Movement Arts Lover V/S Silent Arts Lover????? (Day After!!!!!)

She was shocked to see Omru gazing at her as if she was a ghost! She was shocked by their expression. She goes to them.

A: What happened to you both?

O: We had a wish that our Bhabhi to be sweet, but it broke when we heard your fight with Shivaay Bhaiyya yesterday.

A: Who told you both to hear our conversation? I never expected this from you both. Don’t be like your brother. I can’t bear him. I can’t two of him again!!!!

R: Bhabhi, we were about to call Shivaay Bhaiya for a minute, but when we heard your fight, we went back. We were really innocent.(Shows a pleading cute face)

A: Your brother is mad!!! You know mad!!!!(Shows actions) He can’t even adjust properly. Anyone, at least after marrying will try to adjust , but this guy is an exception. I never wanted to fight, but this guy makes me fight. (Omru’s expressions suddenly change)Seriously, how are you both tolerating him?

She notices the change in their expression. She turns back and gets shocked. It was Shivaay. But he remains silent and goes.

O: Bhabhi, he is not the one you think he is.

R: He has very soft personality inside, but the reason you can’t find it is because of his ego.

A; Seriously, I don’t think so!

She also goes.


Shivaay was talking with Gauri casually. They were besties. Somehow they reached the topic,

G: Anika is not so harsh.

S: Don’t tell me anymore lies!!! I will die today!

G: It’s that she has ego like you.

S: No way!!! I won’t believe it.

Days passed…..

They never talked to each other like usual couple. Both wanted to talk, but they were scared of each other’s reactions. Even their families notice how silent they were at each other’s presence.

Their family send them for honey moons, parties, etc., but none had improved their relationship.

It has improved but not that much. They never learned to accept each other’s choice.

A lot of incidents took place, but eventually they became friends. But not friends, they were just roommates!

Once it happened that their family locked them in a room. Even then they never accepted each other.

I know it is a short chappy!!! But don’t worry! I will give a longer one the next one!!! As it is important!

Will they be able to understand each other?

If they did, how will it be??

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