to understand that this is a small issue and they can forget it. But now it seems like he already understood it!

She looks at him and replies back, ” Even I wanted to say this to you long back. Either we will fight or I will get nervous to talk to you. Otherwise, we would have been friends long before.”

He smirks and said, ” I was nervous to talk to you too. You were angry at me. How can I talk to you? I just took the opportunity here, because here we have privacy and as it is outside, we won’t fight like before.”

She smiles showing her colgate teeth while he shows his sensodyne ones. She immediately changes the subject as she feels that she will go out of control if they continue on the same.

She looked at him and said, “Do you know what was your nickname as per me?”

He smiles saying, “Devil, right?”

She nods.

He continues, “How did I know that?” He pauses. “Okay.” 

“You remember that day when you misplaced your phone and Mom told me to call from my mobile. That day, I saw my contact name in your mobile, which added to my nervousness.”

Then he looks at her and asks, “Do you know what I have given for you?”

She nods her head and replies, “I know, Ghost”. She giggles. He joins her.

Both were able to lift off their burden from their shoulders that day. The walked back home, enjoying the rain with a running nose.

Everyone was shocked seeing the seventh wonder of the world in front of them.

Them! Together! No way! Am I dreaming??

Are you waiting for the next part?

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  1. Hi agga
    Wow what update
    Ya you have been late but its fine i can understand your conditions
    Waiting patiently for next update
    Bye keep smiling and take care

    1. Agga4102

      Thank you for understanding!!!! Really happy that you liked it!!!

  2. ItsmePrabha

    Long time ..but still i remember the story fully..Loved it alot…Will be waiting for the next…till then take care..

    1. Agga4102

      Thank You, di!!!! I will update ASAP! So happy that my stories do have a place in you!!!

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely

    1. Agga4102

      Thank you so much!!!!!!!

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